Student Poster Competition

Guidelines and Procedures


The purpose of the Student Poster Competition is to:
1. Encourage student membership and participation in SWST
2. Encourage student attendance at the SWST Annual Convention
3. Recognize excellence in student research, and
4. Improve the visibility of student research efforts

student poster


The competition is to be held during the Technical Poster Session of the Annual Convention.

All undergraduate and graduate students who are members of SWST and or may participate. There should be no coauthors on the poster session; however, faculty sponsors and funding agencies should be identified in both the abstract and poster display


Before the competition, students will be presented a Certificate of Participation to display on their posters.

First place: $500 and a first place plaque
Second place: $250 and a second place plaque
Third place: $125 and a third place plaque.

Winners will be announced at the annual convention. All participants will be announced in one of the SWST publications.

Application Procedures

To apply, a student must submit the following materials to the SWST Executive Director by the deadline for the annual convention.

  • A membership application form for SWST and payment for annual dues (if not already a member).
  • A Student Poster Competition application form, available on annual convention website
  • One electronic copy of 250-word maximum abstract. The abstract should identify the title, author and affiliation, and contain a single spaced narrative giving the purpose and significance of the research, a summary of procedures, and the most important results. Faculty sponsors and funding agencies should also be listed. The abstract will be considered as part of the judging criteria.

Judging Procedures

Submitted abstract:
1.  Soundness of research hypothesis (10 points)
2.  Scientific writing ability (10 points)
3.  Organization (10 points)

Poster presentation:
1.  Scientific merit (newness, breadth of interest, potential impact of the research) (15 points)
2.  Experimental design and thoroughness of investigation (15 points)
3.  Validity of conclusions (15 points)
4.  Organization and visual quality of presentation (15 points)
5.  Response to questions of judges (10 points)

The chair of the Education Committee will have overall responsibility for the competition including selecting judges. Judges will not assess student posters on whose committees they serve. The chair of the judging committee does not vote except when one of the other judges is exempted. Posters will be presented in English.

NOTE: You must be a member of SWST who has paid their annual dues in order to participate in the Competition. You must also pay the Convention Registration fee for student attendees.