Journal Submissions

Research Contributions

Prepare for Upload

  1. Initial upload: Manuscript body (Manuscript Title, Abstract, Keywords, Body, References, Tables, List of figures, Figures) [Do not place tables or figures in text][DO NOT INCLUDE AUTHORS OR ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS IN ORDER TO ENSURE A DOUBLE BLIND REVIEW]
  2. Supplemental file: Title page (title, authors, organizations, email addresses)
  3. Supplemental file: Abstract & Keywords
  4. Supplemental file: Acknowledgments (if you have them)
  5. Supplemental file: A signed letter certifying that you have funds for the page charges AND that your manuscript has not been published or submitted for publication to another journal.


Technical Note Submissions

In addition to research papers, authors are invited to submit Technical Notes to the Journal. A Technical Note is a concise description of a new research finding, development, procedure, or device.

Length: The length should be no more than two printed pages in W&FS, which would be five pages or less of double-spaced text (TNR12) with normal margins on 8.5 x 11 paper, including space for figures and tables. In order to meet the limitation on space, figures and tables should be minimized, as should be the introduction, literature review, and references.

Review and publication: The Journal will attempt to expedite the review and publication process. As with research papers, Technical Notes must be original and go through a similar double-blind, peer-review process. Manuscripts to be considered as Technical Note submission should follow the steps for research submissions. (see above)

For Authors

Manuscript Requirements and Format

print Information for Authors

Download or print a PDF document that contains all the information you’ll need to prepare and submit to the Wood and Fiber Science Journal.

Writing a Good Technical Article for Wood and Fiber Science – 2015 meeting

Instructions for Using the Templates when Submitting a Manuscript

Wood and Fiber Science has prepared five templates for your use when submitting a manuscript. The first template is the Initial Upload File. This is a Microsoft WORD template document. It contains the Title, Abstract, Keywords, Body, References, Tables, List of Figures and Figures. Each table and figure is a separate page and is in the back of the initial document behind the References. DO NOT PLACE TABLES AND FIGURES within the text. The layout editor will place them within the document for conserving space and ensuring efficiency. The Initial Upload File does not contain authors or acknowledgements. This Initial Upload File becomes the version that is submitted to reviewers; therefore it should not contain any identification of the authors to ensure a blind review. Please include page numbers and line numbers (see PAGE LAYOUT tab in WORD). Everything in the template is left justified as required by W&FS. Line spacing is single-spaced and font is Times New Roman, 11 pt. Please do not indent any paragraphs. SI units shall be used and abbreviated according to the use of International System of Units SI. All equations not within the text must be numbered consecutively. Citations within the text are by author and year of publication. For three or more authors, cite the first only and use et al. Use standard symbols and abbreviations. More detailed information on references, figures and tables as well as examples can be found at HERE.

Upload Your Files

  1. Proceed to Wood and Fiber Science Journal (
  2. Click the Register button on the top and register to be an author, reviewer, or both
  3. Once you are registered, you can begin a New Submission (upload files 1, 2, 3, 4 above)
  4. Add at least 3 classification codes which best describe your manuscript subject matter
  5. Suggest three reviewers outside your institution(s) and include their email addresses