Student Poster Competition Past Winners

Hong Chen award

1st Place – Paige McKinley, Oregon State University, USA
2nd Place – Stephen Amiandamhen, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
3rd Place – Priscilla Morris, North Carolina State University, USA

1st Place – Charles Edmunds, North Carolina Statue University, USA
2nd Place – Changlei Xia, University of North Texas, USA
3rd Place – Jinxue Jiang, Washington State University, USA

1st Place – Bryan Dick, North Carolina Statue University, USA
1st Place – Charles Edmunds, North Carolina State University, USA
3rd Place – Melanie Blumentritt, University of Maine, USA

1st Place – Yujie Meng,University of Tennessee
2nd Place – Jesse Paris,Oregon State University
3rd Place – Mauricio Londono, University of North Texas
4th Place – Ying-Li (Ingrid) Tsai, University of British Columbia

1st Place – Wenping Shi, Pennsylvania State University
2nd Place –Yucheng Peng, University of Maine
3rd Place – Hong Chen, International Centre for Bamboo and Rattan

1st Place –Qiang Gao, Beijing Forestry University and Mississippi  State University
2nd Place –Xianglin Zhai, Louisiana State University
3rd Place –Ignacio Diaz, Mississippi  State University

1st Place – Neil Kohan, Auburn University
2nd Place –Alper Kiziltas, University of Maine
3rd Place – Seok Sean How, University of Canterbury

1st Place – Arijit Sinha, Oregon State University
2nd Place – Günter Modzel, Oregon State University
3rd Place – Zeki Candan, Istanbul University

1st Place – Gloria Oporto, University of Maine
2nd Place – Sandeep Nair, University of Tennessee
3rd Place – Zanin Kavazovic, Université Laval

1st Place – Joseph Jakes, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2nd Place – Zhiyuan Lin, Virginia Tech
3rd Place – Chris Gabrielli, Oregon State University

1st Place – Samuel L. Zelinka , Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison
2nd Place – Jinwu Wang Washington State University
3rd Place – Emmanuel Kodzi Purdue University

1st Place – Hermanus van Dyk , North Carolina State University
2nd Place – Suzana Radivojevic University of Toronto
3rd Place – Sudip Chowdhury Washington State University

1st Place – Darren Riedlinger , Virginia Tech
2nd Place – Jerome Alteyrac Laval Universite
3rd Place – Diogo Baptista University of Maine

1st Place – B. B. Maruthi Sridhar , Mississippi State University
2nd Place – Iris Vasquez-Cooz, SUNY-ESF

1st Place – Iris Vazquez-Cooz , SUNY-ESF
2nd Place – Patrick Rappold, SUNY-ESF

1st Place – Milan Sernek , Virginia Tech
2nd Place – Thaddeus J. Ryan, Washington State University

1st Place – Shane R. C. O’Neill , University of Maine: Orono
2nd Place – Sang Yeob Lee, University of Idaho

1st Place – Alexander J. Salenikovich , Virginia Tech
2nd Place – Fatima Moore Shmulsky, Mississippi State

1st Place – Milan Sernek , University in Ljubljana, Slovenia
2nd Place – Chris K. Andrews, University of Tennessee

1st Place – Stefan Zauscher , University of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Anthony A. R. Lukindo , University of Minnesota

1st Place – Robert G. Schmidt , Virginia Tech
2nd Place – Laura K. Brantley , Washington State University

1st Place – Audimar P. Bangi, Clemson University
2nd Place – Hung Chen , University of Minnesota