George Marra Award Recipients


  • Douglas Gardner and Mehdi Tajvidi.  “Hydrogen bonding in wood-based materials: An update”, 48(4) — First Place
  • Samuel L. Zelinka, Leandro Passarini, Jose Colon Quintana, Samuel V. Glass, Joseph E. Jakes, and Alex C. Wiedenhoeft. “Cell wall domain and moisture content influence southern pine electrical conductivity”,  48(Special Issue) — Second Place
  • Richard Bergman, D. Kaestner, and Adam Taylor. “Life cycle impacts of North American wood panel manufacturing”, 48(Special Issue) — Honorable Mention
  • Paige E. McKinley, Daniel J. Ching, Frederick A. Kamke, Michaela Zauner, and Xianghui Xiao. “Micro x-ray computed tomography of adhesive bonds in wood”, 48(Special Issue) — Honorable Mention


  • G. D. Estep, D. B. DeVallance, D. B. DeVallance, D. J. Lacombe.  “Analysis of certified wood product use in commercial leed green building projects,” 47(3) — First Place
  • Min Ye, Jeffrey J. Morrell. “Effect of treatment postfixation practices on copper migration from alkaline-copper-treated douglas-fir lumber,” 47(4) — Second Place
  • Svetka Kuljich, Roger E. Hernández, Carl Blais. “Effects of cutterhead diameter and log infeed position on energy requirements of a chipper canter,” 47(4) — Third Place


  • Oscarsson, Jan, A. Olsson, and B. Enquist.  “Localized modulus of elasticity in timber and its significance for the accuracy of machine strength grading,” 46(4) — First Place
  • Lamason, Clevan, Bryce MacMillan, Bruce Balcom, Brigitte Leblon and Zarin Pirouz. “Examination of water phase transitions in black spruce by magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging,” 46(4) — Second Place
  • Wang, Xiaoqing, Sichen Liu, Huanjun Chang, and Junliang Liu. “Sol-gel deposition of TiO2 nanocoatings on wood surfaces with enhanced hydrophobicity and photostability,” 46/1 — Third Place


  • Morrow, C. D., T. M. Gorman, J. W. Evans, D. E. Kretschmann, and C. A. Hatfield. “Prediction of wood quality in small-diameter Douglas-fir using site and stand characteristics,” 45(1) — First Place
  • Wang, Xiping, Steve Verrill, Eini Lowell, Robert J. Ross, and Vicki L. Herian. “Acoustic sorting models for improved log segregation,” 45(4) — Second Place
  • Renneckar, Scott.  “State of the Art Paper – Biomimetics: Adapting performance and function of natural materials for biobased composites,” 45(1) — Honorable Mention
  • Kaboorani, Alireza, Pierre Blanchet, and Aziz Laghdir.  “A rapid method to assess viscoelastic and mechanosorptive creep in wood,” 45(4) — Honorable Mention


  • Laszlo Horvath, Perry Peralta, Ilona Peszlen, Levente Csoka, Balazs Horvath and Joseph Jakes.  “Modeling Hygroelastic Properties of Genetically Modified Aspen,” 44(1) — First Place
  • Zanin Kavazovi, Jean Deteix, André Fortin and Alain Cloutier. “Numerical Modeling of the Medium-Density Fiberboard Hot Pressing Process, Part 2: Mechanical and Heat and Mass Transfer Models,” 44(3) — Second Place
  • Yucheng Peng, Yousoo Han and Douglas J. Gardner.  “Spray-Drying Cellulose Nanofibrils: Effect of Drying Process Parameters on Particle Morphology and Size Distribution,” 44(4) — Honorable Mention


  • Rastislav Lagana, William G. Davids, Lech Muszynski, and Stephen Shaler.  “Moment-Curvature Analysis of Coupled Bending and Mechanosorptive Response of Red Spruce Beams,” 43(3) — First Place
  • Ge Wang, Sheldon Q. Shi, Jinwu Wang, Yan Yu, Shuangping Cao, and Haitao Cheng. “Tensile Properties of Four Types of Individual Cellulosic Fibers,” 43(4 )– Second Place
  • Han-Seung Yang, Douglas J. Gardner, and Jacques Nader.  “Mechanical Properties of Cellulose Nanofibril-Filled Polypropylene composites,” 43(2) — Tied for Third Place
  • Ge Wang, Sheldon Q. Shi, Jinwu Wang, Yan Yu, Shuangping Cao, and Haitao Cheng.  “Microtension Test Method for Measuring Tensile Properties of Individual Cellulosic Fibers,” 43(3) — Tied for Third Place


  • Jim Wilson. “Life-cycle inventory of formaldehyde-based resins used in wood composites in terms of resources, emissions, energy and carbon,” 42 (Special CORRIM issue) — First Place
  • Zanin Kavazovic, Jean Deteix, Alain Cloutier and André Fortin. “Sensitivity study of a numerical model of heat and mass transfer involved during the medium-density fiberboard hot pressing process,” 42(2) — Second Place


  • Kevin B. D. White, Thomas M. Miller, and Rakesh Gupta. “Seismic Performance Testing of Partially and Fully Anchored Wood-frame Shear Walls,” 41(4) — First Place
  • Niels Peter K. Nielsen, Douglas J. Gardner, Torben Poulsen, and Claus Felby. “Importance of Temperature, Moisture Content, and Species for the Conversion Process of Wood Residues into Fuel Pellets,” 41(4) — Second Place


  • Heiko Thoemen and  Christian Ruf. “Measuring and simulating the effects of the pressing schedule on the density profile development in wood-based composites,” 40(3)  — First Place
  • Brad Jianhe Wang, Chunping Dai, and Steve Wharton. “Impact of mountain pine beetle-attacked lodgepole pine logs on plywood manufacturing,” 40(3) — Second Place


  • Russell J. Chedgy, Paul I. Morris, Young Woon Lim, and Colette Breuil. “Black stain of western red cedar (Thuja plicata donn) by Aureobasidium pullulans: The role of weathering,” 39(3)  — First Place
  • Lori Elkins, Jeffrey J. Morrell, and Robert J. Leichti. “Establishing a through-boring pattern for utility poles,” 39(4)– Second Place
  • Erin N. Anderson, Robert J. Leichti, Edward G. Sutt, Jr., and David V. Rosowsky. “Sheathing nail bending-yield stress: Effect on cyclic performance of wood shear walls,” 39(4) — Honorable Mention


  • John A. Naim. “Numerical simulations of transverse compression and densification in wood,” 38(4)  — First Place
  • R. Cristian Neagu, E. Kristofer Gamstedt, Mikael Lindstron,. “Characterization methods for elastic properties of wood fibers from mats for composite materials,” 38(1) — Second Place
  • Mohammed Jahangir A. Chowdhury and Philip E. Humphrey. “The effect of sequential ammonia and methyl formate injection on the strength development of phenol-formaldehyde bonds to wood,” 38(2) — Honorable Mention


  • Sigurdur Ormarsson and Dave Cown. “Moisture-Related Distortion of Timber Boards of Radiata Pine: Comparison with Norway Spruce,” 37(3): 424-436 — First Place
  • Kathy L. Woo, Paul Watson, and Shawn D. Mansfield, “The Effects of Mountain Pine Beetle Attack on Lodgepole Pine Wood Morphology and Chemistry: Implications for Wood and Fiber Quality,” 37(1): 112-126 — Second Place
  • Mohssine Moutee, Mario Fafard, Yves Fortin, Aziz Laghdir. “Modeling the Creep Behavior of Wood Cantilever Loaded at Free End During Drying,” 37(3): 521-534 — Honorable Mention
  • Mohammed Jahangir A. Chowdhury and Philip E. Humphrey, “A Sealed Pressing System and its Use to Explore the Ammonia Plasticization of Natural Fiber Mats,” 37(1): 42-50 — Honorable Mention


  • Kate E. Semple, Ross B. Cunningham, and Philip D. Evans. “Manufacture of Wood-cement Composites from Acacia Mangium: Mechanistic Study of Compounds Improving the Compatibility of Acacia Mangium Heartwood with Portland Cement,”  36(2): 250-259 — First Place
  • Chi-Leung So, Stan T. Lebow, Leslie H. Groom, and Timothy G. Rials. “The Application of Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy to Inorganic Preservative-Treated Wood”, Volume 36(3): 329-336 — Honorable Mention
  • Siqun Wang, Paul M. Winistorfer, and Timothy M. Young, “Fundamentals of Vertical Density Profile Formation in Wood Composites. Part III. MDF Density Formation During Hot Pressing,”  36(1): 17-25 — Honorable Mention
  • Balazs G. Zombori, Frederick A. Kamke, and Layne T. Watson, “Sensitivity Analysis of Internal Mat Environment During Hot Pressing,”  36(2): 195-209 — Honorable Mention


  • Zombori, Balazs G.; Kamke, Frederick A.; Watson, Layne T. “Simulation of the internal conditions during the hot pressing process,” 35(1): 2-23 — First Place
  • Green, David W. and Evans, James W., “Effect of low relative humidity on properties of structural lumber products,”  35(2): 247-265 — Honorable Mention
  • Stark, Nicole M. and Rowlands, Robert E., “Effects of wood fiber characteristics on mechanical properties of wood/polypropylene composites,”  35(2): 167-174 — Honorable Mention


  • Muszynski, Lech, Wang, Fenghu, and Shaler, Steven M. “Short-term creep tests on phenol-resorcinol-formaldehyde (PRF) resin undergoing moisture content changes,” 34(4): 612-624 — First Place
  • Lang, Elemer M., Bejo, Laszlo; Szalai, Jozsef, Kovacs, Zsolt, and Anderson, R. Bruce. “Orthotropic strength and elasticity of hardwoods in relation to composite manufacture. Part II. Orthotropy of compression strength and elasticity,” 34(2): 350-365 — Second Place


  • Dai, Chunping. “Viscoelasticity of wood composite mats during consolidation,” 33(3): 353-363 — First Place
  • Tabarsa, Taghi and Chui, Ying Hei. “Characterizing microscopic behavior of wood under transverse compression. Part II. Effect of species and loading direction,” 33(2): 223-232 — Second Place


  • Zhang, Jun and Pascal Kamdem. “Interaction of copper-amine with southern pine: Retention and migration,” 32(3): 332-339 — First Place
  • Anagnost, Susan E., Mark, Richard E., and Hanna, Robert B. “Utilization of soft-rot cavity orientation for the determination of microfibril angle – Part I,” 32(1): 81-87 — Second Place


  • Jhang, Jian and Perry N. Peralta. “Moisture content-water potential characteristics curves for red oak and loblolly pine,” 31(4): 360-369. — First Place
  • Chowdhury, Mohammed Jahangir and Philip E. Humphrey. “The effect of acetylation on the shear strength development,” 31(3): 293-299. — Second Place


  • Paul Cooper. “Diffusion of copper in wood cell walls following vacuum treatment,” Volume 30(4) — First Place
  • Peter W. Lau and J. Dave Barrett. “Modeling the reliability of wood tension members exposed to elevated temperatures,” 30(3) — Second Place
  • Yi-ru Chen, Elmer Schmidt, and Kurt Olson. “Effect of compression of green wood chips on conidial germination and colonization of a biopulping fungus, phanerochaete,” 30(1) — Honorable Mention


  • John W. Stelmokas, Audrey G. Zink, and Joseph R. Loferski. “Image Correlation Analysis of Multiple-Bolt Wood Connections,” 29(3)–First Place
  • Stefan Zauscher and Philip E. Humphrey. “Orienting Lignocellulosic Fibers and Particles by Means of a Magnetic Field,” 29(1)–Second Place
  • Dongjin Song and Simon Ellis. “Localized Properties in Flakeboard: A Simulation Using Stacked Flakes,” 29(4)–Honorable Mention
  • Ying H. Chui and Chun Ni. “Load-Embedment Response of Timber to Reversed Cyclic Load,” 29(2)–Honorable Mention


  • Laurence Mott, Stephen M. Shaler, and Leslie H. Groom; 28(4)–First Place
  • Greg C. Foliente, Mahendra P. Singh, and J. Daniel Dolan;  28(1)–Second Place
  • Barbara L. Gartner; 28(1)–Honorable Mention


  • Charles B. Vick, Klaus Richter, Bryan H. River, and Albert R. Fried, Jr.; 27(1) First Place
  • Stan T. Lebow and Jeffrey J. Morrell; 27(2) Honorable Mention
  • Thomas D. Skaggs and Donald A. Bender; 27(3) Honorable Mention


  • M.P. Wolcott, F. A. Kamke, and D. A. Dillard; 26(4) First Place
  • Paul A. Cooper and Dibyendu N. Roy; 26(3) Second Place


  • Chungping Dai and Paul Steiner; 25(4) First Place
  • Jerrold Winandy and Jeffrey Morrell; 25(3) Second Place
  • David Ritter, Robert Kroll, and Roland Gertjejansen; 25(2)
    Honorable Mention


  • David E. Kretschmann and B. Alan Bendtsen; 24(2) First Place
  • Charles B. Vick and Thomas E. Kuster; 24(1) Second Place
  • Kelly LaFave and Rafik Y. Itani; 24(1) Honorable Mention


  • David W. Green and David E. Kretschmann;  23(3) First Place
  • Steven E. Taylor and Donald A. Bender; 23(4) Second Place
  • Michael L. Hoag and Robert L. Krahmer; 23(1) Honorable Mention


  • M. P. Wolcott, F. A. Kamke, and D. A. Dillard; 22(4) First Place
  • William T. Simpson and Yi-Fu Tan; 22(1) Second Place


  • Philip Humphrey and Larry Ostman; 21(3) First Place
  • Irving Sachs, Gary Myers, and Gary Leatham; 21(4) Second Place


Terrence E. Conners and Thomas E. McLain; 20(2)


Leslie Groom and Anton Polensek; 19(3)


Michael Thurmond, Frank Woeste, David Green; 18(1)


Kirk Nadler, Elvin Choong, David Wetzel; 17(3)