George Marra Award Recipients


  • G. D. Estep, D. B. DeVallance, D. B. DeVallance, D. J. Lacombe.  “Analysis of certified wood product use in commercial leed green building projects,” Issue 3, p 270 — First Place
  • Min Ye, Jeffrey J. Morrell. “Effect of treatment postfixation practices on copper migration from alkaline-copper-treated douglas-fir lumber,” Issue 4, p 391 — Second Place
  • Svetka Kuljich, Roger E. Hernández, Carl Blais. “Effects of cutterhead diameter and log infeed position on energy requirements of a chipper canter,” Issue 4, p 399 — Third Place


  • Oscarsson, Jan, A. Olsson, and B. Enquist.  “Localized modulus of elasticity in timber and its significance for the accuracy of machine strength grading,” 46(4) — First Place
  • Lamason ,Clevan, Bryce MacMillan, Bruce Balcom, Brigitte Leblon and Zarin Pirouz. “Examination of water phase transitions in black spruce by magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging,” 46(4) — Second Place
  • Wang, Xiaoqing, Sichen Liu, Huanjun Chang, and Junliang Liu. “Sol-gel deposition of TiO2 nanocoatings on wood surfaces with enhanced hydrophobicity and photostability,” 46/1 — Third Place


  • Morrow, C. D., T. M. Gorman, J. W. Evans, D. E. Kretschmann, and C. A. Hatfield. “Prediction of wood quality in small-diameter Douglas-fir using site and stand characteristics,” 45(1) — First Place
  • Wang, Xiping, Steve Verrill, Eini Lowell, Robert J. Ross, and Vicki L. Herian. “Acoustic sorting models for improved log segregation,” 45(4) — Second Place
  • Renneckar, Scott.  “State of the Art Paper – Biomimetics: Adapting performance and function of natural materials for biobased composites,” 45(1) — Honorable Mention
  • Kaboorani, Alireza, Pierre Blanchet, and Aziz Laghdir.  “A rapid method to assess viscoelastic and mechanosorptive creep in wood,” 45(4) — Honorable Mention


  • Laszlo Horvath, Perry Peralta, Ilona Peszlen, Levente Csoka, Balazs Horvath and Joseph Jakes.  “Modeling Hygroelastic Properties of Genetically Modified Aspen,” 44(1) — First Place
  • Zanin Kavazovi, Jean Deteix, André Fortin and Alain Cloutier. “Numerical Modeling of the Medium-Density Fiberboard Hot Pressing Process, Part 2: Mechanical and Heat and Mass Transfer Models,” 44(3) — Second Place
  • Yucheng Peng, Yousoo Han and Douglas J. Gardner.  “Spray-Drying Cellulose Nanofibrils: Effect of Drying Process Parameters on Particle Morphology and Size Distribution,” 44(4) — Honorable Mention


  • Rastislav Lagana, William G. Davids, Lech Muszynski, and Stephen Shaler.  “Moment-Curvature Analysis of Coupled Bending and Mechanosorptive Response of Red Spruce Beams,” 43(3) — First Place
  • Ge Wang, Sheldon Q. Shi, Jinwu Wang, Yan Yu, Shuangping Cao, and Haitao Cheng. “Tensile Properties of Four Types of Individual Cellulosic Fibers,” 43(4 )– Second Place
  • Han-Seung Yang, Douglas J. Gardner, and Jacques Nader.  “Mechanical Properties of Cellulose Nanofibril-Filled Polypropylene composites,” 43(2) — Tied for Third Place
  • Ge Wang, Sheldon Q. Shi, Jinwu Wang, Yan Yu, Shuangping Cao, and Haitao Cheng.  “Microtension Test Method for Measuring Tensile Properties of Individual Cellulosic Fibers,” 43(3) — Tied for Third Place


  • Jim Wilson. “Life-cycle inventory of formaldehyde-based resins used in wood composites in terms of resources, emissions, energy and carbon,” 42 (Special CORRIM issue) — First Place
  • Zanin Kavazovic, Jean Deteix, Alain Cloutier and André Fortin. “Sensitivity study of a numerical model of heat and mass transfer involved during the medium-density fiberboard hot pressing process,” 42(2) — Second Place


  • Kevin B. D. White, Thomas M. Miller, and Rakesh Gupta. “Seismic Performance Testing of Partially and Fully Anchored Wood-frame Shear Walls,” 41(4) — First Place
  • Niels Peter K. Nielsen, Douglas J. Gardner, Torben Poulsen, and Claus Felby. “Importance of Temperature, Moisture Content, and Species for the Conversion Process of Wood Residues into Fuel Pellets,” 41(4) — Second Place


  • Heiko Thoemen and  Christian Ruf. “Measuring and simulating the effects of the pressing schedule on the density profile development in wood-based composites,” 40(3)  — First Place
  • Brad Jianhe Wang, Chunping Dai, and Steve Wharton. “Impact of mountain pine beetle-attacked lodgepole pine logs on plywood manufacturing,” 40(3) — Second Place


  • Russell J. Chedgy, Paul I. Morris, Young Woon Lim, and Colette Breuil. “Black stain of western red cedar (Thuja plicata donn) by Aureobasidium pullulans: The role of weathering,” 39(3)  — First Place
  • Lori Elkins, Jeffrey J. Morrell, and Robert J. Leichti. “Establishing a through-boring pattern for utility poles,” 39(4)– Second Place
  • Erin N. Anderson, Robert J. Leichti, Edward G. Sutt, Jr., and David V. Rosowsky. “Sheathing nail bending-yield stress: Effect on cyclic performance of wood shear walls,” 39(4) — Honorable Mention


  • John A. Naim. “Numerical simulations of transverse compression and densification in wood,” 38(4)  — First Place
  • R. Cristian Neagu, E. Kristofer Gamstedt, Mikael Lindstron,. “Characterization methods for elastic properties of wood fibers from mats for composite materials,” 38(1) — Second Place
  • Mohammed Jahangir A. Chowdhury and Philip E. Humphrey. “The effect of sequential ammonia and methyl formate injection on the strength development of phenol-formaldehyde bonds to wood,” 38(2) — Honorable Mention


  • Sigurdur Ormarsson and Dave Cown. “Moisture-Related Distortion of Timber Boards of Radiata Pine: Comparison with Norway Spruce,” 37(3): 424-436 — First Place
  • Kathy L. Woo, Paul Watson, and Shawn D. Mansfield, “The Effects of Mountain Pine Beetle Attack on Lodgepole Pine Wood Morphology and Chemistry: Implications for Wood and Fiber Quality,” 37(1): 112-126 — Second Place
  • Mohssine Moutee, Mario Fafard, Yves Fortin, Aziz Laghdir. “Modeling the Creep Behavior of Wood Cantilever Loaded at Free End During Drying,” 37(3): 521-534 — Honorable Mention
  • Mohammed Jahangir A. Chowdhury and Philip E. Humphrey, “A Sealed Pressing System and its Use to Explore the Ammonia Plasticization of Natural Fiber Mats,” 37(1): 42-50 — Honorable Mention


  • Kate E. Semple, Ross B. Cunningham, and Philip D. Evans. “Manufacture of Wood-cement Composites from Acacia Mangium: Mechanistic Study of Compounds Improving the Compatibility of Acacia Mangium Heartwood with Portland Cement,”  36(2): 250-259 — First Place
  • Chi-Leung So, Stan T. Lebow, Leslie H. Groom, and Timothy G. Rials. “The Application of Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy to Inorganic Preservative-Treated Wood”, Volume 36(3): 329-336 — Honorable Mention
  • Siqun Wang, Paul M. Winistorfer, and Timothy M. Young, “Fundamentals of Vertical Density Profile Formation in Wood Composites. Part III. MDF Density Formation During Hot Pressing,”  36(1): 17-25 — Honorable Mention
  • Balazs G. Zombori, Frederick A. Kamke, and Layne T. Watson, “Sensitivity Analysis of Internal Mat Environment During Hot Pressing,”  36(2): 195-209 — Honorable Mention


  • Zombori, Balazs G.; Kamke, Frederick A.; Watson, Layne T. “Simulation of the internal conditions during the hot pressing process,” 35(1): 2-23 — First Place
  • Green, David W. and Evans, James W., “Effect of low relative humidity on properties of structural lumber products,”  35(2): 247-265 — Honorable Mention
  • Stark, Nicole M. and Rowlands, Robert E., “Effects of wood fiber characteristics on mechanical properties of wood/polypropylene composites,”  35(2): 167-174 — Honorable Mention


  • Muszynski, Lech, Wang, Fenghu, and Shaler, Steven M. “Short-term creep tests on phenol-resorcinol-formaldehyde (PRF) resin undergoing moisture content changes,” 34(4): 612-624 — First Place
  • Lang, Elemer M., Bejo, Laszlo; Szalai, Jozsef, Kovacs, Zsolt, and Anderson, R. Bruce. “Orthotropic strength and elasticity of hardwoods in relation to composite manufacture. Part II. Orthotropy of compression strength and elasticity,” 34(2): 350-365 — Second Place


  • Dai, Chunping. “Viscoelasticity of wood composite mats during consolidation,” 33(3): 353-363 — First Place
  • Tabarsa, Taghi and Chui, Ying Hei. “Characterizing microscopic behavior of wood under transverse compression. Part II. Effect of species and loading direction,” 33(2): 223-232 — Second Place


  • Zhang, Jun and Pascal Kamdem. “Interaction of copper-amine with southern pine: Retention and migration,” 32(3): 332-339 — First Place
  • Anagnost, Susan E., Mark, Richard E., and Hanna, Robert B. “Utilization of soft-rot cavity orientation for the determination of microfibril angle – Part I,” 32(1): 81-87 — Second Place


  • Jhang, Jian and Perry N. Peralta. “Moisture content-water potential characteristics curves for red oak and loblolly pine,” 31(4): 360-369. — First Place
  • Chowdhury, Mohammed Jahangir and Philip E. Humphrey. “The effect of acetylation on the shear strength development,” 31(3): 293-299. — Second Place


  • Paul Cooper. “Diffusion of copper in wood cell walls following vacuum treatment,” Volume 30(4) — First Place
  • Peter W. Lau and J. Dave Barrett. “Modeling the reliability of wood tension members exposed to elevated temperatures,” 30(3) — Second Place
  • Yi-ru Chen, Elmer Schmidt, and Kurt Olson. “Effect of compression of green wood chips on conidial germination and colonization of a biopulping fungus, phanerochaete,” 30(1) — Honorable Mention


  • John W. Stelmokas, Audrey G. Zink, and Joseph R. Loferski. “Image Correlation Analysis of Multiple-Bolt Wood Connections,” 29(3)–First Place
  • Stefan Zauscher and Philip E. Humphrey. “Orienting Lignocellulosic Fibers and Particles by Means of a Magnetic Field,” 29(1)–Second Place
  • Dongjin Song and Simon Ellis. “Localized Properties in Flakeboard: A Simulation Using Stacked Flakes,” 29(4)–Honorable Mention
  • Ying H. Chui and Chun Ni. “Load-Embedment Response of Timber to Reversed Cyclic Load,” 29(2)–Honorable Mention


  • Laurence Mott, Stephen M. Shaler, and Leslie H. Groom; 28(4)–First Place
  • Greg C. Foliente, Mahendra P. Singh, and J. Daniel Dolan;  28(1)–Second Place
  • Barbara L. Gartner; 28(1)–Honorable Mention


  • Charles B. Vick, Klaus Richter, Bryan H. River, and Albert R. Fried, Jr.; 27(1) First Place
  • Stan T. Lebow and Jeffrey J. Morrell; 27(2) Honorable Mention
  • Thomas D. Skaggs and Donald A. Bender; 27(3) Honorable Mention


  • M.P. Wolcott, F. A. Kamke, and D. A. Dillard; 26(4) First Place
  • Paul A. Cooper and Dibyendu N. Roy; 26(3) Second Place


  • Chungping Dai and Paul Steiner; 25(4) First Place
  • Jerrold Winandy and Jeffrey Morrell; 25(3) Second Place
  • David Ritter, Robert Kroll, and Roland Gertjejansen; 25(2)
    Honorable Mention


  • David E. Kretschmann and B. Alan Bendtsen; 24(2) First Place
  • Charles B. Vick and Thomas E. Kuster; 24(1) Second Place
  • Kelly LaFave and Rafik Y. Itani; 24(1) Honorable Mention


  • David W. Green and David E. Kretschmann;  23(3) First Place
  • Steven E. Taylor and Donald A. Bender; 23(4) Second Place
  • Michael L. Hoag and Robert L. Krahmer; 23(1) Honorable Mention


  • M. P. Wolcott, F. A. Kamke, and D. A. Dillard; 22(4) First Place
  • William T. Simpson and Yi-Fu Tan; 22(1) Second Place


  • Philip Humphrey and Larry Ostman; 21(3) First Place
  • Irving Sachs, Gary Myers, and Gary Leatham; 21(4) Second Place


Terrence E. Conners and Thomas E. McLain; 20(2)


Leslie Groom and Anton Polensek; 19(3)


Michael Thurmond, Frank Woeste, David Green; 18(1)


Kirk Nadler, Elvin Choong, David Wetzel; 17(3)