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SI Units (International System of Units)

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Note: Not all units below are SI units; some are “units outside the SI that are accepted for use with SI.”

Avoid obsolete symbols: Å, atm, cal, erg, kgf, Torr, ppm, gal, bar, µ, etc

Temperatures should be in °C or K (note the lack of a degree mark for K)

One metric ton (symbol “t”, sometimes referred to as “tonne”) is 1 t, 1 Mg, or 1000 kg

Density should be in kg/m3, not g/cm3

Force is always in Newtons (N), not kgf, and not kg (which is mass).

Liter symbol is “L”

Avoid the use of “cm” with one general exception--the diameter of trees is often given in cm

The use of “weight” should be avoided—use mass, for example, oven-dry mass

In ratios of unit symbols, note that the denominator should always be in the basic units (m, kg, s) without prefixes.  The exception is that kg is a basic SI unit so it comes with the prefix.


Author:  Frank Beall

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