Prepublication List

To be Published in Future Issues of Wood and Fiber Science

Each title below includes a link to the PDF file of the article. Note that these articles cannot be edited or printed. If you wish to cite any of these “preprints,” be sure to add the URL ( at the end of the citation.

Papers that were previously posted here as “preprints,” can be accessed in hard copy or digitally through Wood and Fiber Science – Open Journal Systems.

Papers to appear in future issues:

Peng Shang,  Youfu Sun, Dingguo Zhou, Kai Qin (2018). Experimental Study of the Bending Performance of Hollow Glulam Beams. Wood and Fiber Science 50(1).

Hayley Morris, Arijit Sinha, Byrne T. Miyamoto (2018). Technical Note: Lateral Connections and Withdrawal Capacity of Western Juniper. Wood and Fiber Science 50(1).

Douglas R. Rammer, Samuel L. Zelinka, Laura E. Hasburgh, Steven T. Craft (2018). Ability of Finger-Jointed Lumber to Maintain Load at Elevated Temperatures. Wood and Fiber Science 50(1).

Paige McKinley, Frederick Kamke, Arijit Sinha, Vincent De Andrade, Joseph Jakes (2018). Analysis of Adhesive Penetration Into Wood Using Nano-X-Ray Computed Tomography. Wood and Fiber Science 50(1).

C.R. Rejeesh and K.K. Saju (2018). Effect of Fire-Retardant Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Medium-Density Coir Composite Boards. Wood and Fiber Science 50(1).