Manuscript Format

TITLE PAGE (see Title Page Example)

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS (centered heading in caps)


  • Page Numbers: Required
  • Line Spacing:  Single-spaced
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt
  • Justification:  Left only
  • Heading Levels:  Format for level of headings (see Headings in Text)
  • Paragraph Indentation:  None
  • Length: A suggested limit for the text is 5000 word equivalents.
  • Units: SI units shall be used; see complete reference in IEEE/ASTM SI-10, and an abbreviated reference in the “Related Material” section of ASTM standard volumes. (see SI Units)
  • Style:  Webster’s Third New International Dictionary and The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition, are useful guides for matters of form, style, and spelling.
  • Equations:  All equations not within the text must be numbered consecutively.
  • Citations:  Make all references in text by author and year of publication. For three or more authors, cite the first only and use et al
  • REFERENCES (centered heading in caps) (see References)
  • Footnotes:  Avoid use of footnotes
  • Tables and Figures:  Do not show locations for these in text; that will be done by editors.
    • Tables (each on a separate page)
    • Figure legends (separate page; double space)
    • Figures (each on separate page). Colored figures will be billed to the author. (See Figures)
  • Table and figure formats: These should not exceed 20% of the total length of the paper. The printed page is 145 × 200 mm. Single column is up to 68 mm. Tables and figures may be printed up to a full page in width. (If desired, indicate single or double column). Hard copy figures must be camera-ready, and numbers should be marked on the back of the figure.

Author:  Frank Beall