Editorial and Publication Policy

Wood and Fiber Science, as the official publication of the Society of Wood Science and Technology, invites and publishes original papers with both professional and technical content of international interest. The research must focus on the science, processing, and manufacture of renewable biomaterials such as wood or fiber of lignocellulosic origin. Original papers of professional concern, or based on research of international interest dealing with the science, processing, and manufacture of wood and composite products of wood or wood-fiber origin will be considered.

All manuscripts are to be written in US English; the text should be proofread by a native speaker of English prior to submission. Any manuscript submitted must be unpublished work not being offered for publication elsewhere.

Papers will be reviewed by referees selected by the editor and will be published in approximately the order in which the final version is received. Papers will be judged on the basis of their contribution of original data and ideas or interpretation of, or in the case of reviews, on their relevancy and completeness. Upon acceptance and publication by Wood and Fiber Science, a manuscript must not be published again in any form without written consent of both author(s) and editor.

Author: Frank Beall