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Society of Wood Science and Technology

All Division 5 World Conference

Forest Products and Environment, A Productive Symbiosis


5.14  Joint Research Group with SWST on Education

Considering Changes for Wood Science and Technology

 Helmuth Resch.  Institute of Wood Science and Technology, University of Natural Resources, Vienna, Austria


Wood Science and Technology: Curriculum Developed for Future Challenges in Wood-based Industry

Mohd Hamami S., Zaidon A., Awang Noor A.G., Paridah, M.T. and Khamuruddin, M.N.

Faculty of Forestry, University Putra Malaysia 


Forest Products Education and Training in Austria

Alfred Teischinger, Rupert Wimmer.  Universität für Bodenkultur/BOKU Vienna


A Historical Assessment of Wood Science & Technology Education in North America

H. M. Barnes.  Forest Products Lab, Forest & Wildlife Research Center, Mississippi State University


Extension Education in Forest Products in The Experimental Forest of National Taiwan University

Yu‑San Tseng, Ya-Nan Wang, Chung-Ming Chen, Li‑Chen Lin, Far‑Ching Lin


Current Changes in Higher Education for the European Wood Industry

Heiko Thoemen, Arno Fruehwald.  University of Hamburg, Germany

SWST Vision: World Leader in Advancing the Profession of Wood Science and its Associated Technologies

Jerrold Winandy.  Society of Wood Science and  Technology


Poster:  SWST International Conference, Concepción, Chile

Vicki Herian.  Society of Wood Science and Technology


Poster:  Raising Interest for Forest Products Among Students

Michaël Rivoire.  International Forestry Students' Association


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