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Society of Wood Science and Technology

1999 Annual Meeting
Sunday, June 27, 1999
Boise, Idaho


8:00 - 10:45 a.m. Technical Session

8:00 - 8:15 Introduction of Program
Moderator, Thomas E. McLain, Professor and Head,
Department of Forest Products, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

8:15 - 8:45 Sustainability and Forestry--An Overview
A. Scott Reed, Board of Directors , Sustainable Forestry Partnership, and
Associate Dean, College of Forestry, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

8:45 - 9:15 Wood Science and Resource Management
James R. Barbour, Team Leader, Ecologically Sustainable Productions of
Forest Resources, Pacific Northwest Research Station, U.S. Forest Service,
Portland, OR

9:15 - 9:45 Science and Technology in Conservation and Use
Thomas J. Snellgrove, Chair, Sustainable Development, U.S. Forest Service,
Washington, DC

9:45 - 10:15 Wood Science and Technology in the Marketplace
David Cohen, Associate Professor of Forest Products Marketing, University of
British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

10:15 - 10:45 Challenge and Vision for the Future
Robert D. Day, Executive Director, Renewable Natural Resources Foundation,
Bethesda, MD

10:45-11:45 a.m. Awards Ceremony

George Marra Awards
1st Place: Paul Cooper,
"Diffusion of copper in wood cell walls following vacuum treatment," Volume 30(4)
2nd Place : Peter W. Lau and J. Dave Barrett,
"Modeling the reliability of wood tension members exposed to elevated temperatures", Volume 30(3)
Honorable Mention : Yi-ru Chen, Elmer Schmidt, and Kurt Olson
"Effect of compression of green wood chips on conidial germination and colonization of a biopulping fungus, phanerochaete", Volume 30(1)

Student Poster Competition
Certificates of Participation to all participants:

Alexander J. Salenikovich ( 1st place winner - $250 ),
"Effect of edge distance of nails on performance of sheathing/framing connections"

Fatima Moore Shmulsky ( 2nd place winner - $125 ),
"Efficiency of bio-filters inoculated with various microorganisms in removal of Alpha-Pinene"

Balazs Zombori
Robert A. Paradise
Jong-Bum Ra
Kofi Poku
Sang Yeob Lee
E. R. Traicov Savage
Elena V. Kultikova
Elif Semen
Charles Clement
` Anastasia Andol
Mary Love Mortimer
Hui Wan
Steven Janzen
David E. Headley
Michael J. Malmberg
Mansur Ahmad
Jayson VanLandeghem

International Visiting Scientist Award
K. Frimpong-Mensah, University of Science and Technology, Ghana,
going to United Kingdom.

Distinguished Service Award
Richard Thomas

11:45-12:45 Annual Business Meeting and Lunch

Approximately 90 people were in attendance.

Minutes of 1998 Annual Meeting

The Minutes of the 1998 Annual Meeting were published in the July-August 1998 Newsletter. There was one change in the Executive Director's Report. The second column of current members listing should have said "as of June 1, 1997" instead of "1998". A motion was made by Ramsay Smith and seconded by Fred Taylor to accept the minutes as amended. Motion passed.

Executive Director's Report - Vicki Herian

Current Members as of June 1, 1999
Full members 328
Student members 76
Retired members 54
Affiliate Member 1
Total 459

USA members 353
Canada members 39
Mexico members 4
Overseas members 63

Members as of June 1, 1998
Full Members 319
Student members 74
Retired members 50
Affiliate Member 1
Total 444

Subscribers as of June 1, 1999 - 281

USA 122
Canada 13
Mexico 1
Overseas 145

Subscribers as of June 1, 1998 - 291

Delinquent Members

Delinquent members as of June 1, 1999 -44 (not paid for 1999 dues)
Delinquent subscribers as of June 1, 1999 - 53 (not paid for 1999)
Compared to delinquent members as of June 1, 1998 - 77
Compared to delinquent subscribers as of June 1, 1998 - 45

Fidelity Spartan Money Market Fund and Vanguard Accounts

The total Vanguard accounts have grown from a beginning balance of $61,100.00 on February 3, 1998 to $76,676.22 on March 31, 1999. This is a total gain of $15,676.22 . The Student poster money was invested in November 1998 with an initial balance of $4,750.00. The current balance in that account is $5,491.99, for a total gain of $741.99. Charts are attached.

Checking Account

The balance in the checking account as of June 15, 1999 is $13,113.28.


One problem that I noted was that there is a considerable amount of delinquent page charges. Volume 28 - $2,136.50; Volume 29 - $2,234.00; Volume 30 - $4,083.00; and the current Volume 31 $4,075.50. This accounts for a total of $12,529.00 of page charges not paid. I have sent delinquent notices to all and hope to recover some of this.

The 1999 Membership Directory, the History of SWST 1958-1998, Issue Brief No. 1 on Environmental Issues, and Member Handbook were all mailed out to members this year. If you need additional copies, please contact me.

The History of SWST 1958-1998, written by Everett Ellis, is available in softcover for $10 and in hardcover for $45.

The Directory of Schools has been updated and reprinted. Please contact me if you would like a copy.

Don't forget to use Allen Press' service called APT Online, which lists our Table of Contents and Abstracts on the WWW. Check it out at

Click on the APTOnline icon and follow through to the list of journals, where you will find Wood and Fiber Science . They have all our volumes listed. Reprints of the individual articles can be obtained directly from the Abstract page where there is a link to "Uncover", a document delivery system. Our members can use this by using the login name access and the password deliver Once you type this, you are asked to set up your own profile. You can then search for articles, find the references, and then purchase reprints, if desired.

I continue to update our web pages. I have made the member application form, the meeting registration form, and the publication order form available for on-line submission to the Executive Office. Watch the site for a new look! We'll be using a new url soon called That name has been registered and is now simply awaiting the final approval process.

Results of the Constitutional change vote from last year were: 133 ballots were returned, and 133 voted yes to change the Constitution as follows. Article VI - Elections - Section 10. If the office of president-elect is vacated, the duties of the president-elect shall be performed by the vice president, who will advance to the presidency without election at the end of the term as vice president. A president-elect and a vice president will be elected at the next election. If the office of vice president is vacated, it shall remain vacant until the next election, at which time both a president-elect and a vice-president will be elected.



Total Assets $ 99,363.16
Total Liabilities 24,470.42
Total Equity 74,892.74
Total Equity & Liabilities
$ 99,363.16

Income Statement
1998 Budgeted Total Income $118,013.00
1998 Budgeted Total Expenses $114,974.00
NET 1998 Budgeted - $3,039.00

Actual Income $ 107,919.97
Actual Expenses $ 113,026.47
Actual NET $ (-5,106.50)

2000 SWST Budget


Wood and Fiber Science








Interest & Dividend




Member Services/Mtg Exp/Travel Exp








Admin. Expenses




Salary & Taxes








The above budget reflects an increase of full dues to $60, student dues to $25, retired dues to $30, subscriptions to $125, page charges to members to $90, page charges to non-members to $110, and a reduction of funding only 1 international visiting scientist .

There was a request from a member that the Board reconsider raising the student dues to $25 and leave it at $15. The Board will discuss at their Monday meeting.

Auditor's Report - Barbara Wolfe

Per your request, I reviewed the SWST bank statements for the period May 30, 1998 through May 28, 1999. Checks; deposits; VISA, MasterCard, and American Express charges; interest charges; and bank charges were verified against the statements. The checkbook balance and bank statements were in agreement for all months reviewed. The checkbook balance of $6,353,38 agrees with the checking account balance on the May, 1999 Balance Sheet. I also verified the account balances of the four Vanguard accounts. The $82,168.21 on the May 1999 Balance Sheet agrees with the latest statements (3/31/99 year to date) received from Vanguard.

Wood and Fiber Science - Bob Youngs

During the period June 1998 to June 1999 we have published 419 pages in four quarterly issues of the journal. These have included 40 papers, 4 editorials, and four book reviews, together with information on the George Marra Award, the SWST Distinguished Service Award, and the reviewers who have refereed papers during the past year. Introduced this year were guidelines for citing on-line sources (30:3), which is still rare, but with increasing interest.

During this period, 73 papers have been received, of which 9 have been rejected. Carol Ovens has 36 papers in the process of preparation for publication. One page grant has been awarded and another is being considered for a paper in process. Elapsed time between receipt and publication of papers is running about a year or less.

Duties of the Editor, Associate Editor, and Editorial Assistant have been reviewed and reconfirmed.

Thanks to the many who have made excellent contributions as peer reviewers. This is a continuing demand and authors of papers have generally expressed sincere appreciation for the comments and suggestions received during the review process. Volunteers to review papers are welcome.

Our policy is to have in each issue an editorial on a subject of general interest to the profession. We have followed that in publishing editorials by several thoughtful members of the Society. I have commitments for editorials for the rest of this year, but will be seeking editorial writers for next year's issues.

I am prepared to work with the Education Committee to seek authors for state-of-the art papers. These should present in depth review and analysis of a subject that is important to the advancement of wood and fiber science. We have not had any of these for some time, even though the Society provides as an incentive a $500 honorarium and exemption from page charges.

I am also prepared to work with the Book Review Committee to seek and arrange for review of new books that are significant to the profession. These reviews are a good addition to the quarterly issues of the journal, but have been in rather short supply recently.

He has received an increase in manuscripts, which will result in a little larger issues of the Journal, and also in an increase in the amount of work Carol does.

Committee Reports

Accreditation - The Committee is recommending accreditation of West Virginia University, and also acceptance of University of Idaho's 5-year Interim report.

Book Review - No report available

Constitution and Bylaws - No report available

Critical Issues - Issue Brief No. 1 on "Environmental implications on use of wood-based products" is completed and mailed to all members. It will be distributed to key additional people. The committee is now working on how SWST and the National Planning Committee can help with Deans and Schools to enhance their work.

Education - Action on Teaching Unit 2 has been tabled. Teaching Unit 1 has to have new text and slides and also be put on web. Directory of Schools has been updated by Everett Ellis and is being reprinted. The Directory of Graduate Schools review has not taken place. A list of WST educational materials is on file in SWST headquarters. The committee is still pursuing linkages with WoodLinks. The Committee is suggesting that perhaps SWST would like to consider sponsoring a booth at the Minorities in Agricultural Natural Science Conference. The Board will discuss at their Monday meeting. Mike Barnes made a plea to members to join the Education Committee. He would like to see all schools represented on this committee.

International Relations - Greg Foliente and R.C. Tang attended the International Conference eon Effective Utilization of Plantation Timber in May 1999 in Taiwan. SWST info was sent there and distributed. The Committee is recommending a web page on affiliate membership be prepared and the affiliate membership option be announced during the next IUFRO meeting in Kuala Lumpur and at the Division 5 Meeting. The second charge of preparing a recommendation on how SWST may form long-term relationships with similar organizations is continuing.

Membership - The report from last year's SWST Membership Survey has been edited for the web. An abbreviated report for the Newsletter has not been finished. Mike Hoag contacted the International Wood Collectors Society about advertising rates for their journal. The Board will pursue. Joe Massey is working on contacting all WS&T graduate students in North American universities. A membership application is available now on the web.

Newsletter - John Phelps thanked everyone for their contributions and asked for more.

Public Liaison - Their is an upcoming meeting of RNRF on National Tools and Strategies for Sustainability that Howard Rosen is working on. He remains as SWST's representative to RNRF and is a member of their Board.

Publication Policy - Bob Youngs published policy and procedures for citing on-line sources in Wood and Fiber Science. The Board has raised subscription prices. The possibility of electronic publishing was reviewed last year and found not feasible at this time.

Visiting Scientist - Report was published in the May-June Newsletter. The Committee has approved 3 visits (Geza Ifju, J. D. Williams, Steve Smulski), and 1 international visiting scientist - K. Frimpong Mensah to the United Kingdom. They are working on updating and increasing the participation as visiting scientists. A form was printed in the Newsletter and available in annual meeting packets.

Old Business

Dave Barrett asked for a moment of silence for deceased members, Jim Bethel and Tim Faust and any others anyone might know of.

Teller's Report

Vice President:
H. Michael Barnes 68
Michael Wolcott 51

Rado Gazo 62
Les Groom 72
Judd Michael 30
Philip Steele 67

Total Ballots Returned: 119

New Business

Jim Bowyer urged the Board to look at sustainability in an aggressive and proactive way. Perhaps by sponsoring a conference in Washington, D.C., maybe with RNRF?

Howard Rosen expressed concern that there hasn't been any additional affiliate members since the first one. He urged the committee to be more aggressive in their promotion. The IUFRO World Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the year 2000 would be a good opportunity.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to adjourn.

1:00 - 4:00 Joint SWST/FPS Plenary Sessions
Session 1: Adhesive Resins for Wood - (Summit Amphitheater)
Session 2: Current Topics in Physics and Drying - (Payette River Room)
4:00 - 5:30 Joint SWST/FPS Technical Forum and Student Posters (Peregrines Room)
6:30 - 8:00 Joint SWST/FPS Host Reception - Grand Ballroom - The Grove Hotel

Last updated: 7/22/99
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