Student Poster Winners

1st Place

Paige McKinley, Oregon State University, "Multi-scale Investigation of Adhesive Bond Durability"

2nd Place

Stephen Amiandamhen, University of Stellenbosch, "Effect of Barks on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Phosphate bonded Wood Composites of Black Wattle (Acadia mearnsii)"

3rd Place

Priscilla Morris, North Carolina State University, "Ecosystem Services: Providing Economically Sustainable Options for Forest-Based Industries in Rural Coastal Communities"

Other Student Posters in the Competition:

  • Kendall Conroy, Oregon State University, USA
    "Roadblocks, Hurdles, and Glass Ceiling: The Female Executive Perspective"
  • Victor Almeida De Arujo, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
    "Problems and Possible Solutions to the Wood Waste from the Wooden Housing Production in Brazil"
  • Jennifer DeBoer, University of British Columbia, Canada
    "Typology of Sustainable Forest Certifications"
  • Frederico Jose Nistal Franca, Mississippi State University, USA
    "Nondestructive Assessment of Eucalyptus grandis vs Eucalyptus urophylla"
  • Tamara Suely Filgueira Amorim Franca, Mississippi State University, USA
    "Natural Durability of Two Species of African Mahogany Planted in Brazil Against Termite Attack"
  • Annika Hyytia, University of Helsinki, Finland
    "Sustainable Development - International Framework - Overview and Analysis in the Context of Forests and Forest Products - Ecosystem Services and Competitiveness in the Bio-economy with Stakeholders"