About: Convention Details

The Convention began on March 6 with an Evening Welcome Reception and Opening Ceremony. Technical Sessions was held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Thursday morning was a joint session with EBRAMEM (Encontro Brasileiro em Madeiras e em Estructuras de Madeira) XV Symposium on Wood and Construction. Wednesday, March 9, was a Conference Tour - Sustainable Wood Structures and Culture in Curitiba (separate charge). It will conclude with a Banquet and Closing Ceremony on Thursday, March 10.

The Ceremony Included:

  1. Early Stage Researcher Morning: Students and recent graduates presented their research and participated in the Student Poster Competition.
  2. IUFRO 5.10 FOREST PRODUCTS MARKETING AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: The IUFRO 5.10.00 Forest Products Marketing and Business Management Research Group met as one session during the conference.
  3. Joint Session with EBRAMEM (Encontro Brasileiro em Madeiras e em Estruturas de Madeira) XV Symposium on Wood and Construction
  4. Complimentary access to APRE (Associação Paranense de Empresas de Base Florestal) II Expo on Wood and Construction being held at the Renault Expo, March 9-11, 2016

Pre and Post Tours

  • We encourage people to go to Manaus either before or after as it is an amazing experience.
  • Pre or Post tour to Rio