Travel: Arrival Instructions

Transportation between Jackson Hole Airport and Jackson Lake Lodge

Jackson Hole Airport is a small airport and is easy to navigate. From the airport to Jackson Lake Lodge is about a 35-minute drive.

Park Entrance Fee: To get to the Jackson Lake Lodge, individuals must pay a $12 park entrance fee at the park gate.  Cash is welcome and appreciated to speed the process.   If you have a Senior Pass, Lifetime Pass, or Annual Pass, then you would not have to pay the park fee but would need your pass to present to the rangers.  


There is a transportation service called Alltrans. Phone:  800-443-6133.

You can reserve ahead of time and they will meet you at the baggage claim area.
The cost per person from the Jackson Hole Airport to Jackson Lake Lodge in 2014 is 1 way-$45, Round Trip-$90.  The cost may change in 2015.
There is the possibility of a charter shuttle (at a lower price) if a group of people come in at the same time.

Rental Cars

Rental cars are available at Jackson Hole Airport (parking is complimentary at the Lodge).
Rental car discounts...

And the following agencies have locations in downtown Jackson:

Taxi Service

2014 Taxi service ($12 park fees/per person not included) 1 way prices

1 to 2 people - $70
3 people           $80
4 people           $90
5 people           $100
6 people           $110
7 people           $120
Cowboy Cab (307) 413-1000
Village Taxi (307) 690-0463