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Monday, June 23, 2014
17:00 - 19:00

Lesnícke a Drevárske Múzeum

Zvolen, Slovakia

Price: Included in registration

The convention will include a visit to the Forestry and Wood Technology Museum, Lesnícke a Drevárske Múzeum, in downtown Zvolen. After Monday's sessions, attendees will walk directly from the convention venue to the Museum.


Forestry Museum collectionThe Museum concentrates on the documentation of the history of forestry and wood technology of Slovakia. It also records the nature, history, and society of the Zvolen region.

The museum includes:  

  • Over 46,000 items in the museum's collections of forestry, wood technology, history, archaeology, numismatics, and ethnology.
  • A library of nearly 17,000 books related to the history of the region, forestry and wood technology.
  • Photographs, slides, negatives, videocassettes, CDs or DVDs with information forestry and wood technology
Permanent Exhibitions

Forests in the Mirror of Science:  The decline of spruce stands - transfer of research outcomes to practice

The exhibition shows the current situation in the Slovak forests and points mainly to the bad condition of spruce monocultures.  It mentions its historical and economic reasons but it also brings some ideas on how to solve this problem and optimize spruce forests.

Timber Always Alive:  Traditional crafts for current times

Wood craft exhibitThe exhibition shows the most widespread techniques of woodcrafts in our country, such as splitting, carpentry, wheelwrighting, turnery or joinery, and wood carving. It provides a brief review about their history and applied techniques.   Final products of craftsmen are also presented as a source of ideas and inspiration for new breakthroughs which meet current needs.

Voices of the Forest:  Positive historical legacies to make the work in forestry more effective

Forest Community ExhibitThe exhibition is divided into two sections. 

  1. The forest as a natural community typical for Slovakia.  This diorama of basic kinds of animals, fungi and rocks depicts the local forest ecosystem.
  2. A chronological presentation of the history of forests, from the first systematic efforts to regulate forests to the present time.