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George Marra Award
  • Morrow, C. D., T. M. Gorman, J. W. Evans, D. E. Kretschmann, and C. A. Hatfield. "Prediction of wood quality in small-diameter Douglas-fir using site and stand characteristics," 45/1 -- First Place
  • Wang, Xiping, Steve Verrill, Eini Lowell, Robert J. Ross, and Vicki L. Herian. "Acoustic sorting models for improved log segregation," 45(4) -- Second Place
  • Renneckar, Scott.  "State of the Art Paper - Biomimetics: Adapting performance and function of natural materials for biobased composites," 45(1) -- Honorable Mention
  • Kaboorani, Alireza, Pierre Blanchet, and Aziz Laghdir.  "A rapid method to assess viscoelastic and mechanosorptive creep in wood," 45(4) -- Honorable Mention
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Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession of Wood Science and Technology
Fellow Award
International Professional Visiting Scientist Award
Student Poster Competition Award

1st Place - Bryan Dick, North Carolina Statue University, USA
1st Place - Charles Edmunds, North Carolina State University, USA
3rd Place - Melanie Blumentritt, University of Maine, USA

SWST 2014 award presentation