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Technology Advancement and Marketing Practices in Biomass

Miscellaneous Information

Coffee Breaks and Lunches: Provided in your registration fee

Bulletin Board: Available near Registration Desk

Cell or Mobile Phones: There are now four companies in the United States that offer nationwide mobile phone service.  Two of these (AT&T and T-Mobile USA) provide service using the GSM standard, while the other two (Verizon and Sprint) principally use CDMA.   You can purchase prepaid phones while in the USA or SIM chips.

Internet Services: All hotel rooms, as well as meeting rooms, offer wireless internet at no charge

Language: The official language of the convention is English.  All written material must be in English for incorporation into proceedings.

No Smoking: The conference venue is a smoke-free area.

Preview Room for Speakers: Available

Registration Desk: Level 2 Desk

Name Badge: Each convention participant must wear his/her badge at all times while inside the convention venue, as it will be used for identification.


For further information, please contact Vicki Herian at vicki@swst.org