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Technology Advancement and Marketing Practices in Biomass

Guidelines for Preparation and Formatting of Proceedings Papers

(As prepared by Forest Products Society, FPS)

An important aspect of this conference will be the production and distribution of an electronic proceedings. If you are preparing an oral presentation you are required to submit a full paper, extended abstract, or PowerPoint slides for inclusion in the electronic proceedings. If you are preparing a poster presentation you have the opportunity to submit a full paper, extended abstract, or PowerPoint slides. The deadline for submission is May 17, 2013.

NOTE: All papers, extended abstracts, and PowerPoints will be published as submitted.  No editing or reformatting will occur. However, if submitted as other than a PDF, it will be converted to the PDF format.

The following guidelines are intended to aid speakers and poster presenters in the preparation of a written version of their talk/poster presentation for distribution to attendees.

File Format
All submissions must be in PowerPoint or PDF file formats.

Paper Title
All submissions must include a title, which should be as concise a possible and appear at the top of the paper or extended abstract.

Author Information
Authors' names, position titles, affiliations, mailing addresses, and email addresses must be included.

Abstract (Full Papers Only)
A brief 1-paragraph abstract of no more than 200 words must be included at the beginning of the paper. The abstract should include a description of the essence of the entire work, summarizing why the work was done, what was done and how, results and conclusions, and its significance.

Tables, Figures, and Photos
In the text, make certain all tables, figures, and photos are called out in numeric order. They should be included within the paper, and NOT as separate figure files.
Extended Abstract: Because of the brevity of the extended abstract, we ask that you include up to but not more than a total of 4 tables, figures, and/or photos.

Literature Cited
References should be listed at the end of the manuscript in a section called "Literature Cited." They should be listed in alphabetic order. Translate foreign titles; indicate the original language and if an English abstract is available. If the author has consulted an online source, the citation should include the complete URL address and the date the source was accessed. If the source is an online version of a printed journal or other printed material, the citation should include the standard reference information, followed by the URL and access date.


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The Forest Products Society strongly encourages the use of SI units. Consistent units should be used throughout the paper.


For further information, please contact Vicki Herian at vicki@swst.org