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Technology Advancement and Marketing Practices in Biomass

Guidelines for Oral Presentations

PowerPoint in English presentations must be used for oral presentations. Presentations are due May 1, 2013  to Vicki Herian, SWST Executive Director, vicki@swst.org. Slides or overhead transparencies are not supported. Please prepare your visual aids carefully and thoughtfully as they impact directly on the success of your presentation. People should see and understand your presentation even from the back of the room. Do not include pages full of typed information - convey your ideas without clutter.

Audio-visual aids
PCs and data projectors will be used for PowerPoint presentations. (Speakers using Macintosh based presentations should bring their own laptop computer.) Each presentation must be loaded into a session format on the central computer by convention staff before the allocated session.

It is essential that the Session Chair and the speakers adhere closely to the timeline for each session. Please be punctual and do not use more than your allotted time. Have your presentation well organized and rehearsed in advance. In question time, questions should be brief and to the point. Out of fairness to all speakers and the other session participants, Session Chairs are charged with the responsibility of seeing that the schedule is observed.

All Oral presentations require a 4-8 page technical paper (due May 1, 2013)  to SWST Executive Office) to be published by SWST in a Proceedings (CD) given to all Annual Meeting attendees, and then electronically published via the internet on the SWST web site. See Proceedings Guidelines.

For further information, please contact Vicki Herian at vicki@swst.org