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Society of Wood Science and Technology

51st Annual Convention

Concepción, Chile

Society of Wood Science and Technology (SWST) is an internationally-recognized professional organization of wood scientists, engineers, marketing specialists and other professionals concerned with science and technology of wood and lignocellulosic materials. The first international meeting outside of North America was held on November 10-12, 2008 in Concepción, Chile at the Universidad del Bío-Bío, a cosponsor and co-organizer of the meeting. See Complete List of Sponsors.

There were five sessions during the first two days dealing with (1) Timber Engineering, (2) Global Trade in Forest Products, (3) Wood Quality: Challenges in the 21st Century, (4) Advanced Processing of Timber in the 21st Century, and (5) Technical Poster Session. Each session had a North American and South American Co-Chair. The last day of the Convention was a day-long tour of the area and the forest products industry, beginning with a visit to Nueva Aldea and continuing with a visit to Forestal Mininco's plantation and greenhouse.

EXPOCORMA had meetings November 11-15, but was a separate convention. See 4th International Meeting on Forestry, Wood Products, Pulp and Paper.

The official languages of the Conference were English and Spanish. There were simultaneous translations.

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Welcome, Proceedings, Poster session, Presentations, Awards, Photo Galleries, Minutes

Letter to Attendees

Jerrold Winandy, SWST President and Vicki Herian, SWST Executive Director

2010 Annual Meeting Invitation

Invitation from the UNECE Timber Committee to hold joint meetings in Geneva in 2010

Concepción art gallery

Concepción art gallery


U. del Bio-Bio Engineering building

U. del Bío-Bío, Maderas

Wood Engineering Bldg


Vicki Herian visits Lota mine

SWST Director Vicki Herian at Lota mine

Salto del Laja waterfalls

Salto del Laja waterfalls


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