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Society of Wood Science and Technology

51st Annual Convention

Concepción, Chile



An Awards Presentation, business meeting, and lunch took place from 1:00 to 2:00 pm on November 11, 2008. 


Distinguished Service Award -  Alan A. Marra

Presentation given by Douglas Gardner. "We Don't Make  Wood, We Make Wood Better".


Fellow Award - Robert W. Rice


George G. Marra Award for Excellence in Writing

First Place ---  Russell J. Chedgy, Paul I. Morris, Young Woon Lim,  and Colette Breuil. "Black stain of western red cedar (Thuja plicata  donn) by Aureobasidium pullulans:  The role of weathering" published  in 39(3).

Second Place --- Lori Elkins, Jeffrey J. Morrell, and Robert J.  Leichti.  "Establishing a through-boring pattern for utility poles"  published in 39(4).

Honorable Mention --- Erin N. Anderson, Robert J. Leichti, Edward G.  Sutt, Jr., and David V. Rosowsky. "Sheathing nail bending-yield  stress: Effect on cyclic performance of wood shear walls" published  in 39(4).

2007-2008 committee members were: Chair Ron Anthony, Tom Eberhardt,  Lech Muszynski, and Paul Cooper.


Student Poster Competition Winners and Participants

Judges for the competition were: Jim Armstrong(Chair), Sue Anagnost, William Gacitua, and Russell Chedgy

1st place - Glorio Oporto, University of Maine.  "Production and testing of wood plastic composites manufactured from hot water  extracted wood".

2nd place - Sandeep Nair, University of Tennessee. "Evaluation of interphase properties in fiber reinforced polymer composite using atomic force acoustic microscopy (AFAM)".

3rd place - Zanin Kavazovic, Université Laval. "Sensitivity study of a numerical model of heat and mass transfer involved during the MDF hot pressing process".






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Concepción art gallery

Concepción art gallery


U. del Bio-Bio Engineering building

U. del Bío-Bío, Maderas

Wood Engineering Bldg




Salto del Laja waterfalls

Salto del Laja waterfalls










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