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Society of Wood Science and Technology

2007 Annual Meeting Presentations



• Molecular Spectroscopy In the Study of Wood and Biomass

   Dr. Timothy G. Rials, North Carolina State University


• Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: Biomass Applications

   Dr. Madhavi Martin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


• Extracting Information From Spectral Data

   Dr. Nicole Labbι, University of Tennessee


• Characterization of Biomass Surfaces (QCM, SPR)

   Dr. Orlando Rojas, North Carolina State University


• Mechanical Evaluation in Multi-Axis States of Strain of Wood Composites

   Dr. John Hermanson, Forest Products Laboratory


• Development of Nanoindentation for Characterizing Wood & Related Systems

   Dr. Johannes Konnerth BOKU University, Vienna, Austria


• Rheological Characterization of Wood and Composites

   Dr. Charles Frazier, Virginia Tech


• Neutrons and the Characterization of Biological Materials

   Tom Elder, USDA, FS


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