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Student Poster Winners 2006

The 2006 Student Poster Competition was held on Sunday, June 25, 2006 at the Newport Beach Marriott, Newport Beach, California. Judges for the Competition were: Les Groom, Steve Kelly, and Rakesh Gupta.

The winners were:

First Place - $500 - Awarded to: Samuel L. Zelinka, University of Wisconsin-Madison,

"Equivalent Circuit Modeling of Southern Pine"

Second Place - $250 - Awarded to: Jinwu Wang, Washington State University,

"Characterization of Cure Kinetics of a Phenol-Formaldehyde Resin".

Third Place - $125 - Awarded to: Emmanuel T. Kodzi, Jr., Purdue University,

"Line Extension Opportunities in Manufacturing Wood Products".

Other Participants were:

  • Jay Curole, Louisiana State University, "Effect of Termite Collection Method and Geographic Location on the Variability of Control Samples Used in the AWPA E1-97 Jar Test "

  • James S. Fabiyi, University of Idaho, "Chemical Characterization of Accelerated Weathered Wood-Plastic Composites"

  • William E. Gacitua, Washington State University, "Morphology of Wood Species Affecting Wood-Plastic Interaction. Part I: Mechanical Interlocking"

  • Heng Gao, Louisiana State University, "Antioxidant Activity of Extracts from the Wood and Bark of Port-Oxford-Cedar"

  • Emmanuel T. Kodzi, Jr., Purdue University, "Facilitating Cultural Acceptance of Advanced Manufacturing - The Case of Effective Instruction"

  • Sangyeob Lee, Louisiana State University, "Interfacial and Fracture Properties of Maleated Polypropylene Film and Wood Fiber HAndsheet Laminates"

  • Diana N. Obanda, Louisiana State University, "Improving the Performance of Boron Compounds in Outdoor Wood Durability Applications"

  • Hui Pan, Louisiana State University, "Effects of Liquefaction Conditions on Liquefied Wood Residues"

  • Brian Perkins, Virginia Tech, "A Business Model for a Small-Diameter Processing Facility in Southwest Virginia"

  • Silas Tora, Purdue University, "Identifying and Analyzing the Spatial Clustering of the Value-Added Forest Products Sub-Cluster in Indiana"

  • Yi Wang, Oregon State University, "Suitability of Gold Particles as a High Contrast Agent for X-ray CT Scanning of Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC)"

  • Hongtao Zhou, Purdue University, "Seating Furniture of Plus-Size Population"

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