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Society of Wood Science and Technology

2006 Annual Meeting Presentations

Session I: The Effect of Decay on the Performance of Wood Buildings Under Earthquake Loading and How We Might Improve Performance

"Role of Fungi in Building Failures: are They Over-Rated?"

"Fastener Corrosion Issues: Testing, Codes, and Design"

"Pros and Cons of Current and Future Wood Preservatives"

"Moving Forward with Wood Composites"

"Lateral Load Resistance of FRP-Reinforced OSB Shear Walls and Diaphragms"

Session II: The Role of Utilization Research in Hazardous Fuels Reduction

"Ongoing Research in Hazardous Fuel Reduction Treatments at the PNW Station"

"On-Going Small-Diameter Utilization Research Projects"

"Pyrolysis of Understory Removals and Hurricane Katrina Debris"

"Trials and Tribulations of Understory Removals on the Kisatchie National Forest"

"Production of Biofuels/Bioenergy from Wood"

"Integrated Forest Bioproducts Research for Northeastern Species"

Session III: The Aftermath of Katrina: The Wood Products Industry Response

"AF&PA Investigation of Structural Damage from Hurricane Katrina"

"Timber and Forest Products Markets after Katrina"

"After the Hurricanes: Implications for Housing on the Gulf Coast"

"Impact of Katrina on U.S. Housing Markets"

"'Remediation of Fungal Growth on Wood-Based Building Materials: Challenges to the Forest Products Industry"

Session IV: Moisture in Wood: Problem for Housing and Wood Construction

"Emerging Issue of Wood and Mold in Resential Construction"

"Current Research in Moisture and Housing at the USDA Forest Products Laboratory"

"Designing Thermoplastic Wood Composites for Resistance to Decay and Moisture"

"Assessing Kiln Drying Target Moisture Content for Square Hemlock Timbers"

"Development of a Theoretical Thermal Conductivity Equation for Uniform Density Wood Cells"

"Determination of Drying Stresses of Wood Using the ENhanced Digital Image Correlation (EDIC) Technique"

All Student Poster Competition Abstracts

Technical Forum Abstracts

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