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Society of Wood Science and Technology

Student Poster Winners 2005

The 2005 Student Poster Competition was held on Sunday, June 19, 2005 at the Delta Quebec Hotel in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Judges for the Competition were: Perry Peralta, Jerrold Winandy, Mohammad Mohammad, and Jan Wiedenbeck.

The winners were:

First Place - $500 - Awarded to: Hermanus van Dyk, North Carolina State University,

"Mosture content determination in frozen and unfrozen lumber using ultrasound"

Second Place - $250 - Awarded to: Suzana Radivojevic, University of Toronto,

"Effect of solution PH and ionic composition on the solubility of chromium and arsenic from CCA-treated aspen".

Third Place - $125 - Awarded to: Sudip Chowdhury, Washington State University,

"Mechanism to improve toughness and moisture resistance of a typical OSB resin".

Other Participants were:

  • Gina Almeida, Universite Laval, "How porosity can explain wood desorption at high humdities"

  • Marcia Vidal Bastias, Universite Laval, "A finite element model for the evaluation of MDF hot pressing process"

  • Slobodan Bradic, University of British Columbia, "Juvenile wood impact on the kiln drying characteristics of Pacific Coast Hemlock square timbers"

  • Pablo Crespell, Oregon State University, "Mortel intelligence for Latin American ESC-certified wood panels in the US and Caribbean markets"

  • Luis Fernando de Moura, Universite Laval, "Effects of abrasive mineral, grit size, and feed speed on the quality of sanded surfaces of sugar maple wood"

  • Dragica Jeremic, University of Toronto, "Penetration of polyethylene glycol in wood cell walls"

  • Roncs Ese-Etame, Virginia Tech, "Impact of log ellipticality on red oak (quercus rubra) lumber grade and volume recovery for current sawing practices"

  • Brad Gething, Pennsylvania State University, "Quantification of CCA in wood using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy"

  • Judith Gisip, Purdue University, "The application of refrigerated air and cryogenic treatment reduces tool wear when machining medium density fiberboard"

  • Emmanuel Kodzi, Purdue University, "Mass customizing US furniture - wooden furniture dynamics"

  • Sangyeob Lee, Louisiana State University, "Droplet behavior and shape analysis of wood adhesives on the wood surface"

  • Crystal L. Pilon, Michigan Technological University, "Effectiveness of nondestructive evaluation techniques for assessing standing timber quality"

  • Williams Munoz Toro, Universite Laval, "Evaluation and improvement of connection systems for prefabricated wall panels"

  • Minghui Zhang, Purdue University, "Water vapor sorption in dried red oak lumber package stored in a high humidity environment"

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