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Student Poster Winners 2004

The 2004 Student Poster Competition was held on Saturday, June 26, 2004 at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Judges for the Competition were: Don Bender, Barb Gartner, Armando McDonald and Fran Wagner.

The winners were:

First Place - $500 - Awarded to: Darren Riedlinger, Virginia Tech,

"Improving the performance of thermosetting wood adhesives using multiphase emulsions."

Second Place - $250 - Awarded to: Jerome Alteyrac, Universite Laval,

"Influence of stand density on wood properties at different sampling heights in black spruce (Picea mariana (MILL.)B.S.P.)".


Third Place - $125 - Awarded to: Diogo Baptista, University of Maine,

"Droplet dynamics applied to the assessment of water penetration resistance of coatings on wood".

Other Participants were:

  • Li Dai, Mississippi State University, "Design loads for upholstered furniture frames"

  • Sudipta Dasmohapatra, Pennsylvania State University, "Understanding customer value in the oriented strandboard industry"

  • Roncs Ese-Etame, Virginia Tech, "Comparison of sample board end coating for industrial kiln drying"

  • Judith Gisip, Purdue University, "The analysis of tool wear reduction when using refrigerated air for tool cooling"

  • Jonathan Hood, Virginia Tech, "Changes in OSB mat permeability during hot-pressing"

  • Ohkyung Kwon, State University of New York, "A vectorization of the raster image of the transverse plane of softwood: Differentiation of the regions of the secondary wall and the compound middle lamella (CML)"

  • Jian Li, University of California, Berkeley, "Understanding seismic behavior of wood shear walls under environment effects from the material level by testing and modeling"

  • Xiaojian Liu, Mississippi State University, "Quantitative analysis of glue distribution in wooden dowel joints using radio frequency capacitance"

  • Daniel Merz, North Carolina State University, "Comparing abrasive resistance of different woodfiber-plastic decking materials to solid wood and plastic decking material"

  • Henry Quesada, Purdue University, "Best manufacturing practices and their linkage to top-performing companies in the U.S. furniture industry"

  • Brian Scott, Virginia Tech, "Dielectric characterization of phenol-formaldehyde cure"

  • Jun Li Shi, Universite Laval, "Effect of juvenile wood on strength properties, dimensional stability, and durability of black spruce medium density fiberboard panels"

  • Silas Tora, Purdue University, "Bending strength properties of hot-melt adhesives used in kitchen cabinet construction"

  • Minghui Zhang, Purdue University, "Tracing red oak adsorption under isothermal conditions below fiber saturation point"


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