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Student Poster Winners 2003

The 2003 Student Poster Competition was held on Saturday, June 21, 2003 at Double Tree Hotel, Bellevue, Washington. Judges for the Competition were: Dan Dolan, Steve Shook, Eva Haviarova, and Qinglin Wu.

The winners were:
First Place - $250 - Awarded to: B.B. Maruthi Sridhar, Mississippi State University,
for "Monitoring structural changes of fern (Pteris vittata) during phytoremediation of Cr and As contaminated soils".

Second Place - $125 - Awarded to: Iris Vasquez-Cooz, SUNY-ESF, Syracuse, New York. for "Fuzzy grain development and cutting forces in tension wood".

Other Participants were:

  • David B. DeVallance, Oregon State University, "Affect of veneer roughness, lathe check, and earlywood/latewood measures on Douglas-fir plywood glue-bond quality"

  • Jeff Ellsworth, Iowa State University, "Detecting sinker stock lumber with ultrasound"

  • Rastislav Lagana, University of Maine, "An optical method for measuring hygro-mechanical proeprties of wood"

  • Reuben J. L. Mwamakimbullah, University of Idaho, "A seamless system for building models to improve the sawmills' efficiency"

  • Henry Quesada, Purdue University, "Benchmarking study based on critical success factors for household, office and kitchen cabinet wood furniture industries in U.S."

  • Rodrique Safou-Tchiama, Universite Bordeaux, "Comparative study of some tropical woods, chemical reactivity, X-ray wide-angle diffractometry and ESCA characterization. Application in wood polymer composites"

  • Marieke Schmutzer, University of Maine, "Simple detection of quinone reducing activity by wood decay fungi"

  • Lawrence R. Stombock, Mississippi State University, "The use of bioreactors and constructed wetlands to facilitate bioremediation of oriented strand board process wastewater"

  • Karla D. Turner, Mississippi State University, "Degradation of pentachlorophenol through phytoremediation with different tree species"

  • Brian K. Via, Louisiana State University, "A proposed model to predict fiber saturation point as a function of lignin, cellulose, and hemicellulose"

  • Ronnie Y. Vun, Louisiana State University, "Ultrasonic characterizatino of horizontal density variations in oriented strand board"

  • Minghui Zhang, Purdue University, "Methodology formodeling a regain of moisture in a package of dried red oak lumber"



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