Guidelines: International Professional Visiting Scientist

The Society of Wood Science and Technology (SWST) is providing international travel grants for the professional growth of members each calendar year. These grants are to enhance the members’ international perspective and networking with scientists, technologists, and engineers from other countries that are so vital to the success of SWST in the future. Successful candidates are also to bring colleagues from their home country into the networks they establish.

Amount: $2000 for each grant to help cover travel expenses (maximum of 2 grants per year).

Qualifications:The applicant must be a SWST voting member in good standing. Preference will be given to applicants with limited international experience.

Requirements:Each successful member is to visit foreign laboratories, industrial firms, and academic institutions as outlined in their proposal. At the conclusion of the trip, a report is to be filed with SWST noting the visits, addresess of all contacted, and information obtained. The contacts are to be publicized for the use of other SWST members.


  • Proposals are to be submitted to the SWST Executive Director, SWST, P.O. Box 6155, Monona, WI 53716.
  • Proposals are to include an itinerary which lists in detail places and people to visit and how these visits will enhance the proposer’s professional career and SWST.
  • Specific mention has to be made on what is expected to be learned at each visit and how this information will be shared with the SWST membership.
  • Further, plans must be submitted on how to foster the new network of scientific and technical exchange.
  • The applicant’s resume must be part of the proposal as well as a proposed budget

Time Requirements: The visits are to take place within 18 months of the time the awards are given.