George Marra Award



  1. Award recognizes excellence in writing and research.
  2. Papers considered are those published in the four quarterly issues of one volume of Wood and Fiber Science.
  3. The first place award consists of the following:
    1. $1000 to the author(s)
    2. A plaque to the sponsoring firm or institution
    3. Plaque(s) to the author(s)

    The second place award, if warranted, will consist of plaque(s) to the author(s) and a plaque to the sponsoring firm or institution. Up to two other papers may be selected for honorable mention, for which the plaques will be awarded.

  4. Presentation of the awards will take place at the annual meeting.
  5. The selection committee will be appointed by the President.
  6. The selection committee will consist of at least three members, one of which will be designated the chair by the President. One member will be selected from each of the areas of the private sector, industry, government, and academia. A committee member with a paper being considered for an award, must abstain from voting on their paper.
  7. Committee responsibilities are as follows:
    1. Individually “score” all papers in the volume using George Marra’s judging criteria
      • Clarity and completeness of the introductory section (30 points)
        General procedures
      • Conclusion, recognition and literature (20 points)
        Conclusion that speaks to objective
        Recognition of important assistance received
        Command of the literature
      • Clarity of exposition; i.e., understandable to those in other specialties (20 points)
      • Research quality (30 points)
        Complexity of the problem
        Impact on present knowledge of the subject
    2. Committee chair will rank papers based on average score obtained from combining each member’s scores.
    3. Each member re-review and rank the four papers with the highest combined scores.
    4. Combine reviews and select the first and second (if warranted) place papers and those for honorable mention (if any).
  8. The chair will report the selection of the winning paper(s) to the President by 90 days prior
    to the SWST Annual Meeting.