Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession of Wood Science and Technology



This award is made by the SWST in recognition of distinguished service to the profession as a whole. Such service may have been made in any educational, technological, scientific or professional area directly related to the profession of Wood Science and Technology in furtherance of the objectives of the Society as outlined in its Constitution and Bylaws.

The recipient of this award will receive an appropriate plaque to commemorate this event; life membership in the Society; and a citation in Wood and Fiber. When appropriate, he will be asked to deliver a paper on some aspect of his work or interests at a time and place to be agreed upon between the Executive Board of the Society and the recipient.

A nominee for this award is not required to be a member of SWST, but must be endorsed by at least ten (10) members who are in good standing. The letter of nomination must be made to the Executive Board of the Society through the Past Presidents’ Council. It must be accompanied by a complete background of the nominee’s accomplishments, contributions, and services to the profession of WS&T as outlined above. These should be broad-based and substantial in nature as to render a nominee, if finally selected to receive this honor, to be a person of recognizable stature in the minds of the membership of the Society. The nomination packet should also include the letters of endorsements from the 10 members. This can be submitted in hard or electronic copy. In general, recipients of this honor will be people who have reached high levels of attainment. However, age limits or requirements of service to the Society itself are not to be considered limitations of this award.

A committee composed of the five previous past presidents, with the chair being the immediate past president, will function annually to examine the credentials of nominees worthy of this award and to make appropriate recommendations to the Executive Board based on their judgment. This committee will also function as a search committee, nominating candidates according to the above guidelines. The committee will submit its recommendations, including the documentation, to the Chairman of the Past Presidents’ Council, who will then send all background documentation of the committee’s choice to the Councils’ membership, either by mail or email for their approval. The Chairman will then transmit the recommendation of the Council to the Executive Board by March 1. The Executive Board is solely responsible for the final selection of the recipient of the Award and is not bound by the recommendation of the Council. However, the Council, being composed of past presidents of the Society, will have much historical background to offer and its recommendations should be carefully weighed by the Board.

Submit nominations to Eric Hansen, Past President, at with the subject line containing: SWST DSA Nomination by October 15, 2017.