I attended the Renewable Natural Resource Foundation Washington Round Table on Public Policy to meet with Dr. David Goldston, director, Washington Office, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), on July 19, 2017 at his office.  Dr. Goldston spoke about how universities can most effectively engage with policymakers about scientific information relevant to complex public policy challenges. He also spoke about strategies for advancing funding and the application of science in the current, difficult political environment.


Federal policy changes and decreased areas of emphasis could affect our SWST organizations.  First, the Office of Science and Technology Policy has hardly any employees and science may not have a major voice in the present administration.  Also, our immigration policy may affect the number of students in our graduate programs.  Foreign students will be looking to attend graduate school in Canada or Europe instead of the US.  A major concern is that the use of science will be diminished in the political arena.


More information can be found on the RNRF website: http://www.rnrf.org/news.html

Howard N. Rosen

SWST RNRF Representative