The 5th World Wood Day (WWD) was celebrated on March 21st and continued until March 26th in Long Beach California, USA to raise public awareness and understand the importance of wood in our society. The previous four celebrations were in Tanzania, China, Turkey, and Nepal. About 600 people from 85 countries attended this event at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center. I am standing next to one of the various large tree root sections which were scattered around the different activities in the Center to provide the proper ambiance for the various activities.

The overall theme of WWD 2017 was “Roots” to represent the use of wood in people’s lives, culture, and history. In keeping with the theme, WWD 2017 emphasized the wood culture of Native American people, who were the “roots” of civilization in the United States. The opening ceremony included Native American folk dancing with traditional musical instruments. Shown here are a father and son dressed in traditional festive clothing. Many Native American wood carvers and boat makers provided their expertise to the Celebration.

Besides the tree planting, a 2½-day technical symposium, furniture making, wood carving and turning demonstrations, a children’s program, a folk-art workshop, and a music festival; there were several special projects in architecture and design. One of these projects has many of the 135 wood carvers from 70 countries working in teams up to 4 to produce a relief carving on a large slab of wood. Three carvers are demonstrating one project shown in the picture bellow.

More details and pictures from these meetings and tours can be found at the World Wood Day 2017 websites  and

Howard Rosen

WWD Foundation, Chair