Evaluates and executes technical service and product development projects in area of wood protection for internal and external customers.  Conducts applied research to produce new commercial products and new end uses of experimental and existing products.  Evaluates customer projects and provides solutions.

Accountable for leading the wood protection testing as well as the evaluation of various products to ensure compatibility with existing and new product applications.  Maintains contact with customers’ scientific community in order to resolve inquiries in a cost effective and timely manner. Reports progress of research work and significance of the results to management.


Director, Wood Protection


Science & Technology, Marketing, Sales, and Operations


Florham Park, NJ


  1. Completion of projects on a timely basis
  2. Timely and accurate solution of customer issues
  3. Quantity and quality of new products developed
  4. Quantity and quality of technical service projects that are completed that lead to product approvals


Research Lab, Drier Lab, Science & Technology, and IT



  1. Lead the testing and evaluations of existing and potential product applications in order to satisfy customer requests in a timely manner.  Provide technical guidance to sales personnel so that customer applications can be better understood.
  2. Conduct various competitive product comparisons and evaluations so that the marketing function can promote existing and/or new product applications in order to secure a competitive advantage.
  3. Maintain communication as technical liaison with customers and potential customers so that product applications can be fully realized.
  4. Based on applied research, establish or modify existing or new testing standards and methods so that customer applications testing can be conducted in a more profitable manner.
  5. Lead and oversee the publication of accurate testing and evaluation of customer applications.
  6. Keep abreast of scientific developments in order to provide the company with the best knowledge and information necessary to maintain the company’s competitive position.
  7. Develop data for use in the preparation of marketing literature for the introduction and promotion of new or revised products.
  8. Prepare summary tables with experimental results of experiments as well as monthly and other periodic reports on the results of all lab work being conducted
  9. Develop formulas, processes, techniques, and methods for solutions to technical problems affecting marketability of various products.
  10. Evaluate and select laboratory equipment in a cost effective manner that continues to satisfy customer requirements.
  11. Maintain laboratory equipment and ensures that materials and equipment required are available.  Ensures lab is stocked with adequate inventory of needed materials so no project is delayed due to lack of material or equipment.
  12. Confer with scientific and engineering communities regarding research of solutions to problems and prepares technical and laboratory reports for management review and evaluation.
  13. Collaborate with other Troy scientists to execute multidisciplinary projects leading to new or improved products and processes.
  14. Keep abreast of scientific and competitive information in order maintain state-of-the–art knowledge.
  15. Perform other duties and special projects upon request.



Master’s of Science in Forest Products/Wood Science or equivalent or Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Products/ Wood Science, along with minimum two years’ experience within the Wood Preservation or allied industry.  Knowledge of laboratory and production equipment and laboratory skills required.


Duties one through twelve


Works under general management direction.  Takes independent action and receives limited guidance on technical or professional aspects of job duties.