New Book by Dr. Jim Bowyer Ready for Pre-Sale Orders The Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise is Ready for Pre-Sale Orders. In a new book The Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise, author Jim Bowyer delves into the ethically bankrupt position that underlies much of environmental policy of the U.S. and other wealthy countries. He notes that aggressive resistance to local extraction of raw materials in the face of high per capita consumption, and heavy reliance on imported raw materials adds up to what has been aptly described as environmental imperialism. Bowyer observes that “…contrary to common practice today, high consuming nations need to be asking, ‘Why not in my back yard?’”

“This is an important work from a life-long committed environmentalist, and Dr. Bowyer turns the lens around to our own often hypocritical or counter-productive behaviors towards sustainability,” says Jennifer O’Connor, President, Athena Sustainable Materials Institute in Ottawa, Canada.  “His compelling and clear message about the role of our consumption in the degradation of the planet ought to inspire every one of us to think about the problem a little differently.” In one part of the book, Bowyer assesses actions of a number of U.S. Presidents often considered the best environmental.  He observes that they often mandated actions to protect the domestic environment with little or no consideration of high levels of domestic consumption, or the massive importation of raw materials that support that consumption. There is similarly seldom evidence of thinking about how domestic materials demand might be reduced, or how environments of other nations might be impacted as a result of increasing raw material importation.  Bowyer notes that this kind of provincial positioning is not limited to the U.S., but characterizes pervasive thinking and actions that take place at all levels of government in economically developed countries all over the world.

The volume delves into such controversial matters as population dynamics and what that might mean for consumption-oriented economic systems, environmental implications of immigration, shortcomings of environmental education, considerations of global equity, and strategies for addressing consumption. Several chapters are dedicated to what might be done to change course. An important work of our time, The Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise will be available soon. The Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise by Jim L. Bowyer is scheduled for release on September 1.  Presale orders are being taken by Itasca Books HERE.