Date: April 2016

Re: Analyst and Consultant

About Forisk Consulting

Founded in 2004, Forisk conducts applied research to better understand the business of forestry and changes over time in timber markets. This research supports the Forisk Research Quarterly (FRQ) subscription service, consulting projects conducted for FRQ subscribers, and education provided to senior management and investors in the forest industry, wood bioenergy and timberland investing sectors. Forisk specializes in analyzing the forest supplies, wood demand, and operational profiles of local wood markets and, from this analysis, developing forecasts and strategic guidance related to capital investment decisions, forest operations and timberland investments. Current clients own and manage nearly 100 million acres of timberlands and consume over 150 million tons of wood per year in North America.

Job Description

Forisk works as a team of collaborative researchers that cover areas of overlapping expertise to meet the needs of the FRQ and client projects. The Analyst reports directly to the VP of Client Services and supports the Forisk team, including the Director of Forest Operations Research. This is a full-time position based in Athens, Georgia. The primary responsibilities are:

Support data systems for the FRQ and client requests, including forest supply analysis using U.S. Forest Service data, mill updates for Forisk’s shapefiles database, and reports from Forisk’s proprietary Wood Bioenergy US database;

Support price forecasts and market analysis for consulting studies;

Support timberland ownership and forest management research;

Generate charts, tables, and maps to support consulting studies and FRQ subscribers; and

Contribute to and co-author on-going, in-house Forisk research related to timber markets, timberland investments and forest technology.

While the above responsibilities represent the basic tasks of the Analyst role, the position includes internal and external training, education and opportunities for independent projects.

Ideal Qualifications, Skills and Abilities

The successful candidate will have, at a minimum:

BS degree in forestry, natural resources, or economics/finance;

Direct experience with or exposure to forestry, natural resource or agriculture operations, research or markets is preferred;

At least 1 year of direct experience with economic analysis, forecasting, or research, and the technical and software skills required to conduct this analysis independently;

Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and GIS software; and a

Proven track record of success, based on prior work experience, achievements, references and/or research.

Personal Background and Behaviors

Forisk relies on the ability to clearly communicate internally and with clients. The successful candidate must have excellent oral and written skills. Forisk also relies on flexibility and the ability to successfully manage multiple tasks and objectives against established deadlines. This goes hand-in-hand with strong communication skills, as deadlines and plans may change, and the team would need clear direction and sufficient information to adapt to and manage changes successfully as they occur. Finally, the person in this role must:

Maintain an unwavering commitment to honest communication, integrity and ethical behavior;

Support the professional development of Forisk colleagues and clients;

Help celebrate the professional and personal successes of Forisk team members;

Exhibit both a strong work ethic and sense of humor.

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