I attended the Renewable Natural Resource Foundation Washington Round Table on Public Policy to meet with Congressional Research Service (CRS) staff members who specialize in natural resources policy. CRS representatives discussed the nature and scope of the service’s work. CRS provides confidential, authoritative, objective and nonpartisan policy, scientific, and legal analyses to members of Congress and congressional committees. CRS approaches complex policy topics from interdisciplinary perspectives, analyzing current policies and the impacts of proposed policy alternatives. Research and analysis is made available to Congress via reports on major policy issues; tailored confidential memoranda, briefings, and consultations; seminars and workshops; expert congressional testimony; and responses to individual inquiries.

In the past, CRS has done studies and analyses on forest products and wood science related issues which have helped Congress to better understand our issues.

Standing (L-R)Pervaze Sheikh (Congressional Research Service), Roxanne Blackwell (American Society of Landscape Architects), Dick Engberg (RNRF Chairman, American Water Resources Association), Betsy Cody (Congressional Research Service), Jennee Kuang (RNRF),Melissa Goodwin (RNRF), Nicole Carter (Congressional Research Service), Amy Abel  (Congressional Research Service), Erik Hankin(American Geophysical Union), Whitford Remer (American Society of Civil Engineers), Nancy Somerville (American Society of Landscape Architects). Sitting (L-R)Sarah Gerould (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry), Karen Paczkowski (Geological Society of America), Samuel Kim (Congressional Research Service), Tom Chase (American Society of Civil Engineers), Howard Rosen (Society of Wood Science and Technology), Peter Folger (Congressional Research Service). Robert Day (RNRF) present but not pictured.

More information can be found at the RNRF website – http://www.rnrf.org/news.html

Howard N. Rosen

Chairman of the RNRF Board

SWST RNRF Representative