Dear Friends of TFF,

After 25 years since its founding, the Tropical Forest Foundation’s headquarters will cease operations March 31, 2015.  The projects and outreach centers established by TFF in Brazil, Guyana and Indonesia will continue to operate independently.

An Ad-Hoc Committee chaired by founding chairman Thomas Lovejoy with the participation of other leaders involved in TFF from the early days was authorized to finalize the closing activities and ascertain that proper recognition is given to the wonderful accomplishments of the Tropical Forest Foundation.

We encourage you to read, and share with others, the attached statement of accomplishment, authored by Dr. James Bowyer (past chairman) with input from the Ad-Hoc Committee.  All of us can be very proud of TFF’s marvelous success and global impact on tropical forests worldwide.

TFF was founded through a concept reached by a Tropical Forestry Workshop held at the Smithsonian Institution in 1989.  This workshop led to a consensus that proper forest management is the key to protecting the future of these forests.  A copy of that consensus statement is attached.  It was adopted at the first TFF Board of Directors meeting in 1991 and the principles continue to hold true.

With thanks and good wishes to all who have supported TFF.

Keister Evans

Executive Director (1991-2010)

For more information:

Tropical Forest Foundation Headquarters to Close (PDF)

Tropical Forestry Workshop Consensus Statement 1989 (PDF)