Lynn Scarlett, The Nature Conservancy’s managing director for public policy and who oversees all of the organization’s conservation policy and government relations internationally, nationally and at state and local levels; hosted one of RNRF’s Washington Round Tables on Public Policy. Lynn mainly focused on ecosystem services and associated federal policy initiatives. Ecosystem services are getting a lot of attention in the environmental community of which SWST is a part. These services are the benefits that people receive from the ecosystem and include provisioning services such as food and water; regulating services such as flood and disease control; cultural services such as spiritual, recreational, and cultural benefits; and supporting services such as nutrient cycling that maintain the conditions for life on the earth. Forests and the use of forest products are an important component of ecosystem services. We discussed the many aspects of ecosystems services and the lack of understanding by the general public of these issues.

Forests provide a full suite of goods and services that are vital to human health and livelihood. SWST’’s focus is on products from the forest, which can include carbon sequestration in wood products to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, biomass use for energy to reduce fossil fuel use, and the use of renewable wood products in place of other non-renewable materials. More information can be found on this Round Table at the RNRF Website;

Howard N. Rosen
SWST RNRF Representative

Pictured above, standing (L-R): Whitford Remer (American Society of Civil Engineers), Howard Rosen (SWST, U.S. Forest Service), Richard Engberg (American Water Resources Association), Alison Mize (Ecological Society of America), Roxanne Blackwell (American Society of Landscape Architects), Nancy Somerville (American Society of Landscape Architects), Tom Chase (American Society of Civil Engineers), Karen Paczjowski (Geological Society of America), Julie McClure (American Society of Agronomy), Robert Day (RNRF), Melissa Goodwin (RNRF); seated (L-R): Jennee Kuang (RNRF), Lynn Scarlett (The Nature Conservancy), Sarah Gerould (U.S. Geological Survey).