An immediate graduate research assistantship is available at the School of Forest Resources, University of Maine in the area of Renewable Nanomaterials to support a highly qualified M.Sc. or PhD student to start in September 2014. Particular emphasis will be placed on production, characterization and performance evaluation of nanocellulose and its composites. The exact topic of the research is open to discussion but will be within one of areas outlined below:

  • Novel techniques to produce cellulose nanomaterials from forest resources
  • Production of new composite materials incorporating nanocellulose for various applications
  • Modelling physical and mechanical properties of renewable nanomaterials and their composites
  • Nanomechanical characterization of renewable nanomaterials
  • Developing methods for the efficient application of nanocellulose in paper and packaging industry
  • Durability assessment of nanocomposites made from renewable resources
  • All-cellulose nanocomposites
  • Specialty nanomaterials for special applications including magnetic and sensor applications
  • Viscoelastic properties of renewable nanomaterials and their composites

For the Master’s student, a B.S. degree in wood science, forest products, pulp and paper, chemistry, chemical/mechanical/materials engineering or other closely related disciplines and for the PhD student, an additional M.Sc. degree is required. The ideal candidate is expected to have hands on experience with a variety of production and characterization techniques including but not limited to composite materials processing, mechanical characterization, viscoelastic properties, dynamic mechanical analysis, various microscopy techniques (AFM, SEM, TEM), surface modification and related techniques. In addition, the ideal applicant is a team worker, has a high level of intellectual curiosity and can work independently. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are expected. GRE scores are required, international students must also have acceptable TOEFL scores or equivalent.

An annual salary of up to $19,123 paid in 12 monthly installments plus half the Annual Health Insurance fee and full tuition waiver (for up to 9 credits in the fall, 9 credits in the spring and up to 6 in the summer) will be provided for an expected 20 hours per week appointment. Operating funds for conducting research and travel will also be available.

How to apply:
Send a Statement of Purpose with your C.V., degree transcripts, recommendation letters and GRE and TOEFL scores to:
Mehdi Tajvidi, Assistant Professor of Renewable Nanomaterials,