I moderated the RNRF Spring Meeting at the American Geophysical Union in Washington, DC to shape the program for our 2014 National Congress: Food Production and Climate Change. Mark Rosegrant, Division Director for Environment and Production Technology at the International Food Policy Research Institute discussed climate change and global food security; Charles Walthall, National Program Leader for Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems at USDA’s ARS discussed methods to enhance the sustainability and adaptive capacity of agriculture; and Carol Jones, Senior Economist for USDA’s ERS discussed domestic public policy to prepare the U.S. agricultural system to adapt to climate change. Although food production does not directly affect forest products, the indirect impact on climate change can be the ability of wood products to sequester carbon. Also, when agricultural lands are less productive, more forested land is converted to farm land impacting our source for forest products. More details on these meetings can be found at the RNRF website www.rnrf.org.

Howard N. Rosen
SWST RNRF Representative