Susan Piedmont-Palladino, curator at the National Building Museum (NBM) and Professor of Architecture at the Virginia Tech Washington/Alexandria Architecture Consortium met with RNRFs Washington Round Table on Public. She was joined by Chase Rynd, Executive Director of the National Building Museum. Palladino discussed efforts by the museum to educate and engage the public about sustainability and other environmental issues through “green communities” and “intelligent cities.”

Palladino spoke about the Green series of exhibits sponsored by the museum since 2003 including Big and Green (2003), Green Communities (2008), and Green Schools (present) and emphasized the importance of the museum as a translator of expert knowledge to the public. These exhibits promote the association of concepts like ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ with healthy living and the need to uphold them as standard practice in future development. The NBM will open a new exhibit in Spring 2014, Designing for Disaster, which will frame disaster mitigation as an evolving science, highlighting the tools and strategies being investigated and adopted to build safer, more disaster resilient communities.

SWST has historical provided research findings and input into education in environmentally sound housing construction and has cooperated with organizations such as the NBM and US Green Building Council. More information can be found on this Round Table at the RNRF Website;

Howard N. Rosen
SWST RNRF Representative