June 9, 2013
AT&T Conference Center
Amphitheater 204

1. Minutes of 2012 Annual Meeting – Published in November-December 2012 Newsletter

A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes of the 2012 Annual Meeting.

2. President’s Remarks – Alain Cloutier

• 2013 SWST Annual Convention – This current convention is organized by Sheldon Shi
• Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee headed by Michael Wolcott met for a few months by conference call and have narrowed the committees from 9 to 4 and streamlined the charges.
• The new SWST Committee Structure is listed in the Executive Director’s Report
• Reviewed and discussed the SWST Strategic Plan – more work is to come
• Develop specific recommendations for charges to committees.
• New format for the Newsletter with a Blog has been developed by the Newsletter Editor, David Jones.
• Wood and Fiber Science continues to be our most visible product and is being edited by Mike Barnes
• 2014 Annual Convention: Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia, June 23-27. Sustainable Resources and Technology for Forest Products. Michael Wolcott and Vicki Herian are contact on this.

3. Executive Director’s Report – Vicki Herian

Current Paid Members as of 6/1/13 Paid Members as of 8/1/12
Full members 263 Full Members 307
Student members 51 Student members 77
Retired members 33 Retired members 36
Emerging Full 31 Emerging Full 29
Emerging Student 7 Emerging Student 10
TOTAL 385 459

USA members 226
Canada members 44
Mexico members 1
Overseas members 114

Current Paid Subscribers as of 6/1/13 Paid Subscribers as of 8/1/12
Subscribers 152 Subscribers 156
USA 65 Canada 10
Mexico 1
Overseas 76

Delinquent Members
Delinquent members as of 6/1/13 for 2013 dues: 119 total – 68 full, 34 student, 6 retired, 6 emerging full, 5 emerging student. (US-61, Canada-13, Foreign-45)
Compared to delinquent members as of 8/1/12 for 2012 dues: 71 total – 40 full, 16 student, 4 retired, 7 emerging full, 4 emerging student. (US-37, Canada-3, Foreign-31)
Delinquent subscribers for 2013 as of 6/1/13: 26 total – 9 USA, 0 Canada, 17 Foreign)
Compared to delinquent subscribers for 2012 as of 8/1/12: 45 total (13 USA, 2 Canada, 30 Foreign)

Vanguard Accounts and CD’s
The Financial Review committee again looked at the accounts early in 2013 and decided to “Stay the course”. The current total investments as of 6/1/13 is $255,513.96. The savings and annuity balance is $

Student Poster Competition Fund History and Status
Contributors are: APA – The Engineered Wood Association, Asian Woods Company, Balazs Zombori, California Cedar Products, Entwood LLC, FPInnovations – Forintek, Iowa State University, Louisiana State University, Mississippi State University, North Carolina State University, Oregon State University, Pennsylvania State University, State University of New York (SUNY) ESF, Virginia Tech, University of British Columbia, University of Idaho, Washington State University, and Willamette Industries.

2013 International Convention
The 2013 Convention is in Austin, Texas in cooperation with FPS, June 9-11 at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center, 1900 University Avenue, Austin, Texas. Sheldon Shi is in charge of the program. Room rates are $165 which includes complimentary wireless internet. Our SWST program is on June 9 and follows:

SWST Session June 9, 2013
Technology Advancement and
Marketing Practices in Biomass

7:00 am::Continental Breakfast

8:00–11:30 am::New Technology and
Marketing Practices in Biofuels
(Amphitheater 204)

8:00 am: Opening Remarks – Sheldon
Shi (University of North Texas, Denton,

8:05–8:50 am::Keynote: Dr. Paul Smith
(Pennsylvania State University, University
Park, PA USA): “Biorefi nery Value
Chain Outputs”

8:50–9:15 am::Dr. Jeff Wright
(Arborgen Inc., Ridgeville, SC USA),
“Advances in Hardwood Forest
Plantation Systems: Implications
for Bio-energy Feedstock”

9:15–9:40 am: Stevens Brumbley
(University of North Texas,
Denton, TX USA): “Production of
Polyhydroxyalkanoates in Plastids
and Peroxisomers of High Biomass
C4 Grasses”

9:40–10:00 am::Coffee Break

10:00–10:25 am::M. Hakki Alma
(Kahramanmaras¸_Sütçülmam University,
Kahramanmaras¸, Turkey): “Liquefaction
Processes of Biomass for the
Production of Valuable Chemicals
and Biofuels: A Review”

10:25–10:50 am::Les Groom (USDA
Forest Service, Pineville, LA USA):
“Thermal Properties of Loblolly Pine
from Naturally Regenerated Stands”

10:50–11:15 am::Katja Lähtinen
(University of Helsinki, Helsinki,
Finland): “Cultural Sustainability
as an Independent Dimension of
Sustainability Reporting – Case
Forest-Based Bioenergy in Finland”

11:15–11:30 am::Questions

11:30–12:00 pm::Business Meeting

12:00 am:–1:00 pm: FPS and SWST
Joint Annual Excellence Awards
Luncheon (Salon C)

1:00–5:00 pm: New Technology and
Marketing Practices in Natural
Fiber-based Products
(Amphitheater 204)

1:00 Pm: Opening Remarks –
Sheldon Shi (University of North Texas,
Denton, TX USA)

1:05–1:50 pm: Keynote: Dr. Rupert
Wimmer (University of Natural Resources
and Life Sciences, Tulln, Austria):
“Natural-fibre Materials: From Ideas,
to Products, to Markets”

1:50–2:20 pm::Prof. Marius Barbu
(University of Applied Sciences,
Salzburg, Austria): “Pallet Blocks
Made from Softwood Bark”

2:20–2:50 pm::Yan Yu (International
Centre for Bamboo and Rattan, Beijing,
China): “A Novel Method for Directly
Measuring the Interfacial Shear
Strength between Plant Fibers and
Thermoplastic Polymer”

2:50–3:10 pm::Coffee break

3:10–3:40 pm: Eini Lowell (USDA
Forest Service, PNW Research Station,
Portland, OR USA): “Advantages of
Hot-Water Extraction Pre-Treatment
in the Manufacture of Wood

3:40–4:10 pm: Brian Vezeau (Université
Laval, Québec, Canada): “Short-term
and Time-dependent Behaviour of
Wood-Plastic Composite Sandwich

4:10–4:40 pm: Joseph Jakes (USDA,
Forest Products Laboratory, Madison,
WI USA): “New Synchrotron-
Based Technique to Map Adhesive
Infi ltration in Wood Cell Walls”

4:40–5:00 pm::Questions

5:00–7:00 pm: FPS and SWST Joint
Poster Session and Student Poster
Competition (Salons A, B, D, E)

7:00 pm: FPS and SWST
Joint Welcome Reception
(Interior Courtyard)

FPS will continue sessions on
Monday and Tuesday, June 10 and 11.

SWST is taking no income from this meeting, but we also have no expenses. I have been working closely with the FPS office to help as much as possible.

2014 International Convention

The convention will be June 23-27, 2014 at the Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia. Contacts there are: Rastislav Lagana, Marian Babiak, and Prof. Kudela. Mike Wolcott will be the SWST General Chair of that meeting as he will be President then. The General Theme is: Sustainable Resources and Technology for Forest Products. Sessions will deal focus on topics such as Hardwood Research and Utilization; Furniture Products and Design; Forest Products Policies and Global Trade; Wood Construction; Wood Structures; Sustainable Forest Management; Value Chain Management; Manufacturing Technology; Lignocellulosic Material Science; and more. Final plans will be completed this summer when I return to Slovakia. We will have the 4 days of techncial sessions at the University facilities, have the banquet at a local restaurant, and have a day of touring a plant and cultural areas. The convention is co hosted by Technical University in Zvolen, SWST, and University of West Hungary’s Hardwood Symposium

2017 IUFRO Conference

SWST will need to submit a formal proposal (in conjunction with the Brazilian contacts we set up) to work with IUFRO to host their 2016 or 2017 Conference in Rio, Brazil. FPS will also be given the opportunity to cosponsor. SWST has been granted $25,000.00 from USDA FS, PNW Station to use for seed money for this meeting. IUFRO generally gives $10,000.00 in base money which they expect back from profits.

I have been in contact with Jorge Luiz Colodette who is a professor at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa in Brazil. He was at the IUFRO meeting in Portugal and is our first IUFRO contact to begin setting up the meeting onsite. I have also contacted Amantino Ramos de Freitas, who is Vice President, CPTI – Technology and Development, in Brazil and he and Bob Youngs organized the 1988 IUFRO meeting in Rio, Brazil. They have both agreed to help out but both are retired and will get us current people.

New Committee Structure

The Executive Board has completed a review of the SWST committees and has streamlined the original 8 or so into 4 new committees. This was done to avoid past duplication. These committees and their charges are:

1. Education and Accreditation

Past Chair: Bob Rice robert_rice@umit.maine.edu 207-581-2883
Chair: Robert Seavey bseavey@umn.edu 612-624-3028
Vice Chair: Doug Gardner douglasg@maine.edu 207-581-2846
Member: Fred Kamke fred.kamke@oregonstate.edu 541-737-8422
Member: Rupert Wimmer rupert.wimmer@boku.ac.at +43-147654-429
Member: Fang Chen fang.civil@gmail.com 509-339-3531
Member: Gloria Orporto gloria.oporto@mail.wvu.edu 304-293-7648
Board Liaison: Cecilia Bustos cbustos@ubiobio.cl +56-41-273-1687

University Reps:
Cecilia Bustos Avila Universidad del Bio Bio cbustos@ubiobio.cl
Douglas Gardner University of Maine douglasg@maine.edu
Barry S. Goodell Virginia Tech goodell@vt.edu
Pierre Blanchet FPInnovations – ForintekDiv pierre.blanchet@fpinnovations.ca
Aldo A. Ballerini Universidad del Bio-Bio aballeri@ubiobio.cl
Gregory D. Smith University of British Columbia greg.smith@ubc.ca
TatjanaStevanovic Universite Laval Tatjana.Stevanovic@sbf.ulaval.ca
Gloria Oporto West Virginia University gloria.oporto@mail.wvu.edu
Eric Hansen Oregon State University eric.hansen2@oregonstate.edu
Simon Ellis University of British Columbia simon.ellis@ubc.ca
Todd Shupe Louisiana State University tshupe@lsu.edu
Siqun Wang Tennessee Forest Products Center swang@utk.edu
H. Michael Barnes Mississippi State Univ mbarnes@cfr.msstate.edu
Mark D. Gibson Louisiana Tech Univ mgibson@LaTech.edu
Paul M. Smith Pennsylvania State University pms6@psu.edu
Jingxin Wang West Virginia University jxwang@wvu.edu
HeikoThoemen Bern University of Applied Sci heiko.thoemen@bfh.ch
Douglas D. Stokke Iowa State University dstokke@iastate.edu
Audrey Zink-Sharp Virginia Tech agzink@vt.edu
Robert Govett Univ of Wisconsin Stevens Point bob.govett@uwsp.edu
Susan E. Anagnost SUNY ESF seanagno@esf.edu
Jim Zaczek Southern Illinois University zaczek@siu.edu
Mathew A. Leitch Lakehead University mathew.leitch@lakeheadu.ca
TatjanaStevanovic Universite Laval Tatjana.Stevanovic@sbf.ulaval.ca
ParidahMd.Tahir Universiti Putra Malaysia parida_introb@yahoo.com
P. David Jones Mississippi State University pdjones@cfr.msstate.edu
MohiniSain University of Toronto m.sain@utoronto.ca
Jeffrey J. Morrell Oregon State Univ Jeff.Morrell@oregonstate.edu
Robert T. Seavey Univ of Minnesota bseavey@umn.edu
Y.H. Chui University of New Brunswick yhc@unb.ca
Pascal D. Kamdem Michigan State University kamdem@msu.edu

Special Charges for 2013

1. Conduct the annual Student Poster Competition at the International Convention
2. Develop a list for Student Poster Contributions donations to include university contacts, companies, organizations, and government
3. Verify, correct, and amend the University Representative List above.
4. Compile and analyze the accreditation visit results from OSU and U Maine. Submit accreditation recommendations to the SWST Board by June 1.
5. Process emerging country travel grants for 2013 International Convention if needed.

2. Membership

Past Chair: Ben Dawson-Andoh bdawsona@wvu.edu 304-293-3825 x2487
Chair: David Devallance david.devallance@mail.wvu.edu 304-293-0029
Vice Chair: Scott Leavengood scott.leavengood@oregonstate.edu 541-737-4212
Member: Salim Hiziroglu Salim.hiziroglu@okstate.edu 405-744-5445
Member: Milan Sernek Milan.serneki@bf.uni-lj.si +38613203623
Member: Laura Reyes (Bio-Bio) laurarn@ubiobio.cl +56-41-273-1671
Board Liaison: SudiptaDasmohapatra sdasmoh@unity.ncsu.edu 919-515-5728

Special Charges for 2013

1 Identify current benefits for membership (for student, full, and international members)
2 Identify new benefits to attract and retain membership (for student, full, and international members)
3 Differentiate the benefits above that would act to attract and/or retain members

3. Policy and Critical Issues

Past Chair: Adam Taylor adamtaylor@utk.edu 865-946-1125
Chair: Jerry Winandy jwinandy@umn.edu 763-434-9365
Vice Chair: Ed Pepke ed.pepke@efi.int
Member: David Carradine david.carradine@canterbury.ac.nz +64-3-364-2377
Member: Greg Smith greg.smith@ubc.ca 604-822-0081
Member: Brian Via bkv0003@auburn.edu 334-844-1088
Board Liaison: Eric Hansen eric.hansen2@oregonstate.edu 541-737-4240

Special Charges for 2013

1 Determine and articulate factors that determine a journal’s impact factor
2 Develop a report positioning W&FS Impact Factor vs peer journals (i.e. Wood Science and Tech, Holzforschung, FPJ, etc)
3 Develop a report positioning W&FS Impact Factor vs non-peer journals in specific areas (i.e. Composites JAPS, ASCE, etc)

4. Strategic Planning

Past Chair: Jerry Winandy jwinandy@umn.edu 763-434-9365
Chair: Ramsay Smith wrs.148@gmail.com 404-405-4965
Vice Chair: Ted Wegner twegner@fs.fed.us (608) 231-9434
Member: William Tze wtze@umn.edu 612-624-2383
Member: Magnus Walinder Magnus.Walinder@sp.se +46-70-652-1840
Member: Tatiana Stevanovic Tatjana.Stevanovic@sbf.ulaval.ca 418-656-2131, x7337
Member: Aldo Ballerini aballeri@ubiobio.cl +56 (41) 2731306
Board Liaison: Terry Conners tconners@uky.edu 859-619-9018

Special Charge for 2013

1. Review the Strategic Plan, 2012 Marketing Report, and W. Ramsay Smith Opinion Paper and develop a focused list of priorities. Assure that each action item is measurable (ABC’s – achievable, believable, conceivable).

5. Reporting to Executive Board

Past Presidents’ Council
Chair: Todd Shupe tshupe@lsu.edu 225-578-6432

DSA Subcommittee:

Jim Armstrong (2013) jim.armstrong@mail.wvu.edu 512-587-9697
Jerrold Winandy (2014) jwinandy@umn.edu 763-434-9365
Jim Funck (2015) funckj@comcast.net 541-760-8642
Sue Anagnost (2016) seanagno@esf.edu 315-470-6837
All Past Presidents Council

Marra Award Vol. 44

Chair: Salim Hiziroglu salim.hiziroglu@okstate.edu 405-744-5445
Kevin Cheung (WWPA) kcheung@wwpa.org 503-306-3471
Siqun Wang (U. Tennessee) swang@utk.edu 865-974-7994
Qinglin WU (LSU) wuqing@lsu.edu 504-388-8369
David Nicholls (USDA, PNW) dlnicholls@fs.fed.us 907-747-4312
Board Liaison: Mike Barnes mbarnes@cfr.msstate.edu 662-325-3056

Marra Award Vol. 45

Chair: Kevin Cheung (WWPA) kcheung@wwpa.org 503-306-3471
Eric McConnell (Ohio State Univ.) mcconnell.213@osu.edu 614-292-9838
Martin Claude NguehoYemele (Dept. of Nat. Resources, Quebec) martin- claude.yemele@mrnf.gouv.qc 418-627-8644, x4058
Brian Via (Auburn Univ) bkv0003@auburn.edu 334-844-1088
Board Liaison: Mike Barnes mbarnes@cfr.msstate.edu 662-325-3056

Marra Award Vol. 46
Chair:: Martin Claude NguehoYemele (Dept. of Nat. Resources, Quebec) martin-claude.yemele@mrnf.gouv.qc 418-627-8644, x4058
University person Armando McDonald armandm@uidaho.edu (208) 885-9454
Industry person Chungping Dai dai@fpinnovations.ca 604-222-5736
One addl person Charles Frazier cfrazier@vt.edu 540-231-8318
Board Liaison: Mike Barnes mbarnes@cfr.msstate.edu 662-325-3056

Financial Portfolio
Chair: Douglas Gardner douglasg@maine.edu 207-581-2846
Vice Chair: Paul Smith pms6@psu.edu 814-865-8841
Members: Jim Funck funckj@comcast.net 541-760-8642
Ex Officio: Vicki Herian vicki@swst.org 608-577-1342
Board Liaison: Sudipta Dasmohapatra sdasmoh@unity.ncsu.edu 919-515-5728

SWST Brochure has been translated into Portuguese was handed out at the IUFRO Meeting in Portugal in July 2012. It is also available in Russian, Spanish, French, and Chinese.

Beth Smith has finished a QR Code page for the Journal on our website. This allows subscribers to go directly to a mobile page where they can fill out a subscription request and pay online. The QR code is printed in the Journal and is on flyers for Wood and Fiber Science that we can distribute. She has also made a payment page where people can pay anything instead of having to send a check or use wire transfer.

Beth Smith has completed the redesign of the SWST webpages, as well as has made them useable on mobile devices.

4. Budget Presentation

5. Wood and Fiber Science – Mike Barnes

• Low submission rate (about half normal rate).
• High rejection rate (45% v 24% avg for the last 4 years), much due to poor English
• Paper backlog just adequate for the rest of the year.
• Slow agreement to review
• Slow review submission.
• Qualified reviewer pool for some areas is low, making finding reviewers a problem in some areas. Mike made a call for reviewers to sign up.

6. Committee Reports
a. Education and Accreditation – Chair Bob Seavey

During the Spring of 2013, there were two Accreditation Reviews conducted. In March, Oregon State University was reviewed. The accreditation team included: Bob Rice (Chair), Nicole Brown, and Bill Smith. The review committee presented their report to the Education and Accreditation Committee. Their report concluded that Oregon State University has a strong and vibrant undergraduate program. Based on this report, the Education and Accreditation Committee recommends that the SWST board of directors reaccredit the undergraduate program at Oregon State University.

In April 2013, the University of Maine was reviewed by the Society of American Foresters (SAF) and the SWST. The SWST accreditation review team included: Bob Seavey (Chair), Tom Gorman and Jeff Morrell. The review team assessed the Forest Operations, Bioproducts and Bioenergy (FBB) program. The report concluded that the FBB program was well positioned for growth (in student numbers) and excellence in educational outcomes. The FBB program was somewhat unique in that it was applying to be accredited by both SAF and SWST. Based on the review committee report, the Education and Accreditation Committee recommends that the SWST board of directors reaccredit the FBB program at the University of Maine.

In addition to these programs, Universite Laval has begun the process of preparing for SWST accreditation. Also, the Bogor Agricultural University has expressed in interest in pursuing SWST accreditation.

The other activity of the Education and Accreditation Committee has been to set up the judging for SWST student poster competition. The judges for this competition will be Joe Dahln, Gloria Oporto,Lech Muszynski and Bob Seavey.

b. Membership – Chair David DeVallance

Membership Committee Members:
Ben Dawson-Andoh: Past Chair (bdawsona@wvu.edu)
Dave DeVallance: Chair (david.devallance@mail.wvu.edu)
Scott Leavengood: Vice Chair (scott.leavengood@oregonstate.edu)
Luara Reyes Nunez: Member (laurarn@ubiobio.cl)
Salim Hiziroglu: Member (salim.hiziroglu@okstate.edu)
Milan Sernek: Member (milan.sernek@bf.uni-lj.si)
Sudipta Dasmohapatra: Board Liaison (sdasmoh@ncsu.edu)

Recent Committee Work Overview

Since the reorganization/reformulation of the Membership Committee, we have held two separate conference calls to formulate an action plan for activities for the committee to take on over the next year and for discussion at the June 2013 SWST Board Meeting. The agenda and specific notes are attached. Based on the first conference call, the committee decided to evaluate each action step related to the Membership committee outlined in the SWST Strategic Plan and put together a plan and/or recommendation for each identified item.

The following areas were reviewed and actions taken:

1. Evaluate and track membership demographics
– Duties were handed over to the new Vice Chair.
– Also, based on discussion with prior Vice Chair (DeVallance), the new Vice Chair (Leavengood) is going to look into ways to streamline the process.

2. Explore awards for teaching, outreach, service to SWST (Board)
– The membership committee felt that awards for these various aspects warranted further investigation and was unsure exactly what role the membership committee would play.
– Attached is more detail regarding this specific strategic area.

3. Explore means of enhancing the value of membership
– The committee discussed many possible ways to enhance the value of membership. Many of the ideas are covered in different areas within this report, but the committee did feel that Focused Articles, Weekly/biweekly emails with multimedia, Quarterly webinars, and video clips were of in need of further investigation.
– Focused Articles (or even Special issues of Wood and Fiber Science) from members would provide a benefit and allow for research under the same theme to be collected together in one place. For example, the special issues on CORRIM.
– Weekly/biweekly emails with multimedia would benefit members by providing them with up to date information related to the areas they are interested in most. However, the membership committee is unsure of how beneficial this would be and also who would be able to take on such a task that might require a great deal of their time.
– Quarterly webinars and video clips – Attached is a more detailed proposal.

4. Expand membership

• Explore alternative membership categories: The committee has singled out two memberships for consideration
– Lifetime membership (one-time fee)
– Newly graduated student (grace period of reduced rates for graduating students)

• Seek to build international membership:
– The committee thought it would be worthwhile look at partnering with other international organizations (e.g., IUFRO) that are related but do not heavily focus on wood and fiber science to increase membership (for example, members of IUFRO could also get a discount on SWST membership).
– A database of members of other related international organizations might be able to be obtained for targeted emailing to try and boost international membership.
– Salim Hiziroglu (committee member) suggested the following to promote international membership:
? A discounted registration fee for the annual conference for international members for two years.
? Printing brochures of the SWST to be distributed among the universities and research centers in other countries either by mail or anyone who visits these institutions.
? Ask members to give a short informative talk about the SWST whenever you present a seminar at universities of different countries.
? Sponsor an open house at conferences related to wood and bio-based materials held in other countries.
? The Visiting Scientist program should be targeted for more international members.

• Consider ways to more effectively engage students: The committee is going to develop surveys in the Fall 2013 and ask members from various universities to have students take the online survey. The committee will analyze the survey and come up with recommendations.
– Survey of existing student members (Sudipta Dasmohapatra to develop, David DeVallance to analyze and put together recommendations)
– Survey of Society of American Foresters (SAF) student members(David DeVallance to develop, analyze and put together recommendations)

• Adjust membership requirements
– The committee proposes to have a level of membership at an “Affiliate Level” that is less restrictive on requirements. It is suggested that the “Affiliate Member” would not have any voting privileges, but would somehow still benefit from membership. For example, a high school student who was interested in membership could have an affiliate membership. For reference, last year we did have interest from a high school student who wanted to become a member to get information for a class project, but there was no category for him. In response of his needed class information, Vicki Herian gladly assisted the student to get him the resources he needed for his project.

• New benefit to members – lower webinar cost
– The committee was somewhat unclear related to this strategic plan area, but agrees that lower costs for webinars if you are a member is a good idea.

5. Keep our core/traditional members
– The committee is going to develop surveys and ask members what benefits they receive from being in the society and also what other benefits they would like to have through the society.
– The committee is also going to develop a survey of past members who have not returned. The committee will need assistance in getting a list of members (or at a minimum membership lists going back many years) to create a database of individuals to survey.
– The committee will analyze the survey and come up with recommendations.

c. Policy and Critical Issues – Chair Jerry Winandy

The committee membership is:
Chair: Jerry Winandy
Vice Chair: Ed Pepke
Member: David Carradine
Member: Greg Smith
Member: Brian Via
Board Liaison: Eric Hansen

The SWST Policy and Critical Issues Committee currently has three assigned tasks:
1. Determine and articulate factors that determine a journal’s impact factor
2. Develop a report positioning W&FS Impact Factor vs peer journals (i.e. Wood Science and Tech, Holzforschung, FPJ, etc)
3. Develop a report positioning W&FS Impact Factor vs non-peer journals in specific areas (i.e. Composites JAPS, ASCE, etc)

Also, because of a late assignment (24April2013) of a fourth tasks to the P&CI Committeewe were unable to formulate an SWST response to a National Institute for Food and Forest Products regarding a Federal Register Notice soliciting stakeholder input on NIFA’s Integrated Forest Products & Research Program. Comments were due by May 15, 2013; we apologize.

This committee needs more members as some of the original appointed ones cannot serve. They will be working on investigating options for improving W&FS.

d. Strategic Planning – Chair Ramsay Smith

Chair: Ramsay Smith
Vice Chair: Ted Wegner
Past Chair: Jerry Winandy
Member: William Tze
Member: Magnus Walinder
Member: Tatiana Stevanovic
Member: Aldo Ballerini
Board Liaison: Terry Conners
Special Charge for 2013
Review the Strategic Plan, 2012 Marketing Report, and W. Ramsay Smith Opinion Paper and develop a focused list of priorities. Assure that each action item is measurable (ABC’s – achievable, believable, conceivable).

Committee met via telephone conference call June 5, 2013. We discussed the SWST Strategic Plan, actions recommended by the Marketing Committee, and subsequent plan draft developed by Winandy and Shi. Our committee appreciates their efforts. We support most of their recommendations to the executive committee with suggested changes and enhancements as described below. We feel it is important to maintain a list that is of high importance to the society and can be realistically achieved during the year.

The primary suggested changes to the existing top priority plan are to emphasize that SWST is a truly interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary society with expertise in a wide range of sciences. This is a strong basis for working internationally in various scientific areas, attracting other organizations for cooperative activities, and attracting new membership. The future of our profession should be based on this theme and not just on the perceived concept of “wood” (even though we know it is the same thing). We feel therefore, for the Society to prosper and remain healthy it must attract membership internationally incorporating various scientific backgrounds disciplines, and nationalities.

We recommend the SWST Board:
1. Implement this revised plan
2. Determine an accountable process to record progress made
3. Develop a timeline with intermittent goals and completion

Strategic Plan Goal 3. Encourage the communication and use of knowledge in WS&T and promote SWST as an internationally interdisciplinary /multidisciplinary society with ties to many scientific fields of interest. Identify, evaluate and focus on new and existing target “audiences” and the means and methods for providing information to each audience. Use this goal to help build international membership.

A. Maintain an interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary approach. Share expertise on lignocellulosic materials with people working in polymer science, material science, chemical engineering, use of nanofibers, life-cycle analysis, arts, and packaging. Exploit our unique expertise in biopolymers: cellulose, lignins and hemicelluloses, and innovation based on that knowledge as well as extractives composed of many bioactive molecules of interest to veterinary sciences; pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutrition. Reach out with expertise in integrated forest-biorefinery, bio-polymers, bioenergy systems, and complex composite systems.
B. Keep SWST programs on the cutting edge of communication technology, e.g. webinars, redesigning the SWST web page to be a more interactive portal, extending its functionality to a broader international membership, and linking to information on other sites.
C. Commission comprehensive State-of-the-Art Review Articles in W&FS and other important outlets for recognition. Commonalities and differences of woody and lignocellulosic bio-fibers and importance of lignocellulosic materials to other fields should be emphasized.
D. Develop educational materials for K-12 on wood and its components and other lignocellulosic products and share with existing educational programs targeting this audience.
E. Create peer-reviewed technical fact sheets on wood and other lignocellulosic materials for the public, students, professionals, and policy makers.
F. Contact SWST members to identify if they (or their institution) have or know of On-Line Educational Modules already developed. SWST should strive to become a clearinghouse for listing and detailing how to gain access (may be a University course or may be Freeware) each of those modules to members and non-members alike. We should especially seek out new topics of international interest such as “Photosynthesis: How timber and timber use reduce CO2 and sequester Carbon during growth and subsequent use” and “Carbon Sequestration & Decomposition”.

Strategic Plan Goal 6. Foster educational programs – at all levels – dealing with wood science, forest products, other lignocellulosic materials and their technologies, and further the quality of such programs
We recommend that SWST Identify existing academic and technical programs that offer technology based curriculums and attempt to identify ways to bring those programs into SWST. Incorporate the concept of the multidisciplinary breath of the society.

Strategic Plan Goal 7. Represent the profession in public policy development
We recommend that SWST aggressively study a name change to reflect not only wood, but bioproducts, renewable materials, lignocellulosics and all other biobased products that use similar processing technologies to those used with wood. This endeavor could greatly enhance our ability to attract a greater interest and membership in the broad areas we have expertise both nationally and internationally.

The review committee felt that Strategic Plan Goal 4 was important but should not be of high priority until SWST has a broader base of membership and a better mechanism for distribution.

Strategic Plan Goal 4. Promote policies and technologies which assure the wise use of wood and other lignocellulosic materials
We recommend that SWST generate official society position statements on issues affecting materials policy and develop a regular, on-going up-dating process for those position statements. SWST must also regularly share those official society position statements with policy-makers, the media, and the public.

An Ad Hoc Committee was established at the Board Meeting yesterday to work with this committee to determine future direction.

8. Old Business

9. Teller’s Report

The new Vice President is Eric Hansen. New Directors are Gloria Oporto and Stavros Avramidis. Going off the Board as Directors are Eric Hansen and Cecilia Bustos. Sheldon Shi is our new President, Mike Wolcott is the President Elect, and Alain Cloutier moves to Past President.

The meeting was turned over to new President Sheldon Shi who presented a plaque to Past President Alain Cloutier for his work during the past year as President.

10. New Business

a. 2015 Annual Convention – In 2015 the SWST Executive Board decided they wanted to try a new meeting format and approach so we WILL NOT be hosting with FPS. We are opening up a call for proposals to cooperate to any member of SWST.

–One idea is to hold the meeting at a university campus where we can have lower costs, in-kind donations such as complimentary meeting space and AV, and have the opportunity to tour university facilities that are interesting to attendees and also local wood industries.
–Another idea is to hold a Gordon Conference style meeting where we would go to a remote location (such as state park, national park or forest), and have the meeting there along with opportunities to see wood industries and nature explorations.
–We on the Executive Board are open to suggestions and want to make this meeting what you, the members, want.

Ideas of location that came from the members attending the business meeting were: Charlotte, Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park, University of Maine, West Virginia University/Virginia Tech/Princeton FS Lab, Monongahela National Forest, Valley Falls State Park, Shenendoah National Park, Asheville, Western National Parks Arches/Zion/Bryce, Laval University Research Forest, Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Mississippi State University.

Please submit your ideas and proposals to Vicki Herian by November 1, 2013.

b. 2 year Wood Tech Programs – The Board approved at the board meeting yesterday to accept 2-year Wood Technical program students and faculty into SWST, as well as explore accreditation of these schools. A program in northern Wisconsin came to SWST and requested this and they Board thought it was a good idea. If any member knows of other 2-year programs that might be interested, please contact the Executive Office.

c. 2016 Annual Convention will be hosted with IUFRO Division 5 in Rio, Brazil. Plans have just begun on this.

The following Awards will be presented at the Joint Awards Luncheon at 12:00

SWST George Marra Award for Excellence in Writing
This year’s committee was Chair, Salim Hizoroglu, Kevin Cheung, Siqun Wang, Qinglin Wu, and David Nicholls.

1st place: “Modeling Hygroelastic Properties of Genetically Modified Aspen”, published in Volume 44, Number 1, pages 22-35, by Laszlo Horvath, Perry Peralta, Ilona Peszlen, Levente Csoka, Balazs Horvath and Joseph Jakes.

2nd place: “Numerical Modeling of the Medium-Density Fiberboard Hot Pressing Process, Part 2: Mechanical and Heat and Mass Transfer Models” published in Volume 44, Number 3, pages 243-262 by Zanin Kavazovic, Jean Deteix, André Fortin and Alain Cloutier

Honorable mention: “Spray-Drying Cellulose Nanofibrils: Effect of Drying Process Parameters on Particle Morphology and Size Distribution ” published in Volume 44, Number 4, pages 448-461 by Yucheng Peng, Yousoo Han and Douglas J. Gardner

SWST Fellow Award

James P. Armstrong
Paul R. Blankenhorn

SWST Distinguished Service Award

James P. Armstrong

Respectfully submitted,

Executive Director