SWST members, Howard Rosen and World Nieh, attended a Congressional Forum hosted by RNRF on Sustaining Natural Resources and Conservation Science: What is at Stake in the Years Ahead, in the Capitol Building on May 16, 2013. The forum followed RNRF’s December 2012 National Congress of the same name which was previously reported in the SWST Newsletter. Rosen, as chair of the RNRF Board, opened the forum with an overview of current funding challenges at federal science and natural resources management agencies. Following his remarks, those in attendance discussed the effects of diminished funding on these agencies, as well as the long-term impacts that will result from today’s reduced monetary and program capacity. These losses are expected to have significant impacts on our nation’s science and management capacity in the years ahead.

Attendees received a complimentary copy of RNRF’s 2012 congress report, which can be downloaded by following the URL: http://www.rnrf.org/2012cong/RRJV27N2.pdf.

This report identifies the plans, anticipated impacts, and adopted measures by these agencies in the context of the Federal sequester. The report also includes an overview of funding trends for research and development at science and environmental management agencies over the past decade. Specific natural resource management agencies are examined in the context of historical program priorities and estimated budget cuts under various sequestration scenarios. SWST members and their R&D organizations will most likely be affected by Federal funding decreases in the coming years.

Howard N. Rosen
SWST RNRF Representative