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Prepublication List of Papers

To be Published in Future Issues of Wood and Fiber Science

Each title below includes a link to the PDF file of the article. Note that these articles can not be edited or printed. If you wish to cite any of these “preprints,” be sure to add the URL (http://www.swst.org/publications/wfs/prepublications.html) at the end of the citation.

Papers that were previously posted here as "preprints," starting with issue 41(1), can be accessed in hard copy or digitally through Wood and Fiber Science - Open Journal Systems.

Papers to appear in future issues:

Lu, Jianxiong, Jinmei Xu, Yiqiang Wu, Xianjun Li, Robert Evans, and Geoffrey M. Downes. 2014. Climatic signals in wood property variables of Picea crassifolia. 12/21/14.

Sun, Delin, Xiaofeng Hao, Xinyi Chen, and Xiaoxi Huang. 2015. Effects of carbonization temperature on chemical and microcrystalline structural change in wood-ceramics prepared from liquefied pine wood and wood powder. 1/20/15.

Bergman, R. D., D. L. Reed, A. M. Taylor, D. P. Harper, and D. G. Hodges. 2015 Cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment of switchgrass fuel pellets manufactured in the Southeastern United States. 2/10/15.

Coronado, Carlos J., T. Eric McConnell, and Stephen N. Matthews. Forestry and forest products in Ohio: 2011 economic impacts with comparisons to 2001 values. 3/9/15.

Chang, Wen-Shao and Nicholas Nearchou. 2015. Hot-pressed dowels in bonded-in rod timber connections. 3/13/15.

Tekpetey, Stephen Lartey, Adrian Riegel, and Kerstin Dekomien. 2015. Investigating surface quality of African mahogany (Khaya ivorensis) from Ghana using stylus and deflectometry techniques. 3/17/15.

Ma, Xinxin, Zehui Jiang, Long Tong, Ge Wang, and Haitao Cheng. 2015. Development of creep models for glued laminated bamboo using the time-temperature superposition principle. 4/7/15.

Zhao, Jing-Yao, Zong-Ying Fu, Xiao-Ran Jia, and Ying-Chun Cai. 2015. Mathematical model to predict preheating time and temperature profile in boxed-heart square timber during preheating. 4/7/15.

Amoah, M., P. K. Dadzie, F. K. Bih, and E. D. Wiafe. 2015. Consumer preferences and purchase intentions for rattan furniture. 4/14/15.

Stirling, Rod, John N. R. Ruddick, Wei Xue, Paul I. Morris, and Pierre Kennepohl. 2015. Characterization of copper in leachates from ACQ- and MCQ-treated wood and its effect on basidiospore germination. 4/10/15.

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