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To be Published in Future Issues of Wood and Fiber Science

Each title below includes a link to the PDF file of the article. Note that these articles can not be edited or printed. If you wish to cite any of these “preprints,” be sure to add the URL (http://www.swst.org/publications/wfs/prepublications.html) at the end of the citation.

Papers that were previously posted here as "preprints," starting with issue 41(1), can be accessed in hard copy or digitally through Wood and Fiber Science - Open Journal Systems.

Papers to appear in future issues:

Cáceres, Claudia, R. E. Hernández, Ahmed Koubaa. 2015. Effects of Log Position in the Stem and Cutting Width on Size Distribution of Black Spruce Chips Produced by a Chipper-Canter. 11/4/2015.

Cool, Julie, Roger E. Hernández. 2015. Impact of Three Alternative Surfacing Procedures on Weathering Performance of an Exterior Water-based Coating. 11/4/2015.

Professional Pages - Awards. 10/27/2015.

Crespo, Yasiel Arteaga, Reinier Abreu Naranjo, Julio César Vargas Burgos, Caio Glauco Sanchez, and Elisabet María Sanchez Sanchez. 2015. Thermogravimetric analysis of thermal and kinetic behavior of Acacia mangium wood. 7/30/15.

Liu, Honghai, Lin Yang, Wei Xu, Zhihui Wu, Kazuo Hayashi, and Qiongtao Huang. 2015. Equilibrium moisture content under vacuum conditions. 8/6/15.

Kubojima, Yoshitaka, Isao Kobayashi, Youki Suzuki, and Mario Tonosaki. 2015. Effect of high temperature and high humidity treatment on bending properties of wood. 8/6/15.

Ghosh, S.C., R.E. Hernández, and Carl Blais. 2015. Effect of knife wear on surface quality of black spruce cants produced by a chipper-canter. 9/3/2015.

Källbom, Susanna, Magnus Wålinder, Kristoffer Segerholm, and Dennis Jones. 2015. Surface energy characterization of thermally modified spruce using inverse gas chromatography under cyclic humidity conditions. 9/3/2015.

Qiao, Meng-Ji, Jin-Ying Jiang, and Yun-Lin Fu. 2015. Influence of environmental conditions on release rules of fertilizer from wood residue slow-release fertilizer soil. 9/3/2015.

Gozdecki, Cezary, and Arnold Wilczynski. 2015. Effects of wood particle size and test specimen size on mechanical and water resistance properties of injected wood - high density polyethylene composite. 9/3/2015.

Xue-hea, Wang, Wu Zhi-hui, Wang Xiao-huan, Song Sha-sha, Cao Yong-jian, Ni Jun, and Sun Quan-yi. 2015. Shearing behavior of structural insulated panel wall shelled with bamboo scrimber. 9/3/2015.

Ogawa, Keita, Yasutoshi Sasaki, Mariko Yamasaki, and Satoshi Fukuta. 2015. Theoretical estimation of mechanical properties of plywood-sheathed shear wall with combined use of adhesive tape and wood dowels. 9/3/2015.

Xu, Wei, Zhihui Wu, and Jilei Zhang. 2015. Compressive Creep and Recovery Behaviors of Seat Cushions in Upholstered Furniture. 9/18/2015.

Ye, Min and Jeffrey J. Morrell. 2015. Effect of Treatment Postfixation Practices on Copper Migration from Alkaline-Copper-Treated Douglas-Fir Lumber. 10/8/2015.

Yang, B.Z., R.D. Seale, R. Shmulsky, J. Dahlen, and X. Wang. 2015. Comparison of Nondestructive Testing Methods for Evaluating No. 2 Southern Pine Lumber: Part A, Modules of Elasticity. 10/8/2015.

Kuljich, Svetka, Roger E. Hernández, and Carl Blais. 2015. Effects of Cutterhead Diameter and Log Infeed Position on Energy Requirements of a Chipper-Canter. 10/8/2015

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