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Download or print a PDF document that contains all the information you'll need to prepare and submit to the Wood and Fiber Science Journal.

Manuscript Requirements and Format


  • Editorial and Publication Policy: Manuscript must be consistent with Journal policy.
  • Publication Charges: Your organization will agree to pay page charges.
  • Length of text: 5000 word equivalents (you can check this by blocking only the text and then clicking on “properties” under “file” in Microsoft Word™)
  • All manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word™ with Line Numbering enabled and numbering restarted on each page. (Click for Instructions)
  • Classification for Reviewers and Manuscripts: Review to select the categories that best describe the classifications for your manuscript. Note the numerical designation. When you access the EM website, you will be asked for these.


  • Format of Manuscript: After title page: Abstract, Keywords, Body with References, Acknowledgements, Tables (1/page), Figures (1/page)
  • Title Page: Initial title page with title, authors (indicate only one corresponding author), short title
  • Headings: Proper headings in text
  • Citations in text: For example, (name date; name date; ....)
  • References and Periodical Abbreviations: Alphabetic listing and properly formatted
  • Tables: Tables should not be in the text, but should follow References, one table per page.
  • Figures: Figures should not be in the text, but should follow References, one figure per page. A list of figure captions should precede the figures. Figures should follow Journal Guidelines for Figures.
  • SI Units: Use only International System of Units
  • Conversion to SI Units: Convert all units to SI, especially nominal values
  • Symbols and Abbreviations: Proper symbols: % (not percent); s (not sec); h (not hour or hr) (see )
  • Numbers: Use proper numbers of significant digits, especially for conversions

Advice for Young Authors

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