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The State of the Profession: Reviewing our Accomplishments, Establishing our Breadth, Outlining our Future, SWST Annual Meeting, June 23, 2002, Madison, Wisconsin. $10
Forest Products Education: Kids & Teachers, SWST Annual Meeting, June 24, 2001, Baltimore, Maryland. $10
Material Changes in Residential Construction, SWST Annual Meeting, June 18, 2000, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. $10
The Roles of Wood Science and Technology in Forest Sustainability, SWST Annual Meeting, June 27, 1999, Boise, Idaho. $10
Environmental Movement and Fiscal Influence on Wood Utilization Policy and Research, SWST Annual Meeting, June 20, 1993, Clearwater Beach, Florida $10
An International Perspective of Wood Science & Technology and Issues Affecting Wood Utilization, SWST Annual Meeting, June 21, 1992, Charleston, South Carolina. $10
Process Control in the Forest Products Industry, Nov. 5-7, 1980, Symposium at Western Forestry Center, Portland, Oregon. $10
Residential Fires and Wood Products Use, Nov. 3, 1980, Symposium at Madison, Wisconsin. $10

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