Characterization of the Cellulosic Cell Wall

cell wall book cover

Edited by Douglas D. Stokke, Leslie H. Groom

Publication Date: 2006
Size: 296 pages; 7 x 10
Binding: Hardback
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing

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Plant biomass resources are seen as a vast reservoir of potential to be unlocked as sustainable fiber, fuel and chemical feedstock for the 21st century. Vital to the achievement of this promise are fundamental investigations on the nature and industrial application of lignocellulosic materials.

This volume brings together a broad array of scientific expertise to focus on the characterization and utilization of cellulosic materials. Researchers from Austria, Germany, Sweden, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and the US explore many facets of the plant cell wall, from its fundamental structure and its manipulation via molecular biology to its application in composite materials. Exciting applications of near infrared spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, confocal microscopy and molecular coupling as a viscoelastic probe provide new insights into the ultrastructure and properties of cellulosic materials.

In total this volume represents a unique contribution to both our understanding and our vision for the sustainable use of biobased materials.

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