January-February 1997 Newsletter

Connections Happy dead of winter to you! I'm certainly glad I don't live any further north -- say Fargo, ND! Or Duluth, MN!! Ted Peterson sent me some e-mail that I am going to abstract and share with you. He proposes putting the Newsletter on an e-mail listserv. We are also discussing putting the newsletter on SWST's world-wide web homepage. By the way, the homepagehas been moved to Madison where Vicki will maintain it. New address: ws13.fpl.fs.fed.us/swsthome.html By the same token, don't forget to keep sending me news about who, what, when, where, why, etc. See you -- Bruce

SWST Executive Board Meeting The board will meet in Ft. Myers, Florida on March 14, 1997. Among the discussion items will be an update on the upcoming Annual Meeting. This year, it will be on Sunday, June 22, 1997 in Vancouver. Fred Kamke is putting together a session centering around "Distance Learning and Technology Transfer". Reminder to Committee Chairs: Annual Reports will be due soon. Start now and avoid last-minute rushes! And numerous reminders from the Executive Secretary! The revised accreditation standards are included in this edition of the newsletter. They are set up so that you can easily (?) remove or copy them for your files.

SWST Visiting Scientists

Vlosky at UC-FPL Dr. Richard Vlosky, Assistant Professor, Forest Products Marketing at the Louisiana Forest Products Laboratory, LSU visited the University of California's Forest Products Laboratory, a state-wide unit of the University of California located in Richmond, California Frank Beall hosted Rich during the week of December 2-7. The week was spent exchanging information with Laboratory personnel, as well as State government officials and industry representatives, with regard to forest products sector driven marketing and economic development. In addition to presenting a formal seminar that addressed current efforts and challenges in forest sector development in Louisiana, Rich had the opportunity to engage in numerous informal discussions. The end result of this visit is the initiation of dialog between the Louisiana and California Forest Products Laboratories in the areas of marketing and industry development. Foliente at NCSU Dr. Greg Foliente, CSIRO Building, Construction and Engineering in Melbourne, Australia, visited NCSU's Dept. Of Wood and Paper Science from Oct, 23-25, 1997. His host was Dr. Bo Kasal. Research discussions included the potential use of the World Wide Web for promotion and dissemination of information on a global scale. Greg's seminar on Oct. 25th dealt with the history of heavy timber construction from prehistoric to present times. (My apologies to Greg for mispelling his name in the previous newsletter--Ed.)

Moving Around

Winter must be too cold for us to move since nobody told me they were moving!


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Society of Wood Science and Technology



Graduate Assistantships

Oregon State University

Marketing: Adding value to traditional forest products is becoming more important in today's global economy. Just in Oregon, there are over 800 companies ranging from large moulding and millwork firms to small specialty shops adding value to wood products before shipping them locally, out of state and out of the U.S. Graduate studies at Oregon State University are designed to find research based solutions to a myriad of problems facing this industry. Several positions are currently available. We have a close working relationship with the users and producers of forest products who provide program relevance and unique research opportunities as well as financial support. Dual-degree programs with Engineering, Business or one of the other departments in the College of Forestry are encouraged. Financial Assistance: Many Forest Products graduate students are supported by a half-time research assistantship with a full tuition waver. Half-time M.S. assistantships are currently $11,808 per year and half-time Ph.D. assistantships are currently $13,632 per year. The tuition waver is currently worth $7,100 per year.

To apply for these positions contact: Dr. Jim Reeb, reebj@frl.orst.edu, Telephone: (541)737-4233, FAX: (541)737-3385, Wood Drying: The Department of Forest Products at Oregon State University is also seeking individuals interested in a graduate degree (M.S. or Ph.D.) specializing in wood drying or wood-moisture relationships. Applicants should be interested in designing and carrying out fundamental research which can be applied to practical industrial problems. Applicants should have either completed or be completing a B.S. or M.S. degree in a field such as wood products, engineering, mathematics, or physics and possess a strong desire to excel in the field of wood products. Good skills in math, physics, and English are necessary. Financial support in the form of an assistantship and tuition waiver will be available. A dual degree in Forest Products and some other discipline, such as Chemical or Mechanical Engineering, can be obtained.

For more information about the graduate opportunities available in wood drying, contact: Mike Milota, milotam@frl.orst.edu, Telephone: (503)737-4210, FAX: (503)737-3385,

LSU -- Marketing

The Forest Products Marketing Program in the Louisiana Forest Products Laboratory at Louisiana State University is soliciting candidates to pursue a M.S. degree in forestry with an emphasis in Forest Products Sector Economic Development and Marketing. This growing multi-disciplinary program offers students an opportunity to develop practical skills and academic depth in a variety of development and marketing areas of specialization. Agreements with other academic programs at Louisiana State University including the College of Business Administration allows students to enroll in M.B.A. courses as well as Ph.D. seminars in rural sociology, economic development, marketing strategy, marketing research, or other relevant degree areas. We are seeking to fill one available position for Fall 1997. Financial assistance for tuition, thesis research funding and a research assistantship stipend will be offered to the successful candidate.

For more information about this program contact Dr. Richard Vlosky (504) 388-4527; FAX (504) 388-4251, 227 Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries Building, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803. E-Mail: vlosky@unix1.sncc.LSU.edu



The Department of Wood and Forest Sciences, at Laval University, is seeking candidates for a tenure track position in wood chemistry. The candidate is expected to:

  1. Teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the area of physical chemistry and wood chemistry, chemical technology of wood and pulp and paper, including environmental aspects of these technologies, as well as supervise students;
  2. Carry on research and supervise graduate students on subjects related to physical and chemical transformation of wood;
  3. Take part in various working groups within the department, the university, government and industry.


The candidate should:

  1. Have an undergraduate degree in wood sciences or a related field;
  2. Have a Ph. D. in wood sciences from a recognized university;
  3. Have a sound knowledge of wood chemistry, chemical transformation of wood, and pulp and paper technology;
  4. Be active in research, be willing to do teamwork, and be able to establish a fundamental and applied research program dealing with chemical transformation of wood or high value-added wood by-products coupled with strong environmental interests;
  5. Be able to successfully obtain competitive research funds from national grant organisations and industries;
  6. Be able to communicate in French or be willing to learn the language within a year.
Salary: According to collective agreement. Starting date: June 1997. In compliance with its Employment Equity program, Laval University intends to hire women in half of its vacant positions. In accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, priority will be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada.

Applicants should send a resume, three letters of recommendation and academic transcripts before March 31, 1997 to: Michel Dessureault, directeur Departement des sciences du bois et de la foret, Universite Laval, Sainte-Foy, Quebec, Canada G1K 7P4, Tel.: (418) 656-7128, Fax: (418) 656-3177, E-mail: michel.dessureault@sbf.ulaval.ca

Question Mark

IUFRO Drying Conference Proceedings

The Proceedings of the 5th International IUFRO Wood Drying Conference is available from Forintek Canada Corp. in Quebec City for $ 60 CDN plus shipping and handling. It includes the 66 papers and the abstracts of the 14 posters presented at the conference on the following topics: To order or for more information, please contact:

Mrs Marie-Claude Gagnon, Forintek Canada Corp., 319, rue Franquet, Sainte-Foy (Quebec), Canada G1P 4R4, Tel.: (418) 659-2647, Fax: (418) 659-2922, Internet: marie-claude.gagnon@qc.forintek.ca

Kiln Publications on CD-ROM

Global Energy of Madison, WI has taken 29 Publications from the USDA Forest Products Lab and scanned them onto one CD-ROM available to both Window's and Mac users. The publications are divided up into sections and completely searchable. You can enter in a key word and view text, photo's, chart's or figures. The publications have a master index so you can search by publication name, author, keyword, figure or tree species. The CD-ROM includes the Kiln Operator's Manual #188 and other publications which are either out of print or not currently available. A Glossary provides quick search-and-find terms and definitions. Finding information is quick and easy. Boolean searches supported. The CD-ROM is in a database format with "click-on" button navigation, pull-down menu's and in an easy to understand pictorial layout.

For additional information: Greg Giese / President Global Energy, P.O. Box 5617, Madison, WI 53705, USA , Internet: http://www.lumberquest.holowww.com, PHONE: 608-238-6001 (USA), FAX: 608-238-6081, EMAIL: GGIESE@SPRYNET.COM, EMAIL VIA NETSCAPE: mailto:GGIESE@SPRYNET.COM


WORKSHOP LOCATION AND DATE: The Workshop will be held in conjunction with the 1997 ASCE Structures Congress, April 13-16, 1997 at the Portland Hilton in Portland, Oregon. Specifically, the Workshop will be held Wednesday, April 16, 1997.

OBJECTIVE: The primary objective of the Workshop is to develop a framework for future research in wood engineering. This requires defining the state-of-the-art of wood engineering, developing goals for the 21st century, establishing a set of research initiatives, and disseminating the information. For the purposes of this Workshop, wood engineering is defined to range from fundamental material properties to heavy timber construction. Any Congress registrant can attend the Workshop, but a separate registration fee will be charged to those interested in attending the luncheon and receiving the position papers in advance. Additionally, Workshop registrants will receive a copy of the proceedings when they are available.

For more information, contact: Dr. Kenneth J. Fridley, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Washington State University, P.O. Box 642910, Pullman, WA 99164-2910, phone: 509-335-7320, fax: 509-335-7632, e-mail: fridley@wsu.edu, www.ce.wsu.edu

31st Annual International Particleboard/Composite Materials Symposium

Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-5222, April 8-10, 1997. For registration information, contact 1-800-942-4978 in the U.S. or 509-335-3530. FAX 509-335-0945 or e-mail: wsconf@wsu.edu or at http://www.eus.wsu.edu/c&i

Eastern Hardwood Resources, Technologies and Markets

Camp Hill (Harrisburg), PA, April 21-23, 1997. Sponsored by FPS in cooperation with the National Hardwood Lumber Association and other members of the Hardwood Utilization Consortium. For additional information contact Ann Messing of FPS at 608-231-1361, ext. 201.




The purpose of the Student Poster Competition is to:


The competition will consist of participation in the Sunday poster session at the SWST Annual Meeting. All undergraduate and graduate students who are members of SWST may participate. There should be no coauthors on the poster session, however, faculty sponsors and funding agencies should be identified in both the abstract and poster display. All participating students will receive a complimentary registration to the SWST Annual Meeting. At the meeting, they will be recognized and presented a Certificate of Participation. First and second place winners will be notified at the end of the session. The individual selected for first place will be awarded $250 and a first place plaque, while the second place winner will receive $125 and a second place plaque. All participants will be announced in one of the SWST publications.


To apply, a student must submit the following materials to the SWST Executive Director by May 1 for the June Annual Meeting.

Since the Forest Products Society (FPS) is the joint sponsor of the poster session, the student will also be responsible for registering and meeting all criteria for a FPS poster presentation. Presentation of a poster in the SWST Student Poster Competition will not preclude subsequent presentation in the appropriate FPS Technical Forum.


The abstracts and poster presentations will be evaluated by a committee of 4 judges (the Chair of the Education Center and three others) on a 100-point scale:

  1. Submitted abstract:

    1. Soundness of research hypothesis (10 points)
    2. Scientific writing ability (10 points)
    3. Organization (10 points)

  2. Five-minute poster presentation to members of the judging team :

    1. Scientific merit (newness, breadth of interest, potential impact of the research) (15 points)
    2. Experimental design and thoroughness of investigation (15 points)
    3. Validity of conclusions (15 points)
    4. Organization and visual quality of presentation; adhering to 5-minute time limit (15 points)
    5. Response to questions of judges (10 points)

The chair of the Education Committee will have overall responsibility for the competition including selecting judges. Judges will not assess student posters on whose committee they serve. The chair of the judging committee does not vote except when one of the other judges is exempted. Posters will be presented in English.

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