November - December 1996 NEWSLETTER

SWST Executive Board Meeting

The board met in San Antonio on November 16, 1996. Among the discussion items was an update of the Annual Meeting. This year, it will be on Sunday, June 22, 1997 in Vancouver. Fred Kamke is putting together a session centering around "Distance Learning and Technology Transfer". Two papers have been confirmed and speakers are being sought for two other topics.

In related activity, the Board approved a change in the SWST Poster Competition. The prizes have been changed to $250 and $125 for 1st and 2nd place respectively.

The Board approved accreditation of programs at the University of Minnesota and the University of Idaho. The Board also considered proposed changes in accreditation standards and, following discussion and modification, approved new standards (shown in a pullout page).

There were several other items discussed. Complete minutes will be available at a later date.

Connections Hi there, I'm your new newsletter editor and I'm almost technologically bear with me as I attempt to carry on what Doug had started with this column. Our campus e-mail gateway system recently changed operating systems and I had a heckuva time figuring out how to e-mail outside the MU system. So I finally broke down and asked a human being! It was amazingly simple but the directions provided in the computer-based help system weren't! I suspect that there are several of you that are like me and use computers for word processing, presentation graphics preparation, data gathering and manipulation, and net-surfing. But we don't use them to their fullest capacity for one reason or another.

What I would invite you to do is share your computer expertise with your fellow SWSTers, particularly those of us who are a bit intimidated by hexidecimal and binary and SMTP protocols and html. Send me helpful hints either to my e-mail address or my snail mail (US Postal Service) address and I'll include them in this section.

By the same token, don't forget to keep sending me news about who, what, when, where, why, etc. For example, Howard Rosen e-mailed me his RNRF report as well as his report of his Russian excursion. I did some cutting and pasting and here they are!

For those that are interested, I have a Gateway 2000 P5-90 personal computer with a 17" monitor (for those of us with aging eyes, this is wonderful!). I am on a Lotus cc:Mail system (Version 2.21) and use WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows as my word processing program. To a certain extent, I can be accessed through our program's WWW homepage as well so I have included those addresses as well.



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Or (this is MU's home page)

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See you -- Bruce

The SWST Newletter is published six times a year by the Society of Wood Science and Tech ology, One Gifford Pinchot Drive, Madison, WI 53705 USA. Phone 608-231-9347, FAX 608-231-9592. e-mail Web: SWST is a technical and professional organization for scientists and engineers working in academia, government, consulting, and the forest products industries and is dedicated to providing better ways to use and produce wood products. Items for the newsletter may be sent to Bruce Cutter, SWST Newsletter Editor, 1-30 Agriculture Building, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO 65211. Phone: 573-882-2744 FAX: 573-882-1977, e-mail: Society of Wood Science and Technology President: Duane Lyon Past President: Geza Ifju President Elect: Fred A. Kamke Vice President: J. David Barrett Executive Director: Vicki L. Herian Directors: Susan A. Willits, Michael P. Wolcott, Francis G. Wagner, Douglas D. Stokke Editor, Wood and Fiber Science: Robert L. Youngs Editorial Assistant: Carol B. Ovens Newsletter Editor: Bruce Cutter

Report from Renewable Natural Resources Foundation Annual Meeting

As you may remember, SWST is one of the 20 Associations that belong to the Renewable Natural Resources Foundation (RNRF). RNRF is a nonprofit consortium of professional, scientific, and education organizations. RNRF's purpose is to advance science, the applications of science, and public education in managing and conserving natural resources. I (ed's note: Howard Rosen) represented SWST at the all-day Annual Maryland.

Meeting on October 29, 1996 in Bethesda, The important points of interest to SWST are summarized below.

The report of the Joint Society Task Force on Electronic Information Systems, chaired by Richard Vlosky of Louisiana State University, was discussed. The Executive Offices of RNRF were not sure just how much electronic services they have funds or expertise to do, but they will take the recommendations under consideration. The Board expressed their appreciation to Richard for bringing this all together.

Effective January 1, 1998, the dues for all member organizations was increased based on each organization's finances. Although we will pay at the lowest level, the impact is that SWST dues will increase from $400 to $750 per year.

The 1996 RNRF Congress, Applications of Geographic Information Systems to the Sustainability of Renewable Natural Resources, took place September 11-14, 1996 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Of the 102 delegates, Duane Lyon and Cynthia West represented SWST. The next Congress will be in 1998 in the general area of Sustainable Development and Human Population Growth. I suggested the first part of the topic and will work to make sure topics relevant to SWST are included in this Conference.

Howard Rosen, RNRF SWST Board Member

SWST Goes To Russia

As you may remember, SWST recently created an affiliate membership category to accommodate membership for people who live in countries where the cost of membership to an individual is prohibitive. On September 6, 1996 the first affiliate membership was granted to Professor Valentine Shalaev, Director of the Institute for Forest Systems Research at Moscow State Forestry University in Russia.

Dr. Howard Rosen, USDA Forest Service (a past President of SWST and Chairman of the International Relations Committee), traveled to Moscow State Forestry University (MSFU) in Mytischi (a suburb of Moscow) to discuss cooperation in the area of forest products and forest operations research. Dr. Rosen was hosted by the head of MSFU, Professor Alexander Oblivin. MSFU has 6000 students, 1700 faculty and support personnel, and 63 Departments; including forestry, wood technology, harvesting, applied mathematics, electronics, languages, and physics. The university also runs a sawmill and owns 34,000 acres of forest land in another part of Russia.

Dr. Rosen presented Dr. Shalaev his membership, laminated on a wooden plaque, at an administrative meeting of MSFU. SWST has sent the library at MSFU a collection of back issues of Wood and Fiber/Wood and Fiber Science from 1969 to the present.

SWST Visiting Scientists

Richard Vlosky (LSU) will be visiting UC-Berkely Bill Dost (Retired) will visit Forintek Greg Foliante (CSIRO) will visit both NCSU and Va Tech.

Moving Around

Vicki Herian hasn't moved but she does have a new e-mail address!

Todd Shupe has accepted a position with the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service as an Extension Specialist - Forest Products. He will be responsible for enhancing value-added processing in Louisiana's primary and secondary wood processing industries. His e-mail address is:; telephone number, (504) 388-4087; and FAX, (504) 388-2478.

Doug Stokke has moved to Ames, Iowa but still is attached to the USDA Forest Service, NEFES. His new e-mail address is; telephone (515) 294-2115; and FAX (515) 294-2995.


The Center for International Trade in Forest Products (CINTRAFOR) is a non-profit research organization that addresses the opportunities and problems related to the international trade of wood and fiber products, emphasizing forest economics and policy impacts, international marketing, technology developments, and value-added forest products. CINTRAFORs work results in a variety of publications, professional gatherings, and consultations with public policy-makers, industry representatives, and community members. The Center is housed at the College of Forest Resources at the University of Washington. The following is a partial list of available publications produced by CINTRAFOR. Prices of these publications are at-cost. For more information contact Rosemarie Braden at (206) 543-0700 or (prefer email). WORKING PAPERS

WP58 - "Outlook for Russian Forest Product Trade with the Peoples Republic of China". Thomas Waggener, Charles Backman, Ekaterina Gataulina. 1996. (102 pp). $20.00

WP57 - "Softwood Lumber Substitution in the US Residential Construction Industry". Ivan Eastin, Douglas Simon, Steven Shook. 1996. (63 pp). $15.00

WP56 - "North American Residential Decking and Siding Markets". Steven Shook, Ivan Eastin. 1996. (121 pp). $20.00

WP55 - "Washingtons Forest Sector: Growth Trends and Their Sources". Guy Robertson, Bruce Lippke. 1996. (42 pp) $7.50


SP23 - "A Japanese Market Profile and Sourcebook for Pacific Northwest Value-Added Wood Products Exporters". Anne Theisen, John Dirks. 1996. (101 pp) $20.00

SP22 - "Proceedings of Project Group P.6.11 FORESEA Meetings 20th Annual IUFRO World Congress, Tampere, Finland". Lars Loennstedt, Richard Haynes, Judy Mikowski, Compilers. 1996. (178 pp). $20.00


Edited by Dieter Eckstein, Ute Sass, and Pieter Bass. 1995. Reprinted from IAWA Journal 16(4):323-442. Available from IAWA Executive Office, Herbarium Division -- University Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 2, 3584 CS Utrecht, The Netherlands. US $40.

This is a compilation of some of the papers presented at an international meeting on growth periodicity in trees held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November, 1994. This meeting was the third in a series on the subject with the first at Harvard Forest in 1980 and the second in Brazil in 1988. The editors point out that not all the oral presentations given in Kuala Lumpur were submitted for publication. This is unfortunate since the articles that were submitted and subsequently published add considerably to the body of available knowledge.

The eleven papers included in this reprint were first published as part of the regular series of the International Association of Wood Anatomists (IAWA) Journal.

Wood and Fiber Science

Wood and Fiber Science continues to provide an effective medium for professional papers of interest to our members and to others in the field. Editor Bob Youngs asks our help in keeping it that way by maintaining the number and quality of papers.

We need more papers. The number of papers and pages in the journal has been declining this year, from 13 papers and 144 pages in the January issue to 8 papers and 107 pages in the October issue. This reflects a decline in the number of papers submitted as well as delays in the review, revision, and galley proof return phases of publication.

Review and revision of manuscripts as well as return of galley proofs need to move more quickly. Reviewers are asked to return their comments to the Editor within three weeks after they receive the manuscript. No deadline has been set for revision by the author, but normally this could be done within a month. Galleys should be reviewed and returned immediately. Above all, keep all of these out of the bottom layer of the "IN" box.

Bob expresses his thanks to all who have helped in this process as we try to publish new developments in wood and fiber science as promptly as possible. Timely publication is a contribution both to the profession and to our stature in it, as well as to the more effective use of the wood and fiber resource -- our ultimate objective.

Have You Seen......

Buckman Laboratories has a collection of 130 photomicrographs on their webpage featuring a wide collection of microorganisms that infest industrial water systems.

SWST Handbook

The handbook is going to be reprinted. This new edition will incorporate all the changes that have been made recently.

SWST White Paper

Under the Critical Issues Committee's direction, the most recent white paper, "Environmental Implications of the Use of Wood Products", is undergoing final revision. Once that is completed, it will be printed and distributed to members, schools, policy makers, etc.

SWST International Visitations

See the accompanying flier. Applications are due by January 15, 1997.

SWST Distinguished Service Award

The Society is soliciting nominations for the 1997 Distinguished Service Award. "The award is in recognition of distinguished service to the profession as a whole. Such service may have been made in any educational, technological, scientific or professional area directly related to the profession of Wood Science and Technology in furtherance of the objectives of the Society...."

"A nominee for this award is not required to be a member of SWST, but must be endorsed by at least ten (10) members who are in good standing." The Past Presidents' Council will make the selection from the nominees. Send nominations to the current Chair of the Council Geza Ifju, Department of Wood Science and Forest Products, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0323

It is customary, that the awardee give a short (1/2-hr.) presentation to the membership during the Annual Meeting. The presentation may be on any subject related to the profession as chosen by the awardee.


The 26th Biannual Meeting of the Canadian Tree Improvement Association (CTIA) will be held in Quebec City, Canada on August 18-21, 1997. The theme of the meeting is TREE IMPROVEMENT: ITS CONTRIBUTION TO SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY OF QUALITY WOOD REQUIRED BY END-USERS.

Topics to be covered include several of interest to wood scientists.

Papers will be accepted as either oral or poster presentations. In addition, internationally prominent experts will be invited to give an overview of key subjects in this area, and major issues will be discussed. Papers of both oral and poster presentations will be published together as a special issue of a journal or as Workshop Proceedings in addition to the inclusion of the abstracts in the CTIA Proceedings. Interested persons are invited to submit a title as soon as possible to:

Dr. S.Y. (Tony) Zhang Resource Assessment & Utilization Group Forintek Canada Corp. 319, rue Franquet Sainte-Foy, Quebec Canada G1P 4R4 E-mail: Fax: 418-659 2922 Tel: 418-659 2647

First Announcement and Call for Papers

Third Biomass Conference of the Americas

August 24-29, 1997 - Sheraton Center,Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Program co-chairs: Esteban Chornet,e-mail:
Ralph P. Overend,e-mail: international forum in support of the development of a viable biomass-based industry. The focus will be on applications of biomass. The emphasis will be on how to make a profitable business from biomass within a vision of sustainability.

Contact: Joan Ross, Conference Executive Secretary, National Renewable Energy Laboratories, Center for Renewable Cheical Technologies and Materials, 1617 Cole Blvd., Golden, CO 80401-3393, Fax: (303) 275-2905, e-mail:


Genetics of Wood Quality A postdoctoral fellowships (or research assistantship) is available from an NSERC (Natural Science & Engineering Research Council of Canada) strategic project on marker-aided selection for mature wood quality in black spruce (Picea mariana) and white spruce (Picea glauca) to carry out the wood quality work at the Eastern Laboratory of Forintek Canada Corp.

The successful candidate should have a training in genetic and must have proven experience with genetic and statistical analyses and SAS packages. Knowledge on wood quality and wood products is not required, but will be a distinct asset. In addition, it is also important that the fellow is able to work in a team environment and communicate with other scientists involved in this project from Laval University, Canadian Forest Service (Quebec Region) and Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources.

Interested applicants are invited to send their CV via e-mail, fax or mail to Dr. S.Y. (Tony) Zhang at the previously given address. Only those being considered will be contacted.

A half - time assistantship for a qualified wood tech graduate interested in pursuing a Master's is available at Michigan State University. Contact Dr. Otto Suchsland for further details at telephone (517) 355-7562; fax, (517) 432-1143; or e-mail,

IUFRO Division 5 Conference

As previously noted, Washington State University in Pullman, WA will be the site of an all Division 5 Conference from July 7 through 12, 1997. The topic will be "Forest Products for Sustainable Forestry" For more information on the conference, please contact

Working Unit 5.09 "Tree Ring Analysis" is also organising special sessions at this meeting. For additional information, see the Working Unit 5.09 homepage at

Job Opportunity

Announcement Number: NE-DEMO 97-02
Opening Date: 11/14/96
Closing Date: 12/13/96
Title: Research Forest Products Technologist/Project Leader
Grade: GS 11/12
Bill Mannion, Personnel Specialist
Phone: (610) 975-4236
Fax: (610) 975-4010
Duties: The responsibilities of this position are to serve as Project Leader and Research Forest Products Technologist in the Forest Service's Northeastern Forest Experiment Station Research Work Unit #4701 "Efficient Use of the Northern Forest Resource," located at Princeton, West Virginia. The mission of the unit is to promote natural resource conservation and help sustain forest-based businesses and economies through research and development aimed at advancing more efficient uses of the northern forest resource. The Project Leader for this unit will plan, conduct, and lead an integrated program of research on primary/secondary wood processing, wood quality, and production control systems.

Basic Qualifications: A degree in wood technology, wood utilization, forestry, biological science, chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, or a related discipline or field of science which included at least 20 semester hours in appropriate forest products technology courses AND one year of specialized experience.

Evaluation Criteria Include: 1) knowledge of professional principles, theories, and terms of forest products technology, 2) skill in gathering relevant information and identifying customers, 3) strong communication abilities, 4) ability to work as part of a diverse team of research and development professionals, 5) strong leadership skills including program planning and personnel management.

Application Procedure: This is not an official job announcement .... to obtain the complete and official announcement you must contact: BILL MANNION, Personnel Specialist, via phone at: (610) 975-4236 or fax: (610) 975-4010. Reference job announcement #NE-DEMO-97-02. Application materials will include a resume, an optional application for federal employment, narrative statements addressing five evaluation criteria, and a written summary of your scientific qualifications and contributions.

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