March-April 1995 NEWSLETTER


Let's start out this month with an important announcement. John Siau, Editor of Wood and Fiber Science, has decided to move back to his home in Keene, New York. Now, John is a hard working fellow, but it seems that asking him to edit WFS without the assistance of a secretary is a bit much. Therefore, it is my privilege to announce that Dr. Robert L. Youngs will assume the duties of Editor of Wood and Fiber Science, effective July 1, 1995. Bob has already started working with John to smooth the transition. As part of that transition, they request that new manuscripts be sent to Bob at the following address:

Robert L. Youngs
Department of Wood Science and Forest Products, Virginia Tech
Brooks Forest Products Lab
Blacksburg, VA 24061 -0503
Phone: 703-231-6717
Fax: 703-231-8868

The SWST Board has also decided to name D. Earl Kline as Associate Editor. Earl will assist Bob with the tasks necessary to keep WFS running smoothly. Best wishes to Bob and Earl as they assume their new responsibilities.

On another matter, you may recall the issue raised by Bob Hoyle in the last newsletter. He was concerned about the claims made by environmental groups (the Association of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, AFSEEE, in particular) regarding the harvesting of trees and the use of wood and wood products. So far, I know of one positive response to that appeal, and that came from Jim Bowyer. He indicated that a response from SWST would be quite appropriate, but would be most effective if we were to undertake it as a white paper, or similar effort. Jim indicated that he would be "willing to assist in any way that I can." Are there any others out there who share an interest in addressing this issue?

Finally, here is a more mundane item. I have a new e-mail address, which is:

For you Forest Service folks, my DG address remains unchanged. You have no excuses not to keep in touch. - D.D.S.

Call for Proposals SWST is issuing a call for proposals for the 1995 International Professional Visitation Program. This program is designed to assist younger members of the profession and the Society to establish international contacts through foreign travel. The Society will provide up to two awards of $2,000 each in 1995. Proposals are due May 31 in the Madison Office. For more information, contact Vicki Herian.

New Stuff

New letterheads and applications for SWST membership have been printed with the fresh (and green) SWST Logo developed by Lohit Tutupali. In addition, new SWST membership posters have been mailed to the universities. The SWST code of ethics has been printed in attractive parchment-look paper.


Ballots for the election of new SWST officers have been mailed to all voting members. Your completed ballot is due back in the Madison Office by May 25. Also, please take time to consider the information on the proposed changes in the Constitution and ByLaws. These proposals will be considered at the Annual Meeting, June 25.

Committee Signup Time!

A signup form for SWST committees is included with this edition of the newsletter. Please take a moment to consider how you may contribute some of your talents to SWST...volunteer for the committee(s) of your choice!!!

Proceedings Available

The Proceedings of the 1993 (sic) Annual Meeting of SWST, "Environmental Movement and Fiscal Influence on Wood Utilization Policy and Research" are available from the Madison Office for $10 00 each.

Volunteer Wanted

Looking for students to recruit into wood science and technology? How about an audience of 27,000 students and 7,000 teachers and parents in one place? The 1995 FFA (Future Farmers of America) National Agricultural Career Show will be held November 8-10 in Kansas City. If you would like to represent SWST at this meeting, please contact Vicki.

The SWST Newsletter is published six times a year by the Society of Wood Science and Technology, One Gifford Pinchot Drive, Madison, WI 53705 USA. Phone 608-231-9347, FAX 608231-9592, e-mail SWST is a technical and professional organization for scientists and engineers working in academia, government, consulting, and the forest products industries and is dedicated to providing education and expertise regarding better ways to use and produce wood products. Items for the newsletter may be sent to Doug Stokke, SWST Newsletter Editor, USDA Forest Service, Forestry Sciences Lab, SIU-C, Carbondale, IL 62901-4630.
Phone: 618-453-2920
FAX 618-453-2911.
DG: S23L01A
Society of Wood Science and Technology
President: Howard Rosen
Past President: Paul R. Blankenhorn
President Elect: Geza Ifju
Vice President: Duane Lyon
Executive Director: Vicki L. Herian
Directors: W. Ramsay Smith, H. Michael Barnes, Barry S. Goodell, Michael Hoag
Editor, Wood and Fiber Science: John F. Siau Editorial Assistant: Carol B. Ovens
Newsletter Editor: Douglas D. Stokke Newsletter Assistant: Melissa Casteel

Notes from the Fall and Spring Board Meetings

The SWST Board met on November 19 in Atlanta, Georgia and on March 18 in Boca Raton, Florida. The minutes of the fall meeting are rather lengthy, so here are some excerpts from the minutes are presented below. A few notes on the spring meeting (Stokke's notes...hopefully accurate but not guaranteed) appear on the next page.

Fall Board Meeting

The tentative agenda for the Annual Meeting was discussed. Geza lfju is in charge of the morning session. {See Coming Events in this issue of the Newsletter for more details}.

Proposed guidelines for the SWST Student Poster Competition were discussed and revised. Duane Lyon was charged with completing the guidelines so that the competition can be initiated at the 1995 Annual Meeting. {Guidelines and application forms were distributed as inserts in the January-February 1995 Newsletter}.

Paul Blankenhom reported on activities of the Renewable Natural Resources Foundation (RNRF), of which SWST is a member. Paul is SWST's representative on the RNRF Board of Directors. There are 22 professional societies and 3-4 public interest group members on the RNRF Board. Paul attended two meetings last fall. A motion was passed to include $2,000 in the 1996 SWST budget to cover travel expenses for RNRF activities.

Howard Rosen reported on efforts to update the CORRIM study (Committee on Renewable Resources for Industrial Materials - see WFS vol. 8, no. 1, Spring 1976 for the section on wood and wood products). Thus far, DOE and USDA have offered a total of $400,000 toward the goal of $700,000 targeted for the study.

The proposed changes in the Constitution and Bylaws regarding membership were discussed. {Information on this proposal was sent to voting members along with the ballots for officers. The proposal will be discussed and voted upon at the Annual Meeting}.

Paul Blankenhom, as Chair of the Critical Issues Committee, reported on the status of the SWST Strategic Plan. The Committee prioritized issues upon which the Board had not yet acted. A summary of the Plan and status of accomplishments will appear in the newsletter at a later date.

The Board discussed a report submitted by an ad hoc committee on Special Membership, chaired by Frank Beall. Further consideration of the recommendations is required.

The new logo and reports from the Book Review, Publication Policy, and Accreditation Committees were discussed. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to accept the following change to the Standards on page 3, Standard II, Curriculum:

Study Area (old standard in parens)

Basic Sciences 14 (20) Semester Credit Hours
[Math, chemistry, physics, biological sciences]

Basic Skills 12 (n.a.) Semester Credit Hours
[Communication skills, computer skills, statistics, engineering]

Wood Science & Technology 21 (9,12)* Semester Credit Hours
[Wood chemistry, wood physics, mechanical and anatomical properties of wood, wood processing and manufacturing,** wood harvesting, and forest products marketing]

Area of Professional Emphasis 18 (18) Semester Credit Hours

* WS&T was formerly divided into "material properties and characteristics" (9 credits) and "wood manufacturing processes and products" (12 credits).
** Note: Wood processing and manufacturing shall include courses such as drying, machining, preservation, and chemical processing.

SWST will have an advertisement and article in an upcoming issue of the Forest Products Journal. The article will give a brief history and summarize the similarities and differences between SWST and FPS.

John Siau reported on the status of Wood and Fiber Science. As of the fall meeting, 59 manuscripts had been received (vs. 53 at this time last year).

Vicki Herian gave the Executive Director's report. Membership totaled 416 as of November 19, 1994. The Money market fund had a balance of $51,520.12. The checking account balance was $34,147.08. A balance sheet and income statement were provided.

Reports on the Education, 4-H Wood Science, and Visiting Scientist Committees were discussed. Dan Dolan has the second Teaching Unit ready to be sent out. The National 4-H council has decided not to hold a 4H Congress in 1995. SWST is working on a new agreement with 4-H to sponsor college scholarships.

Mike Barnes discussed the Distance Learning proposal presented by Terry Amburgey at the 1994 Annual Meeting. Thus far, there has been only limited interest from other Universities.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to have Vicki spend up to $6500 to purchase a new computer system for SWST. She will consider a Macintosh Power PC which will run DOS, Windows, and Macintosh applications.

SWST representation at the IUFRO World Congress in Finland was discussed. Some board members plan to go and will be willing to represent SWST.

Spring Board Meeting.

The proposed change in the Constitution and Bylaws regarding membership was revisited. Again, information on the proposal was included with the ballots which were recently mailed to all voting members. The board considered a number of items submitted by Membership Committee chair Stavros Avramidis. The board passed a motion to establish a committee on International Relations to address some of the issues of raised by the membership committee as well as Frank Beall's ad hoc committee on Special Membership.

The board noted the upcoming 40th Anniversary of the Japan Wood Research Society to be celebrated at their annual meeting, April 6-9, 1995.

Plans for the SWST Annual Meeting have been finalized (see Coming Events). The theme is "Wood and Wood Products in the 21st Century".

The Renewable Natural Resources Foundation has proposed to hold a round table on the impacts of Federal budget reorganization, etc., on natural resources management, tech transfer, and research. Details are yet to be worked out.

Howard Rosen, Geza Ifju, and Ramsay Smith plan to attend the IUFRO World Congress and will take some SWST literature along to promote our organization.

John Siau reported on the status of Wood and Fiber Science. As noted on page one, John will be stepping down as Editor in June, with Bob Youngs to assume the duties as Editor, effective July 1.

The board reviewed the ballot for new officers as submitted by Bill Boehner. A fine slate of candidates was selected. {Editor's note: I don't know about you, but it is pretty tough to choose between the folks on this ballot. I think they are all pretty fine people}.

Vicki distributed the Executive Director's report. Membership as of March 18, 1995 was 427. The Money Market fund contained $52,170.35, and the checking account had a balance of $56,420.62. A number of mailings (all with the new SWST logo) have been made recently regarding student membership and recruitment. Vicki reported that she had ordered a Power Mac 6100 computer as authorized by the board at the fall meeting.

The board discussed reports from the Publication Policy, Book Review, Accreditation, Membership, and 4-H committees. Bill Nearn's inquiry regarding an electronic bulletin board was discussed, and it was suggested that the FPS forum (see Connections) would be a good place to start.

The next board meeting will be held on Saturday, June 24,1995 in Portland, Oregon.


SWST provides accreditation of University programs in wood science and technology. The recent update of the "Directory of North American Schools Offering Baccalaureate and Graduate Programs of Study in Wood Science and Technology" shows the following programs which had successfully completed accreditation review by SWST:

Clemson University, Clemson, S.C.
North Carolina State University, Raleigh Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg
University of Maine, Orono
University of Minnesota, St. Paul
Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS
West Virginia University, Morgantown Oregon State University, Corvallis
Pennsylvania State University, University Park
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Requests for more current and/or more comprehensive information regarding accreditation of Wood Science and Technology programs can be obtained from SWST Executive Director Vicki Herian.

This listing also serves as a reminder for those representatives of WS&T programs who would like to request accreditation visits to please do so by contacting Vicki.

Correspondent Corner Myron Kelley was kind enough to provide the following report:

"R.C. Tang, Professor of Wood Science/Forest Products in the School of Forestry at Auburn University visited the Department of Wood and Paper Science under the auspices of the SWST Visiting Scientist Program. Dr. Tang's visit occurred on February 9 and 10, 1995.

Dr. Tang presented a departmental graduate seminar, attended by faculty and graduate students, entitled "Time Dependent Behavior of Wood and Wood Composites." He also spoke to Bo Kasal's Design of Timber Structures class in the College of Engineering and to the graduate students in Wood Products. RC also had the opportunity to visit individually with Wood and Paper Science Faculty and with the College of Forest Resources Administration.

The Department of Wood and Paper Science welcomed Dr. Tang's visit and everyone enjoyed his lectures and his enthusiasm. This visit was entirely funded by the Department of Wood and Paper Science. We thank SWST for sponsoring the Visiting Scientist Program and encourage other individuals and institutions to participate in a fine educational opportunity." - M.W.K.

Connections I mentioned last month that Bill Neam had inquired about the possibility of SWST, FPS, and SAF getting together to establish an electronic bulletin board regarding the use of wood and wood products . Anyone interested in ideas like this should be aware of a session on Communication Technology to be held at the Annual Meeting of the Forest Products Society, June 25-28 in Portland, Oregon. The session is coordinated by Drs. Rich Vlosky and Rado Gazo of the Louisiana Forest Products Laboratory. The draft program which they distributed in February (electronically, of course) shows the following topics:

How to get on and navigate the Internet
The World Wide Web
Distributed public domain databases
Private databases
Distance learning and multi-media
Use and access of library software across networks
Information coordination
Tools for identifying common research areas or cooperators' work in progress at institutions

I don't know about you, but I'm sure interested in these topics. I hope that Rich and Rado have reserved a large room, as I suspect that there will be a lot of interested folks.

Along these lines, perhaps you have heard about the information server established by the International Union of Forestry Research Organizations (IUFRO). Here are some details provided by IUFRO Secretary Heinrich Schmutzenhofer. The server is located at gopher://

"This server is designed primarily for IUFRO officeholders and researchers of IUFRO member organizations to facilitate, enhance and improve their communication and information. Others are, of course, also welcome to make use of this service.

Contents of the Server:

Presently you will find a list of IUFRO Working Units and their Officeholders, Officeholders' addresses and telecom numbers, addresses of IUFRO members organizations, IUFRO Newsletters, lists of IUFRO meetings and IUFRO publications and Reports of meetings. Later, there will be a Discussion forum and Publications section.

Development of the Server:

A server naturally depends on the users' contributions. At the moment the present server resembles a house that is finished in the rough, but that still needs painting and furniture. Thus, the installation of the server is an invitation to all IUFRO officeholders to furnish it with data and information.

Hypermedia-Server in preparation:

The present gopher is provisional and temporary. It will be replaced by a hypermedia server with extended search capacity by spring 1995."

Contact address:
If you have any questions, suggestions or contributions, please contact: "
Heinrich Schmutzenhofer
IUFRO Secretary
Seckendorff-Gudent-Weg 8
1131 Vienna, Austria

As yet another example of the explosion of information now available on the world wide web, IUFRO has announced that the Registration Package for the IUFRO XX World Congress, August 6-12, 1995, in Tampere, Finland, is available at the address

If all of this talk about the "world wide web" has you confused, stay tuned to this space. Greg Foliente, who recently relocated from California to Australia, will be bringing us a www primer in an upcoming issue. As a relative neophyte myself, I'm looking forward to it. But, I can tell you that in addition to the CBS Sports NCAA Final Four hoops info and the David Letterman Top Ten lists, there is a lot of good technical information out there. Again, stay tuned.

One of the people I credit for dragging me along into the electronic information age is Steve Shaler. Steve recently sent me a 3-D image of a log reconstructed from a data set, demonstrating the power of the Internet for graphical communication. (Thanks, Steve, for filling up my hard drive!). He also passed along via "snail mail" (U.S. Postal apologies to the postal workers) an item from the November 1994 issue of Scientific Computing & Automation (p. 50-51 ) regarding some means to locate e-mail addresses. The author, John Joyce, described the use of WHOIS, USENET NEWS SERVICE, and KNOWBOT. Although there is at this time no comprehensive "directory" of e-mail addresses, these directories are described as having a fairly wide coverage. If you would like more information, please contact me (Doug Stokke) at

This item is really a Coming Event but it seems appropriate to include it here: -- Second call for papers:


European Forest Institute, Joensuu, Finland, August 1-5, 1995 -- the week before IUFRO 20th World Congress All the information is available through the World Wide Web: or send an inquiry to Hannu Saarenmaa at

Frank C. Beall Chosen to Lead ASTM Committee on Wood

PHILADELPHIA, PA- Frank C. Beall, director of the University of California Forest Products laboratory in Richmond, California, has assumed leadership of ASTM's Committee D-7 on Wood.

Beall holds a B.S. degree in wood utilization from Pennsylvania State University, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in wood products engineering from the State University of New York at Syracuse. Upon graduation he taught at both Pennsylvania State University and the University of Toronto, before taking the position of scientist/manager in the research and development department at Weyerhaeuser Co. He obtained his current position in 1988. He is a past president of SWST.

Committee D-7 is one of 131 ASTM technical standards-writing committees. Organized in 1898, ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world.

NCSU Receives $1 Million Gift

RALEIGH, NC - Bob Buckman, chairman and chief executive officer of Buckman Laboratories, International Inc. of Memphis, Tenn., and his wife, Joyce Mollerup, have made a commitment to give $1 million to the North Carolina State University College of Forest Resources to endow a new professorship. The couple's gift, which was made with support from Buckman Laboratories, will endow the Buckman Distinguished University Professorship of Wet-End Chemistry in N.C. State's Pulp and Paper Science and Technology Program.

The gift underscores Buckman Laboratories' commitment to higher education, said Dr. Larry W. Tombaugh, dean of the College of Forest Resources at N.C. State. "Mr. Buckman and his wife, Joyce, believe strongly that universities involved with educating future industry leaders must attract the best technical people in the world. To do so requires the type of private support provided by this gift."

A search for candidates for the Buckman Distinguished University Professorship is under way. University officials hope to fill the position this year.

Wood Samples For Sale

I receive requests from hobbyists (and maybe you do also) about where one could purchase some samples at a reasonable cost. Here's an answer: Eighteen samples, about 3x5", with a descriptive label on each piece. The kit sells for $24; there is a $2 discount for 12 or more. To obtain the kits, write to: Wisconsin Crafts, W6407 20th Street, Necedah, WI 54646. - Gene Wengert

Green Certification and Marketing

Don Nelson calls our attention to the April 1995 issue of the Journal of Forestry which covers this topic. Also, you might contact Rich Vlosky ( for a copy of a working paper on certification chain-of-custody issues that Rich coauthored with Lucie Ozanne.

Society of Wood Science and Technology Annual Meeting "Wood and Wood Products in the 21st Century"

June 25, 1995
Red Lion Hotel Lloyd Center, Cascade Ballroom
Portland, Oregon USA Registration Fees: $75 non-members.
$10 Students and Retired, $100 non-members. Includes morning coffee and catered lunch.

"An Industry Point of View"
Norman E. Johnson
Vice President for Research
The Weyerhaeuser Company
Tacoma, Washington

"A Government Point of View"
Ronald E. Stewart
Associate Deputy Chief for Research
USDA Forest Service
Washington, D.C.

"An International Point of View"
James McNutt
Vice President
Jaako Poyry Consulting, Inc.
Tarrytown. N.Y.

"A Canadian Point of View"
Ian de la Roche
Forintek Canada Corporation
Vancouver, B.C.

A Panel Discussion will follow the individual presentations.

The Society will present the SWST Distinguished Service Award and the George G. Marra Award of Excellence.

Business will be conducted during a catered lunch. In the afternoon, Concurrent Technical Sessions will be conducted in cooperation with the Fundamental Disciplines Technical Interest Groups of the Forest Products Society.

A Joint Technical Forum and Student Research Poster Competition, with cash awards, will be held following the concurrent technical sessions. SWST will be a co-sponsor of the evening Host Reception.

Partnering For Quality: Competitive Advantage Through Closer Buyer/Supplier Relationships

Annual meeting of the Mid-South Section of the Forest Products Society will be held May 25-26, 1995, in Diboll, TX. It is co-sponsored by: Department of Forest Science, Texas A&M University and Louisiana Forest Products Lab, Louisiana State University.

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together producers, middlemen, and end users of wood products to discuss how closer buyer-supplier relationships can lead to better product quality and increased competitive advantage. A number of executives from the nation's largest wood products producers will speak on efforts to increase the quality of their products and develop closer relationship with buyers. Wood products buyers, representing such firms as home center chains and the nation's largest home builder, will be speaking on what quality means to them, and to their customers. These speakers will also discuss current programs to work closer with suppliers to achieve a better relationship and higher product quality. The two-day program will also include a golf tournament and tours of Temple-lnland facilities.

Contact: Dr. Judd H. Michael, Program Chairman, Dept. of Forest Science, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843-2135, Phone: (409)845-1351, FAX: (409)845-6049.

Positions Graduate Research Assistantship

Area: Wood Physics/Composites
Project: Heat and moisture transfer modeling during hot pressing of particleboard/flakeboard/OSB mats of variable macro-porosity and density distribution.
GRA duration: 2-3 years
Qualifications: Degree in Wood Science, Physics, Material Science or Engineering with strong background in science and good laboratory skills.

Interested applicants please send a detailed resume' to:

Dr. Stavros Avramidis
Associate Professor
Department of Wood Science E-mail:
University of British Columbia www address:
Vancouver, B.C., V6T 1Z4
Phone: (604) 822-6153
FAX: (604) 822-8154

We are also looking for a person who is willing to pursue post-graduate studies leading to a M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree in the area of wood drying.

The project will involve both experimental and basic research in the area of heat and mass transfer during Superheated Steam/Vacuum wood drying. This project represents a joint research initiative between Forintek Canada Corporation (Canada's National Wood Products Research Institute) and The University of British Columbia (Department of Wood Science).

The successful candidate is expected have a degree in wood science, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering or other related field. A strong math, physics, and heat and mass transfer background is required. Past research experience in drying will be a plus. The GRA will be renewable for up to three years.

This add is addressed to CANADIAN CITIZENS or PERMANENT RESIDENTS OF CANADA. Please send a detailed resume and copies of your transcripts to Dr. Stavros Avramidis at the address given above.

Graduate Assistantship in Forest Products

The Forest Products Lab at Mississippi State University is seeking a student to do a MS in Forest Products. The project involves developing an expert system based software package to assist upholstered furniture manufacturers. A Research Assistantship will be offered for 2 years. The student will be working with the Forest Products Lab and the Computer Science department. If the student prefers, a minor in Computer Science can be obtained also.

The student can join either during the summer or beginning of Fall semester. If you are interested, please contact Duane E. Lyon at 601\325-8344. You can also send an E-mail to Vikram Yadama at

           SWST Committee Sign-up Form for 1995-1996

I would like to sign up to serve on the following committee(s):
(please indicate your first, second and third choice)

_____     Accreditation Committee

_____     Book Review Committee

_____     Constitution and Bylaws Committee

_____     Critical Issues Committee

_____     Education Committee

_____     George Marra Award

_____     Membership/Admissions Committee

_____     Publication Policy Committee

_____     Symposium Committee

_____     Visiting Scientist Committee

_____     4-H Wood Science Committee

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