May - June 1996 NEWSLETTER


Here is a WARNING to those of you who want to wait until the Annual Meeting to learn who will receive the Distinguished Service Award and George Marra Award: DON'T LOOK at PAGE 2 of this Newsletter! Those who don't need the air of suspense are free to view page 2.
SWST Annual Meeting Program

"Current Trends & Critical Issues Affecting the Forest Products Industry" June 23, 1996, Minneapolis, Minnesota Marriott City Centre- (Ballroom 2)

8:00-8:30-Gilbert L. Comstock, Leader, Corporate Research, Weyerhaeuser Company, Tacoma, Washington
"Trends and Issues - A Personal Perspective"

8:30-9:00-Richard Vlosky, Assistant Professor, Forest Products Marketing,Louisiana State University,Baton Rogue, Louisiana
"Implications of Communication Technology Revolution"

9:00-9:30-Eric Blackledge, President,Blackledge Furniture, Inc., Corvallis, Oregon
"Re-engineering for the 21st Century - A Retailer's Perspective"

9:30-10:00-J. David Barrett, Head, Wood Science Department, University of British Columbia,Vancouver, British Columbia
"Forest Products Education - How UBC Addresses the Crisis"

10:00-10:45-Panel Discussion
Moderator: Duane Lyon, Professor,Mississippi Forest Products Laboratory,Mississippi State, Mississippi

10:45-11:45-Awards Presentations:

11:45-12:45-Annual Business Meeting and Catered Lunch

1:00-4:00-SWST/FPS Concurrent Sessions
Session 1: Wood and Fiber Structure: New Insights and Techniques (Pine/Cedar/Birch Lake Room)
Session 2: Relating Theory and Practice in Drying Wood (Deer Lake Room)

4:00-5:30 (Ballroom 1)- Joint SWST/FPS Technical Forum and Student Posters

6:30-8:00-FPS Host Reception (sponsored in part by SWST)

See you in Minneapolis! - D.D.S.

Al McGinnes to Receive SWST Distinguished Service Award
E. Allen McGinnes, Jr., Professor Emeritus of the University of Missouri-Columbia, has been selected by the Past President's Council to receive the 1996 SWST Distinguished Service Award. Dr. McGinnes is a Past President of SWST (1986-1987) and also served as Editor of the SWST Newsletter and Wood and Fiber.

George G. Marra Award of Excellence
The George Marra Award Committee for volume 27 (Jan Wiedenbeck, Chair) has selected the following authors to be honored:
First Place
Charles B. Vick, Klaus Richter, Bryan H. River, and Albert R. Fried, Jr., "Hydroxymethylated resorcinol coupling agent for enhanced durability of bisphenol-A epoxy bonds to Sitka spruce" 27(1):2-12.

Honorable Mention (two awards to be made)

  1. Stan T. Lebow and Jeffrey J. Morrell, "Interactions of ammoniacal copper zinc arsenate (ACZA) with Douglas-fir" 27(2):105-118.
  2. Thomas D. Skaggs and Donald A. Bender, "Shear deflection of composite wood beams" 27(3):327-338.
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Dr. Howard Rosen, Immediate Past President of SWST, has been named to the Board of Directors of the Renewable Natural Resources Foundation. Howard succeeds Paul Blankenhorn as SWST's representative.

PARAMARIBO, SURINAME - Dr. Elvin Choong, Professor at Louisiana State University, recently traveled to the South American country of Suriname to present a keynote address at a conference on "Sustainability of the Tropical Rainforest." This keynote address was delivered at the Institute for Development and Planning and Management (IDPM) at the University of Suriname. A front-page article appeared April 22, 1996 in the Dutch-language newspaper, De Ware Tijd, summarizing the address for the general public. As a result of his participation in the conference, Dr. Choong also appeared on television on numerous occasions to provide commentary on his remarks. If you would like a copy of a translation (by Cornelius DeHoop and Elvin Choong) of this article, please let me (D.Stokke) know.

The SWST Newsletter is published six times a year by the Society of Wood Science and Technology, One Gifford Pinchot Drive, Madison, WI 53705 USA. Phone 608-231-9347, FAX 608-231-9592
SWST is a technical and professional organization for scientists and engineers working in academia, government, consulting, and the forest products industries and is dedicated to providing education and expertise regarding better ways to use and produce wood products. Items for the newsletter may be sent to Doug Stokke, SWST Newsletter Editor, USDA Forest Service, Forestry Sciences Lab, SIU-C, Carbondale, IL 62901-4630. Phone: 618-453-2920 FAX 618-453-2911.
DG: D.Stokke:S24L11A

Society of Wood Science and TechnologyPresident: Geza Ifju
Past President: Howard Rosen
President Elect: Duane Lyon
Vice President: Fred Kamke
Executive Director: Vicki L. Herian
Directors: Barry S. Goodell, Michael Hoag, Susan A. Willits, Michael P. Wolcott
Editor, Wood and Fiber Science: Robert L. YoungsEditorial Assistant: Carol B. Ovens
Newsletter Editor: Douglas D. Stokke

Correspondent Corner Our correspondents for this issue are the SWST Committee Chairs. These individuals and their Committee Members are the people who do the bulk of the Society's work. Thanks to everyone for all the effort this past year. And, be sure to fill out and return the Committee Signup form on page 12 of this Newsletter so that you may contribute to these efforts for 1996-1997.

Accreditation - Fran Wagner
The Accreditation Committee of SWST has been quite busy over the past few months. One accreditation site visit has been completed at the University of Idaho, and another visit is scheduled for May at the University of Minnesota.

Although SWST site visits are typically conducted in cooperation with the Society of American Foresters, special permission was granted by the SWST Board to conduct an independent site visit at the University of Idaho during the fall of 1995. The SWST visiting team visited the University of Idaho on November 14-15,1995. The visiting team was composed of Geza Ifju and Tim Faust. Three options in the Forest Products Department were reviewed. These included: Forest Products Business Management, Wood Construction and Design, and Timber Harvesting. A visiting team report was prepared, reviewed, and submitted to the Accreditation Committee. To avoid conflict of interest, Fran Wagner turned over Committee Chairmanship to Terry Sellers for Committee deliberations. Terry is currently receiving input from Committee members, and recommendations will soon be submitted to the SWST Board. {Editor's Note: The Board approved the Committee's recommendations at the spring meeting, March 16, 1996}

The other site visit was scheduled at the University of Minnesota for May 6-8, 1996. SWST visiting team members were Terry Sellers and Tim Faust. This site visit was conducted in cooperation with the Society of American Foresters.

Book Review - R.C. Tang

  1. SWST book review procedures were developed and approved by the Executive Board.
  2. Book reviewing status:
    Ten books were selected for review in 1996-1997.

Constitution and By-Laws - Les Groom
The committee was assigned a special task to change the Constitution and By-Laws in accordance with changes made by the Membership Committee (inclusion of a "Fellows" and "Affiliate" membership category). As of my last correspondence (5/16/96) with Paul Winistorfer, Chair of the Membership Committee, no decision has yet been made as to the establishment of these new membership categories. Paul has indicated that this issue will be resolved at the Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, at which time our committee can accordingly evaluate the constitution and by-laws. It is recommended that if new membership categories are indeed established, then a special task for '96-'97 will be to change the constitution and by-laws to reflect these new categories.

Specific comments include:
"recognized college, university, or scientific school" [Const., Art. III, Sec. 5; and By-Laws, Art. IV]. The term "recognized" is far too vague and needs to be better defined. "If the office of vice-president is vacated, it shall remain vacant until the next election, at which time a new vice-president will be elected." [Const., Art. VI, Sec. 10]. The president-elect is an advancement of the vic-president. Thus, the above statement should read, "If the office of vice-president is vacated, it shall remain vacant until the next election, at which time both a president-elect and a vice-president will be elected." "..two new direcators..." [Const., Art VI, Sec. 12]. Typo. Replace with "two new directors." Dates in Const., Art. XI and By-Laws, page 9 do not match. Check past records and align the sets of dates accordingly.

Poo Chow notes that the associate membership category has been eliminated and should have been taken care of in previous versions of the C&BL. Any references to this category should be eliminated (sp. Const., Art. III, sects. 1,3,4 [remove completely and renumber subsequent sections]; By-Laws, Arts. III [remove completely and renumber subsequent articles] and VII).

"At least four years of employment..." [By-Laws, Art. II, Sec. C.2]. Poo Chow feels that four years is excessive and would like to see this requirement lowered to one to two years. I concur.
"..for associate membership or membership during the calendar year may advance to the appropriate grade without..." [By-Laws, Art. VII, 3rd para.]. Needs to be changed due to the elimination of the associate membership. Should read "...for voting membership during the calendar year may advance to the membership grade without..."

Critical Issues - Howard Rosen
The critical issues committee is working on a position paper, "Environmental Implications of the Use of Wood-Based Products/" The paper is in the process of being written and should be in final form by the end of the summer of 1996. The paper discusses several areas such as the importance of forest products, global impacts, climate effects, trade issues, certification, recycling, and wood conservation. This paper should set the policy of SWST on the environmental benefits, impacts, and importance of wood based materials.

Education - Audrey Zink

  1. Completion of the SWST Teaching Unit No. 2: I have all teaching unit materials in my possession and am working on completing Unit 2. I will be requesting assistance form members of the Education Committee.
  2. Student Poster Competition: We request the following modifications (in procedures): I have compiled a draft guidelines and score sheet for use at the 1996 competition. I have requested that the scheduling of rooms and meetings occurs so that the judging can take place prior to opening up the room. This is crucial to timely and accurate judging and to the announcement and awarding of the winners.
  3. Graduate Student List: I am compiling a list of names and addresses of all graduate students in wood science in North American universities and I have a draft letter of membership invitation prepared to mail once the list is complete. {Editor's Note: The Board has recommended that this charge should fall to the Membership Committee rather than Education}
  4. SWST Directory of Schools: I will form a task force to update the Directory.
Publication Policy - Doug Gardner
  1. Suggested Guidelines for the SWST Homepage on the Internet.
  2. Develop policies for the mechanisms of the succession of the editorial personnel. A. How should the rotating (three year) editorial assignments be effected? I am enclosing a report (Appendix A) from the 1992-1993 Editorial Policy Committee (provided by Bill Nearn) which addressed this same subject. The committee feels that this document can be used as a guideline for succession of editorial personnel with some minor changes. In the "recruiting" section, it is stated that "The announcement will emphasize the editorship is a prestigious position that provides valuable experience ...". In the next paragraph, "Qualifications", it states "[A] mid-career or early retiree would be a preferred candidate." These two lines are incongruous and we suggest dropping the statement on "prestige". Other than that, the report looks adequate.

Feedback from the Spring Board Meeting -
The SWST Board accepted the recommendation of the Publications Policy committee with regard to the editor secession policy.

Review of the Home Page came from two angles as in addition to the committee comments Vicki Herian has done some scoping in the Madison area. In response to the suggestion to budget $500 to $1000 for home page maintenance the Board recommended a home page line item of $500 for next year's budget. The board also is supportive of keeping the home page at the LSU and the LFPL (or other universities in the future) In general there is little interest by Vicki in mainlining the page in Madison. There was a discussion of specific features which should be included in the page with most of the focus on ability to jump (or link?) to other sites. The plan is to follow-up on this topic at the June meeting. This is obviously an evolving issue and I am sure that any additional comments would be welcome.

Wood and Fiber Science - Bob Youngs, Editor
Wood and Fiber Science
Volume 27, no. 4 (October 1995) contained 12 papers, 1 book review, 1 editorial. Volume 28, no.1 (January 1996) contained 13 papers and an editorial. Allen Press has advanced the production schedule to enable mailing each issue earlier in the month. Volume 28, no. 3 (July 1996) will pretty much exhaust the backlog of manuscripts in the system that are ready for publication. There are 19 manuscripts that have been returned to the author(s) for revision and 12 in the hands of reviewers. Primary delays are (1) excessive time taken by reviewers and (2) extended times for revision of reviewed manuscripts. Quality of manuscripts is being maintained quite well. Authors are reminded that our policy is to use SI units (U.S. equivalents in parentheses if needed. {Emphasis added by Newsletter Editor}.
The Associate Editor (Earl Kline) is giving particular emphasis to improving the computerized database. He also assists with some of the editorial processing and covering for the Editor during the latter's absence. No page grants have been made this year to date, but two deserving papers are being considered for support.
Article for National Geographic
The SWST Board has suggested that we try to get an article about wood and fiber science and technology and its significance in a forthcoming issue of National Geographic. (NL Editor's Note: This suggestion arose from an idea by SWST member Daryle Layton). I have talked by phone with a person in the Control Center and, on the basis of that conversation prepared a preproposal to go to two area specialists on their staff. After discussing this with the Board in San Diego, I sent these to the magazine. I have not yet received a response.
Other Committees:
Reports for the following committees were not available at press time: International Relations (ad hoc committee), Membership, 4-H Wood Science, and Visiting Scientist Program.

RALEIGH, N.C. - Dr. Phil Mitchell has joined the Department of Wood and Paper Science at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, as an Assistant Professor and Extension Wood Products Specialist. Dr. Mitchell will provide statewide leadership within the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service to develop educational programs for North Carolina's secondary wood products manufacturing firms (with emphasis on the furniture and millwork industries) in lumber yield improvements and wood machining. Major program efforts will include value-added manufacturing, lumber yield for rough mill layout and design, quality concepts, modern manufacturing philosophies (such as in-time manufacturing), and efficiently processing small orders.

Dr. Mitchell comes to North Carolina State after working with Weyerhaeuser for nine years in Tacoma, WA. Prior to joining Weyerhaeuser, Dr. Mitchell worked at the Mississippi Forest Products Laboratory and Virginia Tech. He obtained his B.S. at North Carolina State University and his Masters and Ph.D. from Virginia Tech. He can be reached at NCSU, Wood Products Extension, Box 8003, Raleigh, NC 27695-8003. Phone 919-515-5581, fax 919-515-8739.

Dr. John Finn Siau
March 30, 1921-April 15, 1996
Dr. John Siau, an internationally renowned wood physicist, died on April 15 after a short battle with cancer. He was born and raised in the state of Michigan and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University.

During World War II, Dr. Siau served in the U.S. Naval Reserve and attended the U.S. Naval Academy and the Radar Officers' School at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Later, he served aboard an LST (Landing, Ship, Tank) in the South Pacific.

After World War II, form 1946 to 1958, he worked in various industrial positions as design engineer of electronic and electrical devices such as television camera tubes, loudspeakers, industrial and transmitting vacuum tubes, mercury-arc rectifiers, and a host of electronic components.

In 1958, he joined the faculty of Paul Smith's College, Paul Smith's, New York, where he taught physics for five years.

In 1963 he moved to the State University of New York (SUNY), College of Forestry where he obtained his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Wood Science. Later, he became a member of the faculty of the SUNY Department of Wood Products Engineering. He served in that capacity as Associate Professor and Professor until his retirement in 1985. In 1992, Dr. Siau came out of retirement and joined the faculty of the Department of Wood Science and Forest Products, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia. There, he taught a graduate level wood physics course and completed his latest book on "Wood: Influence of Moisture on Physical Properties." He also wrote books previously on "Flow in Wood" (1971) and "Transport Processes in Wood" (1984). While at Virginia Tech, he served as Editor of Wood and Fiber Science, published by the Society of Wood Science and Technology.

Dr. Siau was one of the most accomplished an dedicated wood physicists. Through his research and numerous scientific publications, he contributed significantly to the understanding of the physical behavior of wood. He influenced the lives of many of his former students and colleagues. His many publications and books will long be considered the basis for wood physics.

We will miss Dr. John F. Siau as friend, mentor, professor, scientist, and an unassuming modest man. - Geza Ifju
Question Mark

An Assessment of Management Practices of Wood and Wood-Related Wastes in the Urban Environment, February 1996. NREL Report TP-430-20696. 78 pages plus appendices. The purpose of this study was to assess and describe current alternatives to landfills for urban wood waste management; provide guidance on the management of urban wood waste to organizations that produce or manage wood waste; and to clarify state regulatory and policy positions affecting these organizations. For this study, urban wood waste is defined as solid waste generated by tree and landscape maintenance services (Public and private). Construction and demolition debris and consumer-generated yard waste are not included in this study.

To request a copy of the report, call Sally Evans at 303-275-4363, or write to NREL at: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 1617 Cole Boulevard, Golden, Colorado, 80401-3393.

Society of American Foresters 1996 National Convention: Diverse Forests, Abundant Opportunities, and Evolving Realities. November 9-13, 1996, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Call for Posters: Poster presentations are being solicited for the 1996 SAF National Convention in Albuquerque. Poster subjects can be on any natural resource management or research project. Student posters are encouraged. Interested parties should submit a 150-word abstract by August 15 to Earl Aldon, Poster Chair, 2937 Santa Cruz SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106, phone 505-256-9528. Include poster title, author name(s), and affiliation(s).

For more information on the Convention, call Diana M. Perl, Director of Meetings and Conferences at 301-897-8720, extension 109 or send email to

Aguas de Lindoia, Sao Paulo State, BRAZIL, 15 - 18 July 1997

Subject sessions:
For more information, pre-registration forms, etc., please contact:
Inter-American Drying Conference
PO Box 6066
13083-970 Campinas-SP
phone: +55-192-397781
fax: +55-192-394717

Positions Assistant/Associate Professor, Wood Science Michigan Technological University Appointment Terms This is a nine-month, tenure-track position. Rank and salary are commensurate with qualifications and experience. Responsibilities Major responsibilities are teaching (40 percent) and research (60 percent). The successful candidate will teach undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of primary wood processing, wood structure/properties, wood chemistry and biotechnology, and shall act in an advisory capacity to undergraduate and graduate students. This individual will be expected to establish and conduct a strong program of research appropriate to the applicant's area of interest, emphasizing graduate education. Participation in collaborative research efforts within the Institute, with other departments on campus, and with other agencies is also anticipated. Qualifications A Ph.D. degree in wood science or a related field is necessary. The preferable areas of expertise should be complementary with the Institute of Wood Research programs in wood protection, wood composites, wood and lignin biotechnology, and/or the environmental aspects of wood processing. However, applicants with qualifications in other areas will be considered. An active interest in graduate and undergraduate teaching is essential. Excellent communication skills are required. Procedures Applicants should submit a letter of intent, resume, transcripts of all academic work and the names, positions, addresses and telephone numbers of three references. The selection process will begin July 1, 1996 and will continue until a suitable candidate is selected. Send materials to: Wood Science Faculty Search Committee Institute of Wood Research Michigan Technological University 1400 Townsend Drive Houghton, Michigan 49931-1295 Telephone Number: 906-487-2911 Fax Number: 906-487-2915 The anticipated date of availability is September 1, 1996, or as appropriate for the successful candidate. Michigan Technological University is an equal opportunity educational institution/equal opportunity affirmative action employer.

           SWST Committee Signup Form for 1996-1997
Please mark the committee(s) on which you would be willing to serve.
If there is more than one which interests you, indicate your
preference by assigning 1=highest preference, etc.  You won't
be guaranteed to get your top choice, but please be assured that diligent
effort will be made to accommodate your interests.   Return your completed
form to Vicki Herian, either at the Annual Meeting or by mail or fax 
(address and fax # given below). 

_____     Accreditation Committee

_____     Book Review Committee

_____     Constitution and Bylaws Committee

_____     Critical Issues Committee

_____     Education Committee

_____     International Relations Committee (ad hoc)

_____     Marra Award Committee  (WFS volume 29, 1997)

_____     Membership Committee

_____     Nominations Committee

*****     Past Presidents' Council (sorry, you have to be President
            first to  be on this Council!)

_____     Public Liaison Committee (this is a new committee for
            1996-'97; This committee will focus on outreach as
            a replacement for the 4-H Wood Science Committee.  Due  
            to changes in changes in the national programs of the 4-H 
            organization, the SWST Board deemed it necessary to
            broaden the scope of this committee).

_____     Publication Policy Committee

_____     Visiting Scientist Committee

Return as soon as possible following the Annual Meeting (June 23, 1996) to:
                Vicki Herian, Executive Director
             Society of Wood Science and Technology
                   One Gifford Pinchot Drive
                    Madison, WI  53705-2398
                      Phone:  618-231-9347
                       Fax:  618-231-9592

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